Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Spring

I had intended on posting some of the pictures of the new peep toes {in the post below} being worn, but Mia and the weather have not been cooperating. I had Mia in her little brown and white seersucker dress size 3-6 months {yep, still fits} and the Josie shoes, but all she was giving me was a lot of this. The forecast today is for thunderstorms, so it will probably be another day or two until I get those pictures. The little peep toes really do look cute on, so I hope to get some decent pictures for you. The little yellow shoes are the Amelia.

The lovely blue birdie dress is by my friend, Hana, of Mae Belle Originals. Thanks, Hana, for the lovely little dress! It's adorable! Anyway, time is ticking away here, and I have a ton of emails to answer. So, here are some more pictures....

Mia in the red poppy headband.

And the new matching shoes, which are coming soon in purple, by the way.



Playing around with textures.

I'll be posting these later today:

These little shoes are made from one of my favorite fabrics, an organic eucalyptus. These shoes are not about color but texture: the soft and fuzzy eucalyptus, the sheen of the flower made from vintage white velvet, and the opalecent beads. They are great for a wedding or baptism. These are super hard to photograph! Here's another picture with a better angle of the flower:

I really have some great innovative patterns for boy's shoes. I've always had a harder time with boy things, but I think/hope you'll like some of these new designs. These shoes are for little baby Jaxson. And happy birthday early to Tasha :)

So, as promised, I'm doing another giveaway, but not to the first person to post a comment. I need your help. I am not a morning person--at all. It takes me about an hour and two cups of coffee to wake up. If pressed to get going quickly, I have even been known to take my coffee with me in the shower. (Sad, isn't it.) I have a hard time being efficient during my mornings. It's not too uncommon for 10:30 am to roll around, and Mia and I are still kicking around in our jammies, and self-loathing sets in. Before I know it, the day has gone by, and I feel like I don't have much to show for it. I know this is something a lot of moms struggle with. So, please share with me your best tip for making the most out of your morning. The winner will get a poppy headband {sized for either mom or baby} in a mystery color. You have until 11:59 on Thursday, March 26 to make a submission, and the winner will be announced Friday. Looking forward to your suggestions--I need them!

Thank you for your submissions. The winner can be found here!


Jewllori by Lori said...

O gosh, from one night owl to another....mornings just don't work!!! LOL!!!!! I'll try though :)

Jewllori by Lori said...

hahah..the funny thing, I basically JUST woke up..made some toast for Ross and I and am now doing my "rounds"! LOL! This is what best wakes me up I guess....that and some instant coffee mix made in China! LOL!!

Ariana said...

Hi Jessica, I hate waking up early but it's a must when you have kids in school etc. I have an alarm clock called the peaceful progression wake up clock( Fifteen minutes before you are scheduled to wake up, a light goes on and you pick 1 of 6 calming sounds. I have bird sounds so I think "aww, what a beautiful morning, the birds are singing" or "shut up stupid birds" but it's much better than a blaring alarm. BUT if you don't wake up within those 15 minutes, you get the alarm. So I usually get up when I hear the birds. Eyes almost shut, I make my way to the shower. 5 to 10 minutes in there wakes me up. Then, I go eat some cereal. Then I will throw a load of laundry in the washer if that needs to be done. Then I start to wake children up and husband if he is not up yet. And then it's off to school and I am totally awake by the time I get in the car. So yeah, highly recommend the peaceful progression wake up clock.

Jessica Haley said...

Not sure if this helps, but the actual getting out of bed isn't the problem, as I need to get Aidan up and on the bus by 7:30 am. {The poor bus driver sees a side of me no one else should.} Lori, instant coffee? Ewww. Honey, you gotta try real beans in a french press. You're letting the best in life pass you by.

tasha said...

love these shoes. they will be soo cute on him at the beach. i picture a mini photo shoot in myrtle with him wearing some khakis and these shoes. LOL

my name is heather. said...

