Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why Organic?

"Organic cotton? I thought organic was referring to something I eat?" I get this response a lot when I call fabric stores looking for organic materials. This is an on-going research, but here are a few of the reasons why I use organic textiles. First of all, cotton, while taking up only 2-3% of the earth's cropland, uses a whopping 23% of the world's pesticides. Some of these pesticides are known carcinogens that also make their way into water and surrounding food sources. Second, organic fabrics have also been known to be less irritating to skin, which is especially important for delicate newborns. Third, many of the same companies that produce organic fabrics are also manufacturing them in GREEN facilities. Finally, other organic fabrics, like the eucalyptus used in one of my baby shoes, are made from sustainable products and do not use PDEs. Most of my flowers and other decorative elements are made from Eco-spun felt that is made from 100% post-consumer plastic, namely water bottles. As far as ribbon and velcro--no eco-friendly options exist, to my knowledge.

I am constantly researching organic fabrics and trim. I have spoken directly with the manufactures of the fabrics I use and asked them about the eco-friendly components of their products, so e-mail me at if you want to know more. If you feel you have additional information about organic cotton or other GREEN products, please let me know! Mia Joie Boutique tries to be at the forefront of organic baby booties and other eco-friendly products for your little one.


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