Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's that Time of Year

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The weather gets chilly and the holidays are around the corner. No worries, I'm working on some special items to keep your little snow princess warm. So, here is a sneak peak of some of the new Mia Joie shoes and accessories which will be available soon. I showed Robert the shoes above. "Cute slippers," he says. "Shoes," I tell him, "They have rubber soles. They are made for outside. Not slippers." He shrugs. "They look like slippers to me." Uh. Maybe they do look like slippers... cute slippers, though, right?!

Little Mia, wearing the organic Ava hat.
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I just love this picture of her. I don't know what she's looking at.
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Lovely little organic barrette.... available soon. Btw, I don't usually take pics of barrettes in her hair... apparently for good reason. This was the only picture that wasn't a blur. That girlie never holds still!
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Christmas is coming.... so I made these new holiday boots.
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I adore this red antique chaise lounge. Robert bought it for me the Christmas I was pregnant with Aidan. Our old home was over 100 years old and had plaster walls, arched doorways, and wide plank pine floors. It also had a 3-seasons porch. I had painted the floor in a white and sage checkerboard and had this chaise out there. I had a lovely metal urn by the old wooden doorway that I would pot with mums. I filled the porch with red leaves, gourds, and pumpkins every fall. I love that chair. I can't believe I ever considered selling it. In our new house, though, I haven't found the right spot for it. I thought about reupholstering it, but I do love the red, though it doesn't match any of our current decor. Maybe I'll make a slip cover for it. We are talking about converting our spare bedroom into a studio for me after the holidays. We'll see...

Mia petting our little long-haired dachshund. I wish she wasn't sort of flashing me in the picture *snicker.*
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She was so excited. She kept saying, "Mommy. Doggie! Doggie! Doggiieeeeee!" {Our dogs never some inside. Pre-kids, they slept in bed with us. The boy dog couldn't get the training issue figured out, and once we had Aidan I didn't have the patience for it any more. Outside they went....}
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These are my Noel Boots, coming soon.... they have vintage red velvet trim. If you are interested, you'll have to snap them up quick--I only have enough fabric to make a few. Check back--more items coming soon!
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All pictures, descriptions, and designs of these items are owned by Mia Joie© 2008.


tasha said...

cute. cute. cute.

not only is she wearing the same dress as a client, she is also wearing the same skirt in the top pix of another client that i havent edited yet.. LOL

Anonymous said...


Jessica Haley said...

Lol. Ah, yes... Target and Old Navy--lovely and ubiquitous.

Jewllori by Lori said...

So adorable!!! I want a little doll to dress up with your amazing stuff!!!

Jessica Haley said...

Lori, you DO! You just had a baby boy! They are fun to dress! I have some great ideas, but if you have color or item suggestions, I'm all ears :)

Ariana said...

Love the red chaise! Reminds me of a red velvet chair we had when I was growing up. It was in our living room and everyone would sit on it. It lasted at least 20 years until it was broken beyond repair and the arms were totally worn...
I have a holiday shoe suggestion. Something in BLACK. I was looking at these for a red plaid christmas dress to give you some ideas. (link didn't work, you can google them i guess)

Robeez- Mary Jane in Black
Pediped- Natasha in Black

But they aren't adorable like your shoes.


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