Hi there, I just found your blog today through etsy and I am in LOVE. I just had my first girl, 7 months, and can't stand a lot of the ultra-girly clothes and shoes out there...your styles are such a breath of fresh air!
Anyway, to enter your contest, I wanted to make my own attempt at advice: Instead of stressing in the morning about what I need to do or haven't done (ie the self-loathing you mentioned) my best mornings are marked by good music and some silly dancing time with the kids. Yes, we may still be in our jammies, and my face may look like I just survived a sleepless night (often true), but I literally feel the stress and mental cobwebs shake off with the crazy dance moves. My 2.5 year old boy looooves it! We are inevitably laughing and the blood is beginning to flow....
It's not a perfect solution but it helps me not stress and enjoy the journey of the day!
Thank you so much for putting all the time and effort into your etsy shop, it is amazing and inspiring to me, fellow mommy and creator. : )

Rachel said...

Ok to be really honest, I have no super amazing ideas on this but I'll just tell you what makes MY mornings easier..

I always get everything ready for the next day, the night before..the lunches, clothes laid out, backpacks packed, decide what's for breakfast, baths the night before...I even decide which ugly t shirt and workout pants I'm going throw on.

This sounds like such a simple suggestion but let me tell you why it works.. it's been proven in my house, if you do these things, your mornings are almost stress proof and you can roam around the house with eyes still half open from sleep because all of these things are done! It's seriously HALF the battle.

I've tried it the other way and somehow, the stress of choosing outfits is so much worse when it's still dark outside and the kids are screaming hungry and your eyes are hardly open.

It works for me. That and a bottle of $10 Origins Peace of Mind. That stuff is a miracle! Rub a little under the nose, and on the temples and it rejuvinates's also a miracle for headaches and stress.

Hope this helps!

Michele said...

I need to get the peaceful progression like Ariana mentioned! When I hear my alarm clock, my body goes into "resist" mode and I feel more tired.

What works for me, when I actually do it:
Pick out clothes the night before. I get the kids (and myself) dressed before breakfast, and that helps me so much! I love hanging around in our pj's, but we usually do that on Saturdays.

Hana said...

I wish I had some helpful morning tips but being that I'm not a coffee drinker I tend to struggle in the a.m. I wish I could drink coffee but I just detest the taste no matter what kind or what I put in it! Mornings are rough for me. My hubby is usually the one to get Hayden ready for school...however if he's at the firehouse I have to get up and have Hayden ready by 7:15 for the bus. If the girls aren't up at that point I usually run back to bed to steal 30 more minutes of sleep. Terrible I know! On the rare occasion that I am productive I stay up after Hayden catches the bus and I get beds made, dishes washed if there are any from the night before, and start the laundry. Sometimes I don't get my shower till naptime. Just the way it is!

Hana said...

BTW...thanks for the feature on todays post!

janessa said...

I learned a few tricks from that have helped me a ton... the biggest thing? Get everything done the night before.
Examples? Pick out both my clothes and clothes for my daughter, right down to the shoes the night before.... before this I would stand in front of both our closets just starring, trying to figure out what mood I was in...

Also, getting up and getting dressed before her always made my day fly by. When I get her up and change her out of her diaper, I just put on the outfit I've already picked out for her.

Just having both of us dressed early in the morning made a tremendous difference in our day! Suddenly if I needed to head out the door to meet up with someone, I could! With minimal effort and 'let me get ready'

(I just found your blog, I *love* the shoes! so cute!)

Michele said...

Wanted to add that I love the shoes at the end of this favorite boy shoes so far!

Jared said...

Great new shoes :)
As for getting going in the morning - it really helps to have plans. For me, I usually have a play date to be at by 9:30 or some errand to run. It gets me moving when I know I have to be somewhere by a certain time. Maybe you could challenge yourself to be "ready" and started on something by 9 or 9:30, then reward yourself with a pj day or some other little thing. I also know that when I start my day with my Quiet time it helps me start on the right foot, and things move along smoother. I was really good at it before Nora was born - still working at getting back into it. I can only imagine how hard it is when you're up so late. The life of a night owl :)
oh crap, I guess Jared is signed in. oh well, not gonna change it now. not like you would think Jared wrote this!! ;)

Ariana said...

I am sorry I misread. Yes, definately get ready the night before. And once, the best advice ever was go to sleep with a clean house so that when you wake up you feel refreshed. I tried it once but very unrealistic for me. With 4 little ones, they hardly let me do anything too. Maybe when they are older.

Jessica Haley said...


It's not really your fault, as I was clarifying the wording as you were postig your comment. I do love the idea of waking up to the churping of birds!

