Friday, February 6, 2009

Party Dress

I made this dress a while ago for my pregnant friend Amy's two-year old for her birthday. I designed it to coordinate with the little dress I gave her at her shower. BUT, she just had a boy... so now I'm think I need to scrap both, and think of colors and fabrics that would coordinate with a boy and a girl. Any ideas?




sarasophia said...

Unfortunate that she can't use the little was SO CUTE. I really need you to put it in your store:P LOL.

I think that white mixed with baby blue can be so cute for little girl. Especially if you used a blue and white damask and trimmed it out in a blue and white coordinating stripe...then accented with a white felt flower.

Then you could do the baby boy outfit using mainly the stripe fabric and coordinating solids.
Maybe instead of a whole outfit you could do just a little jacket to wear home from the hospital over a simple white baby outfit. Monogramming is good for boys too:)

I don't know. I've just always loved blue and white together. Like vintage china or a cloudy blue sky:)


Anonymous said...

wow you are one of the most talented people i know... the dress is sooo cute... anyway i just read your blog i haven't read it in a while... amy told me to read it... anyway i love all your stuff and especially the pics... the one about adian bourght me to tears... you are such a strong women... God made us so strong to handle anything that comes our way.. anyway you have such a beautiful famliy... you guys are always in my thoghts and prayers... ok i will talk to you soon.. love you, kat

Ariana said...

Hi Jessica,
Don't scrap the dress! I think keep the dress and make baby brother a onesie with the tie in the stripe fabric.

Hana said...

Hey girl! What a cute dress. Love that fabric...I use it a lot! Did you get it from H.L.? They have a nice blue/brown/cream print that coordinates w/ the fabrics you used that would make some cute little boy things.

tasha said...

cute idea for the tie..

i love the dress.. fun/spring colors.

Jessica Haley said...

Agh... twice I tried to reply to these comments and web-world ate it. You know what they say about the third time...

Sara, thanks for the blue suggestions. Can you believe I actually don't have any blue damask--shocking, isn't it?! I actually love pale blue and bright red together... it seems very couture and also vintage to me.

Kate, thanks for all your kind words. I really hope you are doing well and remember you and your fam in my prayers :)

Ariana, that's a really good idea, since the the fabric has brown and blue in the stripes. I'll have to look at it.

Hana, you correct--HL. I thought that blue pront was really girlie?

And Tasha... don't lie. You wish it was brown, lol!


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