Friday, March 27, 2009

Cherry Blossoms Tutorial

Before we moved to Houston, we used to live in Holland, Michigan in a hundred year old house. It was a little scrap of a house on a yard the size of a postage stamp, but there was so much life and color in that tiny little yard. We had viburnum and lilac, lavendar, herbs, an apple tree, a full grown cherry tree, and huge raspberries bushes that yielded big red berries. The house had an alley in the back, with some sort of cherry blossom tree that would give beautiful, fragrant peachy colored blooms every spring. While we have the blessing of year-round flowers here in Houston, I miss those huge branches of flowers in the spring. So, I have a quick and easy decorating tutorial to make the lovely branches of flowers in the pictures. I use the term"tutorial" quite loosely, as it barely needs any instruction.

Here's what you need:
branches (alive with leaves, or nonliving w/o leaves)
flowers from the dollar store (make sure the flowers are small)
glue gun

Plug in the glue gun. White it's warming up, cut all the flowers off of the stems. I have to say that I hate cheesy, fake flowers, but because the branches are real, it won't matter for this project. Glue all the flowers to the branches, put them in a vase, and that's it! For a dollar or two, you have beautiful bunches of flowers that will last a long time.

Cut live branches, if you change the water once a week, will keep for about a month. You could use dry branches with no leaves, and the arrangement will keep indefinitely. I love this because I can cut 2 or 3 foot branches and create arrangments with huge impact that are not only super inexpensive, but beautiful and lasting. Hope this gets you in the mood for spring!

Here are a few more pictures:



Ariana said...

What a great idea! I will have to try that. I enjoyed your morning list. I think it is frame worthy, with a pretty toile matting.

Hana said...

What a neat idea! I've never thought of putting fake blooms on real branches. I'll have to try it! The photos look very nice!

Jewllori by Lori said...

Your little house sounds idyllic~!

Gonna try this for sure, just gotta wait for warmer weather so that we can get leaves on our branches...dang cold winters!!
Thanks for the idea :)

ClothesMinded said...

My goodness! Between making beautiful shoes, decorating on a dime and cooking gourmet food...if Martha Stewart ever goes to The Big House again, I think you could step in her place seamlessly!

Anonymous said...


Jessica Haley said...

Ariana, you are so sweet... toile matting. I do want your alarm clock.

Rachel, I love your profile description--too funny! I can be frugal, too, in fact, a known scavenger at times :)


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