Friday, December 18, 2009

Website -- Under Construction

Mia Joie is named after my daughter: Mia is Italian for “mine,” Joie {pronouced zhwä} is from the French expression joie de vivre, "the joy/zest of life." Mia Joie began with fabric booties and grew into shoes for children: white fur boots with recycled rubber soles, organic toddler peep toes, and trendy toddler tall boots. My items are predominantly handmade by me and my small staff, though I offer a small selection of manufactured items that will be expanding in the near future.

My business is small, but growing quickly. I am currently so bogged down in hiring new staff, creating new product samples, and working on the website, that I only ofter items sporadically either on Etsy or a paypal link on my blog. I do hope to have my website go live within the next month and a steady inventory available in the not too distant future.

Thank you for your patience as I grow a business around the needs of two small children.

warm regards,
owner of mia joie

updated: January 25, 2010


Mande said...

Oh my goodness, cannot wait!

Tory said...

As MUCH as I love etsy and I will always love Etsy, (and you know that is an understatement), I think that you may have outgrown it--or are certainly outgrowing it. Not that size of company or volume of business has anything to do with Etsy being the proper venue--it's the product itself that seems to have outgrown Etsy. Just the complexities of listing alone (with the crazed women who buy from you--devoting their entire day/evening, refreshing their computers 20 times per minute, trying to nab a pair of shows that may or may not even fit their child) are reason for you to enjoy the ease of a website.

I'm SO happy that you are doing this. You deserve any and all "sanity making" technology. Love the new logo by the way--it is so gorgeous--just the combination of the small bit of color with the simplicity and class you're known for....does not get any better! You are so gifted at absolutely everything you do. No one holds a candle. For the first time today, I sat and just watched your slideshow banner. My GOSH you are talented! Seriously, Jess...I am in the presence of greatness. I know that your faith and your walk with God are more important to you than anything--and the incredible selflessness you exhibit in all areas of your life....these are WHY I believe you are so successful that you cannot produce your shoes fast enough. Your giving nature, your honesty, your TRUTH are what make you the raging success that you are. If we could all just harness whatever it is that makes you YOU--and bottle it up--I think we'd have the best selling product known to man.

Just promise me that you will always KNOW that. EVERY THING YOU DO is blessed by God. I truly do not know that I have ever met someone as valuable (and yet humble) as you are. You have more grace and class in your pinky finger than just about anyone I know.

Moving toward an MJ website, I think, is LONG overdue for the volume of sales you handle. I'm glad you're doing it. I know that Etsy has a sentimental value for you and place in your heart. But, when your fan base (followers) can out-buy your entire (HUGE) stock of inventory even BEFORE it's listed (and would if you'd allow them), it's time to move to a website that will let you list one or two of each size. Once the size is gone--it's gone--and the website tracks that so you can actually walk away from your computer. (a luxury you haven't enjoyed for quite awhile)

What can I say? We can't get enough! You literally have an army of women at your disposal (not JUST professionally)...but, personally. Through buying your shoes we've gotten to know who you are. And, that woman is incredible! Now, we all want to be involved in whatever you're doing and we want to support you unconditionally. You're on the verge of PERSONAL FAME, Jess. (although I know you'd never choose to look at it like that)

When there is THIS amount of blog/website traffic in a single day (OVER a thousand page loads)---we all talk to our friends who then become addicted to MJ--who then talk to their friends...and you're already procured some pretty famous buyers and's my opinion that you're on the verge of being famous yourself. You certainly are in all of our minds! None of us act like this--we don't check probably ANYTHING every day--and you have us all checking this blog (and soon your website) many, many times a day!!

It's just all very exciting and I LOVE that it's happening! It could not happen to a better person!

Angel Warrior said...

Do you feel the love? That is all I want to know! I love reading your blog and seeing how much you are loved, not just your products but think about it... we have never met, and I see you through your blog, your children, family, and all that is important to you... and it makes me smile, yes as often as I get a chance to read it! I am so so so very happy for you :)

I am loving the new look and am excited that you won a freebie for a change!!!

