Monday, October 27, 2008


I know... still haven't fixed my blog. But I've been thinking that part of the reason I feel so overwhelmed and frustrated is because my house is a train wreck all the time. We have a banquet in the kitchen with upholstered seating {i.e., a fabric covered bench} and two slip-covered chairs. I was so pleased with the set right after I made the slipcovers, but now... they are covered in chocolate milk stains and ground in goldfish. It's nasty. Anyway, I was thinking that if I replaced some things in the kitchen, I might feel more motivated to keep it clean. I found a gorgeous farmhouse pedestal table on an online yard sale for a steal and some rustic green chairs in another listing. I also need to replace our disgusting Ikea rug, maybe with something from FLOR. I love FLOR. Back in the day, I worked in marketing for a flooring store and discovered this company before they made it big. I love their modular carpet tiles. I have some in our playroom. They are durable, and I can pick them up and wash them in the sink if Aidan drop an ice-cream cone on one. Anyway, here's hoping all my lovely finds are still available. Fingers crossed....

In the mean time, here are some pics of FLOR.
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Hana said...

Ooohhh...I love that FLOR stuff! I might need to look into that for my daughters' room. I have a rug in there made of tiny pieces (got it at Target but don't know how to describe it) but my 2 1/2 yr old decided to pick at it during naptime and now there's a hole in the middle. Uuugghh!

Love your playroom!

Jessica Haley said...

Kids! They are into everything. I had these vintage reproduction hooks in the bathroom {hung them with 50 lb drywall anchors} and my boy still managed to pull them out of the wall by swing from the towel. Flor is great--they have some tiles that are $4.99 ea--so cheap!

Goiuri said...

Hello!! I'm so busy that I have no time to visit blogs, but today I have decided to visit some old friends and what a wonderful surprise to find the boot's post, are so great!!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, Gouri. I just stopped by your shop to see all your lovely things--so bright and colorful!

Windy Ridge said...

Oh my goodness...LOVE that modular carpet..WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

I'm with you on the overwhemled/golfish/choc milk, my friend! Keep life interesting:)

Hang in there, it gets easier when the kids get bigger.


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