Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Model, I am Not

I promised I would post the womens shirt I made. Can I just say, if I start selling more womens items, I will definitely get a model. Yes, it's a major hassle {fit, time, cost, etc.} but I am best behind the camera, not in front of it. I am not photogenic--truly I am not. I don't know how to pose, and I feel like a major cheese ball taking a picture of myself. The only time I really ever took a picture of myself was as a kid, you know, when no one was looking. Then someone would get the roll developed, and there was that one picture... with the nose twice the normal size, since it was taken from only arm's length away. {Hey, you might laugh, but don't lie--we've all done it.}

Nonetheless, to sell clothes, they really need to be seen worn. I don't think I'm going to jump into womens apparel with both feet, but it's fun to do something new. When I first started making shoes, I really didn't know much about sewing. I had made some roman shades and slip covers before, but all I really knew how to sew was a straight line on a twenty year old machine. Now, I have a digital machine and a serger {thanks, GG ;) } and an arsenal of sewing know-how at my disposal. It's exciting to think that I really could make my own clothes, and make them well, if I had the time, patience, and inclination. Patience is key. I get impulsive and rush. The best things are made slowly with careful consideration at ever step in the creative process.

So, here's the shirt:


It's made out of a really comfortable brown knit and the sash is a crepe back satin. And here is my cheesie, cheese ball self-portrait. Notice I cropped, edited, and texturized the living daylights out of it....

I have all the materials I need to sell this same style of shirt in a cream organic herringbone that is really soft and great for summer. I definitely want to make that jacket, but it will fall far second to some spring baby/toddler shoes. Have I mentioned that I have 8 new pairs half completed? I just need to arrange time to finish and photograph them.

On a personal note, Robert and I have been taking dance lessons, a gift he gave me a long time ago that we are finally using. It's been fun and a little like therapy. We have to learn a lot of non-verbal communication as a couple. Also, the man always leads and the lady follows, which is romantic and sometimes contrary to daily life. {I can *ahem* be a little assertive.} So, here are some lovely quotes about dancing for you to enjoy:

"Some people ask the secret to a long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candle light, dinner, soft music, and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays." ~Henry Youngman

Okay, that one just made me laugh. Here's another one that's really lovely and from a book of poetry that Robert got me for Christmas.

"But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of heaven dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls." ~Khalil Gibran

Hope your week is off to a lovely start and that you're finding a little romance and whimsy amidst the hum drum of every day life.


Andrea Hallett said...

Yikes! I need that shirt in cream -GORGEOUS-paypal me, ok? ;)

Jewllori by Lori said...

Haha.. you have an adoring fan ;)

It is gorgeous though, seriously to have half your talent, I think I would explode!!!

How fun is dancing?! I would love to do that. I think hubby and I need some more non verbal communication, though he does tell me that my body language speaks volumes ;) hee hee!

Anyway, have a fantastic day!

Tamar said...

Um, HELLO! Not only is the shirt beautiful, but your "modeling" isn't too shabby either ;)

Jessica Haley said...

He, He... Tamar, it's all photoshop ;)

Andrea, I'll email you, and you, too, Lori. I'm sorry... I've been getting a lot of emails lately, Lori, and I've been behind in returning them. Btw, you're husband's line is pretty suave. I'm going to add a comment to the butter post...

sarasophia said...

I want two.


brown and cream.

consider them ordered:)

---and always, you inspire---

<3 sarasophia

sarasophia said...


Jewllori by Lori said...

No probs, I will be here :)

Julie said...

This is really gorgeous, Jessica. You should definately make more.

Rachel said...

I love that shirt! Does it come in plus sizes?? I can see that hanging in the window of Banana Republic..gorgeous!

I love the picture of you and your husband dancing...very romantic.
You are beautiful Jessica!

Elisha Trask said...

Darling. I might love this even more if it had a matching little girls dress??
What a talented women. and yes you are beautiful.

Jen From Windy Ridge said...

Love that shirt and you make a perfecty beautiful model!

Jewllori by Lori said...

Oh I had a great idea for a little girl's item too! A pair of leggings with a bow at the back bottom(near the ankle) with a dark line leading straight up the leg(like those old school fancy nylons!!) Thought that might look cute :)

Ariana said...

The top is MAGNIFIQUE! I would like one also. I learned the art of posing when I was in my teens. I will pass the knowledge on to you. First, you stand completely sideways of the camera. Then, you turn just your top half (torso) toward the camera. Keep your arms down, elbows bent & toward your back, hands cupped and tips touching your hips area. Now prop your front toe toward the front. Shoulders all the way back, chin up. Okay, this feels totally off but take a picture and you will look like a model!!!

Hana said...

Oh is lovely! I would totally wear that! Love it! Love it! You are so talented! I'm not brave enough to make clothes for myself.

ps. I'm enjoying this Phoenix weather! I was actually in Houston briefly during my flight connection. Hope the package arrived ok.

Jessica Haley said...

I've been up working on a some items I am donating for a silent auction. (Maybe I'll post pictures.) Anyway, it's 2:30 am, so I'm going to quicky reply before I call it a night.

Sara, thanks for the post--you're so sweet :) Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Honestly, sometimes when I think too much about posting a picture of myself on the internet, my cheeks flush with embarassment. (Oh, the joys of being a red head.) Anyway, as for selling them, I will, but not for a week. I need to assess how much fabric I have, esp for the brown one. (I can prob. make 2-3 more max.)

Elisha, actually my first thought was a baby dress, but then I decided the brown was better for a woman. So, yes, I could def make them for little girl dress.

Lori, the leggins are a really cute idea. I have a bunch of awesome black and cream fabric from my SIL that would make a fab baby dress to match.

Ariana, thanks for the tips... I'm so impressed. You're in Texas, right? Maybe I should just use you.

Hana, yes, THANK YOU! That was so sweet! When it stops raining, I'll try to take a pic of Mia in it. So, you fly through Houston--we should meet up. I'll send you an email...

Ariana said...

HA! Don't make me laugh Jessica. After 4 kids, I am far from being a model.


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