I even sign on to your blog and listen to your playlist while i'm at work... (it's a little relaxing for my partners, but I LOVE IT!!!) :)

I hope you have a wonderful day,


Pamela said...

Just stumbled upon your site from KYS! You do amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Just got the little bag of 5 hair clips, ordered for my daughter's 1st birthday by my friend Amy in CA. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I even posted on Facebook the landmark event: "Olivia received her first Mia Joie hair clips thanks to Auntie Amy". If you ever want someone to sell your products here in Hawaii let me know, I'll do it!!!! Aloha from SoShawna...

Jenna said...

I love your shoes!! they are awsome :) how much do you sell them for? and would you post to NZ?

kjerstine phillips said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandfather- weve had a family friend that passed away this weekend- 22 years old- a friend of my sisters...from the N1H1... so awful!!
youre in my prayers and thoughts.

cbrook1977 said...

Just wondering if you make special orders and what's the largest size you will make for children? My 4 yr old daughter is a size toddler 12 and my twin boys are a size 7 and 8.

Alisha said...

Yay! Getting closer :) I am so very excited!

Simone Howell said...

Such great news Jessica! Can't wait to see it!

Amy said...

Awesome! Love that pic of mia in bottom left corner. what a diva!

LaDawn D said...

Congratulations!!! Where do we all send our applications to become staffers:) Honestly, we are all so excited for you (and OK we are excited about the idea of "inventory" too!!!!) hehe

Tori, It's nice to see your posts again...I've missed the inspiration!!!
Love to all MJ addicts~

Jenni said...

Can't wait!!! I am with LaDawn...where do I send my application!

I love your little Mia! She is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! I'm amazed by everything you've been creating and really inspired. I'm amazed but not surprised at all. You have always taken a little of this and a little of that and put it all in some sort of magical "Jessica hat" and pulled out something unbelievable beautiful(or delicious).
Maybe all this is not the "something special" that you expected when you moved to Texas, but at least for everyone else, it might be even better.

p.s. Don't forget to sleep!
love Heather

The Pooles said...

I am in love with your shoes and hair clips, of course haven't been able to get any yet, but I am looking forward to the website! Hopefully I can get some, my girl is only 4 mths old, but growing fast. Can't wait to purchase my first item:)

Jessica Haley said...

Heather!! It's so nice to read your name. I think of you more often, though I am poor at expressing it. It's funny, actually... per the "something special," do you remember what you told me about people opening boxes or a box. Interesting, isn't it? As for lack of sleep, well, I can make no promises. And, same to you, anyway, miss art student.

Mande, Tory, Kristi, Alisha, Simone, Amy, LaDawn, Jenni--you all are the best!! Thanks for being there "way back when" and for cheering me on in with this strange and unpredictable business venture ;)

As for the other comments, thank you for your kind words! Please feel free to send me a direct question: or via Etsy :)

Ana Gonzalez said...

I agree with Tori, she has expressed very well. You are a person with talent and taste for doing things, so I'm glad that your business grows and I will be waiting to see how your business evolves, while I enjoy the photos of your beautiful little girl who always goes out and your designs . Good luck in the next steps that you have to give.

Anonymous said...

Hi, love your stuff!!!!! I was wondering what type of camara you use to take the pictures you post on your website? I am going to invest in a camara in the next couple of days. Please let me know. My name is Rosie.

Kate said...

Jessica, I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your work. I have never purchased anything from your website for my daughter but I'm hoping to in the future. I also listen to your playlist everyday!!! I work in a school and the music is nice background music for my day. It's uplifting yet relaxing and the kids are starting to sing some of the songs! Sometimes we even take a break to dance. Wishing you the best in your business endeavors. ~Kate

Ann ~ Hip Mom Jewelry said...

As a fellow indie designer I so understand where you are right now. I just discovered your blog tonight and I have so enjoyed perusing. It has quite simply taken my breath away. Your work is unlike anything I have ever seen and I only wish I had discovered you a few years ago when my girls could still wear your shoes. I am looking forward to reading more.

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Anonymous said...

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