Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome Baby Boy

My friend Amy had her little baby. Remember, I had my "foul proof" way to determine the sex? I made a little pink and green dress because I was sure she was having a girl. Apparently my method is not so foul-proof, as she welcomed a baby boy into the world two weeks ago. Amy and I were talking while she was still pregnant and thought it might be fun to take a couple newborn shots. So, when I went to visit him, we took some pictures.

It was harder to take pictures inside than I expected. I really don't know anything about exposure, which is critical for a great photo. I'd like to read a book about it in all my free time. (Catch the facetious tone?) Still, I might be able to squeeze in a couple pages here and there. So, here are the pictures. -->


so sleepy.... until they grow, then they have more energy than imaginable....

I really liked the ones of Amy holding him, but she said they were "just okay." Editing changed this image a lot... I faded out all the colors except for his bright blue eyes. I like this picture. I think Ethan looks handsome, and I like the way Amy is looking at him.


I didn't realize how much I really need to learn about my new camera until I started taking pictures inside rather than outside. The camera would go, "click, click, click."

I asked Amy, "You know what that sounds means?"

"No, what?" she asks.

"That I don't know what I'm doing." *sigh*

For a lot of effort, I got a handful of usuable pictures. Close-ups are always sweet.

I think this little hat is adorable, but this picture usually solicits comments from men like, "Poor boy."

Remember the pink dress? Obviously, they had no use for it, so we swapped it out for a tie and shoes for baby boy. The matching dress is for his two-year-old sister's birthday.


It was fun to play around, though because I took play time during the day, I ended up losing sleep at night. It's the way a handmade business is, at least for me. It's morning, noon, and night and I am still behind. I'm working on balance, though.
Anyway, I enjoy photography, as it's part and parcel to selling my items; so the more I learn, the better I can market Mia Joie, which is where my primary interests lie, oh, and pics of my kiddos of course. I'd love to work on a spring line, but it's been really difficult with Aidan lately. I thought, since he was going to school five days a week, I would get more done. However, it's really been the opposite. Now that Aidan gets up around 6-ish (as opposed to 8-ish, previously) I can no longer maintain my schedule of sewing until 2 am. I can live off of 6 hours regularly, but not 4 hours. I can do that once or twice a week, but not night after night. When I try to work during the day, I have Mia who is increasingly mobile. She has taken to grabbing snacks out of the garabage can. (I'll catch her coming around the corner of the kitchen, licking the inside of an empty yogurt container covered in coffee grinds. *ick*) While I was consoling Aidan yesterday, she found my cup of coffee on the table and spilled it on my fabric and on all my packaging materials I just printed and cut out. It's the kind of thing that makes me want to run down the street screaming and pulling my hair out. Anyway, I'll come up with a better routine soon and hopefully some lovely new items for spring. I also have some more baby boy pictures that I might get around to editing, and I have some other items I'll be giving away to the first person to leave a comment. Stay tuned :)


Hana said...

Love the photos! Beautiful!

Hana said...

oops... forgot to ask...what type of camera are you using now? You are too crtitical of your talent. Those shots are lovely!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, Hana, you're too kind. I think my friend was disappointed with them, though. I'm using a Canon 40D. I'll blog more about it at some point in the not-too-distant future :)

Ariana said...

You did a really good job. I would be proud of myself if I took great pictures like you. The outfits turned out great too. My little girl has become incredibly mobile and mischievous...I am having flashbacks of my most difficult child and comparing her behavior to his lately. After her choking on popcorn that was on the kitchen floor the other day, and catching her with a penny in her mouth from the kitchen (hubby stop emptying her pockets there) and her chewing on the toaster cord which was stored in the cabinets, we decided she is not allowed in the kitchen (where I am all the time). My husband's solution was to "trap" her in a safe area. We blocked the living room off with our ottomans and put her toys in a corner so she can still crawl around and have freedom but keep her away from trouble. We have a pass through so I can constantly see her in front of me rather than behind me or under the kitchen table out of sight (where the bad things happen). So anyway, that is my advice, block an area for your cutie where you can see each other. Who cares if the furniture looks crazy, it's only temporary.

Jessica Haley said...

One other thing, I almost titled this post "Wanna Be" (photog) but decided that was really too critical. But when I was taking the pictures, I realize how little I know about the camera. I would press the button and it was so slow to take the picture. I was guessing at how to fix it, which was nerve-racking while I have a wee little babe in a basket. Thing is, controlling the aperture and ISO manually is what gives the pictures dimension. Shooting in manual, even on an SLR, still gives the same flat look as a point-and-shoot, in my humble, non-informed, non-expert opinion :)

Jessica Haley said...

Ariana, it is tough. Aidan tried to give Mia a penny just the other day. We have the garbage in the pantry at the moment. What you said it so true, "Who cares if it's crazy, it's only temporary." True on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

a lot of people like tea stained material. maybe you can find a market for "coffee stained" material. :) pics look great. sweet baby. -amme

Jessica Haley said...

Amme, lol, good tip, and as an added bonus their baby will smell like french roast :) he, he

Jewllori by Lori said...

He is a darling!!! Perfect model! Your pics turned out brilliantly in my opinion, just great:)

Oh the life of a SAH/WAH mom...I sometimes think a live in nanny would be fab!

Andrea Hallett said...

Those are darling photos Jessica -don't be so hard on yourself! I can't imagine the mom not liking though. Shooting inside with natural light is really challenging-you did great!

Andrea Hallett said...

please excuse all my crazy typos. Me not so goode spelller today.

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, Andrea. :) You're really kind. It was fun. I want to go to a wedding now just to take pics, he, he. Btw, I didn't even see the typos. My mind fills in the blanks.

Jewelori, I hear you! Except I'm lobbying for a live-in maid.... to clean up the yogurt cups I find in the corners of my house.

Ariana said...

You want to hear something funny. My son, 8, asked, "Mom, can someone have 2 jobs?" I said "of course son, I have 2 jobs. I am a full time mother and work parttime with your grandpa doing his accounting." He said "NO MOM, CAREERS" I said abruptly "yes" That made my blood boil a bit, I felt like he was saying being a mother isn't hard or something but he is only 8. He has much to learn. On the bright side, while I was telling my husband that evening about the whole thing. My 5 year old son said "mom really has 3 jobs, she helps at the school too and doesn't even get paid" (HEART MELT). AWW... Motherhood.

sweetfunkyvintage said...

Such beautiful photographs!
And the shoes, tie, and dress are to-die-for!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, Missy. I took a peek at your blog--lovely. I especially love the door organizer. What a great idea!

Ariana, aren't kids funny?! One minutes they are driving you up a wall and the next minute melting your heart. Sometimes I feel like there's no in between!

Julie said...

What a serious looking little man. I think the pics are beautiful.

Ashley Stinson said...

I would love to know how you edited the effect with the eyes on the close up pic (right under your typing: "Close ups are so sweet"). The pictures are beautiful. I would love to pull that eye-popping effect off!

Jessica Haley said...

Hi, Ashley.

Since you are a photographer, I assume you are using photoshop(?) I used Pioneer Woman's Eye Popping Action, which is free -->

You could also do it manually by going in and lightening just the irises and then sharpening them. I'm not a prof, though, so I only know how I do it :) Let me know if you have more questions. I found some interesting info on retouching, and will do a post on that sometime soon, too.

Mom-2-3 said...

absolutely love the photos and the outfit at the bottom...i could cry it is so cute!


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