Elisha Trask said...

Jump in the shower, but right before you get out, turn the water to cool and let it run through your hair. For a long time I would take these hot delicious showers and get out feeling SOOO sleepy and relaxed. One moring my hubby and I were in the shower together,(double headed shower) and he suddenly turned on the chilly water. It really freaked me out! COME ON... it's like getting cold water dumped over the shower curtain!!! But I have used it a few times and it gives your brain a nice little wake up jolt. Something I ALWAYS NEED in the morning.

Jennifer said...

Oooh sister-friend... Mornings are not my friend either. If it weren't for coffee I would be late to work every day of my life! I need coffee like the flowers need rain.

My mornings are crazy and I've just come to accept that nothing is going to change about it until both of the kids are self sufficient. Maybe try stretching before getting out of bed? I don't know... my daughter still wakes up at night to nurse so any second I can steal in my bed or in pj's is heaven sent!

The only thing that works for me is to pray when I start getting those feelings of self loathing. Then everything that you think shouldn't be funny, like the mountain of laundry, the cereal smashed into your new area rug or pen all over the leather sofa ("it's a giraffe for you mommy")... all become hilarious.

I've tried the whole "get it done the night before" thing and it works when you CAN get it done, but if you are anything like me and procrastination runs thick in your veins, it will just backfire on you. I think putting a coffee maker on your nightstand would work better for you :) Maybe they make a coffee machine that could pump coffee through your body approx. 20 minutes before you should be waking up?!?

mverno said...

sorry i'm at work all day making the most i can for my family

mmentor said...

my niece always has one of these on

vboackle said...

i make a list of things to do,it is fulfilling just to cross off "unload the dishwasher".

Heather M said...

Well I can't drink coffee. It messes me up big time. So what I do is make a list, do my stuff in the morning (Usually before my daughter wakes up) and then I get on the computer, it helps wake me up!!! Thanks

hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com


well not going to bed makes it easier to get up and ge tthe morning going till you need a long afternoon nap..

mornings do not work if you want me to get up and get going fast- sometimes its all day jammies and just don't care

mom2anutball said...

I get up and drink my soda for the day, check my email, *try* to hop in the shower, all before my little man wakes up. Then I get us all dressed and go somewhere, if I dont then Im sitting around most days still in my jammies lol! I go anywhere, post office, store, the park if its warm enough. Then I get excited and have to rush home hoping the mail man brought something cool! lol, Im Ridiculous!!!

Love To Sew said...

Hi Jessica, I just want to say I looovvvveeee your new shoes you posted today, they are gorgeous!! Anyway, what I do to get myself going in the morning, (otherwise I will stay on the computer for ages) is to set myself a time limit for doing the things I want to do (muck around on the computer, checking favourite blogs, email etc) versus the things I don't really want to do (motivate kids to get ready for school, tidy up the house, washing, make beds, shower etc). So I say to myself at 8.00am I will have my shower, that gives me half an hour to sit at the computer! It works for me lol!

danosor said...

I don't have a problem with mornings.You got to do what has to be done and get at it.No excuses.If i was in the army they would not accept any excuses why i'm not a morning paeson.Sorry about sounding harsh but it's reality.

looksgoodinpolkadots said...

We struggle in the AM as well... I've been known to snuggle and doze together on the couch until well into the early afternoon. *sigh*.

I've found a few things helpful. 1). Set your alarm for the exact time you need to get up. Don't allow extra "snooze" time. This forces you to jump (or sloth) out of bed when it goes off. Set your alarm for a decent time even if you don't need to get up.
2). Get up around the same time EVERY DAY (even on the weekends). For me, its 6am on weekdays, no later than 7am on weekends.
3). While the coffee is perking, enjoy something hot and fulfilling. The smell of oatmeal with brown sugar, dried cranberries and almonds always perks me up... plus I get added energy needed to start my day right!
4). Don't sit down right away... do your chores (or at least some of them) first. This gets the blood pumping before you sit down and doze off.
5). Put some lively music on.
6). Turn the heat DOWN... the warmer my house is, the more I just want to laze around. If its a bit cooler, I don a sweatshirt and am more likely to keep moving.

I've also found it helps to set deadlines for myself... I have to do xy and z before 10 am, etc... so that I am forced to finish up tasks.

Hope this helps!

I'm in love with that headband. :)

polkadotmommy (at) gmail (dot) com

Pam said...

My recommendation is to not worry about it!!! Pretty soon these slow mornings with mommy & baby in their jammies will be gone and you'll be wishing you could do them again. So just enjoy your pretty little girl and don't worry about being all that productive. You have the rest of your life to worry about that!!

fly18grl21 said...

I hear you! I hate mornings too! I battle my morning blues by having a schedule in place. Basically I have the same routine every morning. It works amazingly for me as a SAHM. I even know when I am a little behind on time because I should be finished with my morning routine by noon. Then I have the rest of the afternoon (till my husband gets home) to cook or play with my kids.

My morning consists getting myself up and getting ready, then I tackle the "waking up the house" as I call it. I go around the house and open blinds to let natural light in and let out the dog at this time. I prepare my breakfast and eat it while I check emails. By the time my kids wake up I have already had my "me" time and that makes me happy.

My best advice would be have a "morning routine".

wendy said...

I start with a cold glass of ornage juice and after the hustle and bustle of getting my daughter off to school, I take fifteen minutes for myself to enjoy my morning cup of coffee before I start my rush to get out the door. That fifteen minutes gives me a chance to collect my thoughts and organize them for the day that lies ahead.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Heather said...

Seriously, when you get up in the morning get dressed immediately and put your SHOES on. Putting your shoes on is key. It makes you feel like your day has begun.

L Chacko said...

Try to be Positive and upbeat this should get your morning off to a good start and hopefully the mood will carry thru the day. llchacko(at)

pms3237 said...

The firat thing I do is make a pot of coffee, turn on the computer and do some blogging! This makes my day. I shower and then proceed to my tasks.

smjkurth said...

Hey Jess,

I'm pretty pathetic in the morning too, and I consider myself a morning person! I cannot get motivated to do anything around the house.

Getting Jack off to school isn't really my problem, it's the rest of the morning/early afternoon.

Turning music on usually helps me, when I remember to do it. Music has always been therapeutic for me and just gets me going. Not dancing or singing or being crazy with the kids per se, just hearing something nice in the background is motivating for me.

Hope you're having a great week! Maybe see you on Friday.


Brooke said...

With kids, it's all about their 7pm bedtime. Waking up early is a lot easier for me if I have enough time at night to myself. Also, we have sound machines set to white noise which almost guarantees a good night's rest for everyone in the house.

What helps me get going in the morning? -
- listening to NPR in the morning.
- having all the dishes done the night before.
- an Emergen-C drink straight away (the bubbly fruity sweetness really wakes me).

tlcfromtn said...

I really can't offer any advice because I have always been to same way. I never found a solution for that, lol!

braaisjo at gmail dot com

collyn23 said...

im not a morning person either I have to have my coffee and get some queit time

Bebemiqui said...

I think you should embrace it now and worry about being up efficiently then. Who cares if you stay in your jammies until noon! If you love hanging w/ your kid and chilling, what's wrong with that!

gkstratos said...

I do as much as I can when I have the most energy and that would be the night before. I get the clothes ready, lunches packed and above all, I pre-set the coffee to be ready when I wake up.

Sara and Alex said...

I know it is not easy but I get up and after feeding the baby I pack her up and get the dog and go for a walk around our lake. If I do it first thing I get it out of the way and it really wakes me up and jump starts the day! Well, with coffee of course!

mogrill said...

Thanks for the chance to enter.

Pinkerton said...

I thought I was the only person in the world who takes their coffee in the shower with them! I had to giggle when I read you do that too. A little tip for you...a travel mug with a LID is the way to go; otherwise you risk watering down the coffee with soap-laden water. :-)

Ok, so obviously I am NOT a morning person either. This is what works for me though and helps me "face" the day. Do you remember when your grandmother or mother always said they had to go put on their "face"? I always thought that was a funny way to put it. Usually, I take a shower at night (more relaxing and I don't have to rush), so in the morning, I just wash my face and put on my makeup. It really does make me feel human again and helps me get going.

OR, if that doesn't do the trick for you, this is a sure-fire way to put a smile on your face at least. My kids LOVE these...even the baby gets excited and starts jiggling about. They are so catchy, and I guarantee they will remove those morning cobwebs!

Hamster Dance:

The Gummy Bear Song:

Megret said...

I always try to set the coffemaker to go (on timer) before I wake up. The smell gets me going!

Thanks for the chance,
musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

oona. said...

The best way I learned to get motivated when my girl was small was to pop her in the stroller, just throw a coat on over your jammies if need be, and head out for a brisk walk, even for 10 minutes. Hearing birds, seeing people and trees and the world will help get you going and be centered for the day ahead!

Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Pinkerton said...

Whoops, forgot my email. Thanks!

karisa_ann at hotmail dot com

Heather said...

I need coffee too, it's the only way I start my morning. I also drink water along with my coffee. I try to get up earlier than my kids to give myself some "me" time. It helps me get focused for the day and keeps my energy up!

Sarah @ Mom Balance said...

Not a morning person all! Don't tell my employer, though - they really don't get 100% of me for at least an hour after I've arrived!

My best trick (when I'm not working) is to make an appointment in the morning. Errands don't work...they are too easy to put off. But, if you have a playdate or a dr. appt. or anything to do, schedule it early in the day. Then, you get that out of the way and you have the rest of the day to play, do things around the house and lounge a bit, too!

mombalance at gmail dot com

Naomi said...

Letting myself be a functioning zombie in the mornings instead of trying to accomplish too much is a good thing... otherwise everything goes to pot...

Jewllori by Lori said...

So I guess the only thing I can come up with, other than drinking Asian instant coffee *snickers* is taking a shower the night before.

Why showering the night before you might ask? Well not only does it refresh you before bed, knowing you don't have to do that DAUNTING task in the AM with two kidlets running around, it also allows you kickstart your day with a little morning humor. Have you ever seen yourself after 8 hours of blissful sleep on wet hair?! It's quite the site, definitely enough to get your motivated to fix yourself up!!!!


oh and instant coffee always helps too ;)

carolpie said...

Ok, this is tough love and you may not like it but here goes. This is what I do. I got off the coffee as I became dependant on it and it didn't give me a boose anymore. Now I get up, put on my running shoes and right away I go on the treadmill for a walk. Yup, it is true. I just do it and you get in the habit and it becomes a routine. When done I down a big glass of cold water.

lace said...

I could really use some of those tips as well. Before I know it the morning is over and I'm still in my pjs by 1pm. But the best way is to make sure I have to go somewhere in the morning. That gets me dressed and moving.

purango said...

My best tip to make the best of mornings is to do a few minutes of yoga exercises and meditation to prepare me for the day.

saragillman said...

Have some coffee and enjoy the quiet

Donna said...

I am not a morning person either.
Coffee is a good idea.

Andrea B said...

I have this alarm that I can set to go off at a custom snooze time that can be different than the standard 9 minutes. I set it to go off every 3 minutes. But, if I'm extra tired, it drives my hubby crazy when I hit the snooze for about an hour. Then he wakes me up to get me going. You could try one of those so you don't waste all morning snoozing. :-)
at sbcglobal. net

Lindsey said...

Oh dear - I'm about the same! I feel like the day can start after I've had about two cups of coffee and a shower. Here's my tip - try peppermint oil and a little workout like a brisk walk after a quick morning coffee time. If you plan a schedule for yourself (just something like, "I'm going to have downed my coffee and be out walking with the baby by 8!") then it's easier. Peppermint oil - get some and put it on the back of your neck maybe a little under your nose (especially on the bad days) while you're taking a shower, and don't make the shower too hot (that makes me want to go back to sleep, haha). I LOVE the way peppermint oil makes me feel! It's nice. I have a Wii Fit, too, and that helps me get motivated for the day.

Thanks for the giveaway! I got way into that, hope one of these comments helps you!

ladyufshalott at

Gianna said...

I just wake up, change the babies and feed them. That seems to get things started!

socialwork4kids said...

Oh, I don't know why you would want to have your mornings be any different?!? I'm jealous by the laxed mornings you have the joy of experiencing! BUT, when I have the pleasure of being off in the summer with my daughter (who wakes up early!) we start our day to a brisk walk while we jam out to some tunes together. The fresh air gets us rolling!! :) m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com


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