Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little Orange Inspiration

Featured items, left to right, top to bottom: bliss artwork by Homeshanti, prickly pincushion by Prettylilthings, mischief artwork also by Homeshanti, orange wedge shoes by Mohop, skirt by Sarah Clemens Clothing, and floor canvas by Studio Melange.

I thought, for a quick blog post, I could create a montage of images that I find inspirational. Well, it was not so quick after all. I am in the middle of putting henna {an herbal conditioner} in my hair and fighting inward panic. I received 27 emails in the span of an hour yesterday. I sold 17 pairs of shoes in a little over a day last week. I also have my dear friend, Michele, coming to visit tonight and staying for a few days, which means the house needs to be cleaned, groceries stocked, time taken off, etc. No wonder that gray hair sprouted in the middle of my head. {I think there must be a thousand more that lay dormant, thus the henna.} If this busy trend continues, I might need to close shop again... even though I feel like I just reopened. I still have so much more to list, but am holding off for now. I have some lovely things planned with my friend: spa, blue bells {bonnests?}, winery, cooking classes, etc and hope I can share some of those stories and pictures with you.

I almost forgot to add, check out those shoes from Mohop. They have a wood wedge heel and interchangable ties--very cool. Also, I have a wonderful new item for women that is unlike anything you've seen before. I was really hoping to post pictures today, but needed a few more supplies. I'm really excited about it and wish I could have made a post about it today. Why am I making women's things when I am so busy? I have no idea. I get inspired late at night, and I can't stave off the creativity with a big stick.

Oh, and after I posted the cherry blossoms tip, I thought... maybe people will think this look is cheesy. But check out this link and the entire spring Pottery Barn catalgoue. Okay, off to work. Have a lovely day, friends!

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I just checked my blog stats and they are through the roof. I was approached about some national press, but that wasn't for a few weeks I thought. I must have some press out there I don't know about.... Can anybody help me out?


Imjustagirl said...

I have seen you on a few blogs
for sure and I thought Kelly's Korner but after looking into that I think it might be someone else who makes cute shoes! I love your stuff though:)

n-mukai said...

Your stuff is so adorably cute so I put up a post on my blog and twittered. I have a good little following but obviously can't take credit for all the influx - however I think since you're goodies are so good many randoms like me are posting links!

Many of my friends/fam have said WAIT DONT BUY THIS ONE (from your web site) since they want to be the one to get my new little one some of your fabulous goods.

The Bra Factory loves Mia Joie!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks so much for your help! I had an additional 400 unique views (on top of my usual stats). Newlywed Stilletos has about 300 followers, so that sounds about right. Though they must all be following the link from my site to my blog. hmmm

Thanks, Bra Factory. I was thinking, Bra Factory?? Does she make lingerie? Great name--great story! I always thought it would be fun to remodel an old factory or business into a fun, open space :)

Jewllori by Lori said...

I did a treasury with you in it just these past few days :) Sorry I forgot to mention it to you, but it probably gave you a few hits anyway!

p.s. disregard my etsy email about the help tip..LOL.. Had I read CORRECTLY..duh!!!!

Have fun with your gal pal :)

sarasophia said...

I love you and everything you make--it doesn't surprise me one bit that you are receiving national press.

Embrace your "baby bootie" success, ma'am:)

<3 sarasophia

Wendy said...

I found you from an Etsy treasury.

Wendy said...

Oh, and I have you in one I made today:

Jessica Haley said...

thanks, Wendy!! I'll have to post a comment on it.

Sara, you're so sweet! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful internet friends!

rachel said... were featured in the Atlanta magazine a few months ago.. maybe that's it?

Ariana said...

I looked up those heels, what a great idea!!! Did you get a pair? Kind of pricy but kind of worth it.

Jessica Haley said...

Rachel, it could be that, but it came out awhile ago. I think it's P&N and newlywed stilettos. Thought I've had several people sent me link to their personal blogs--which is really fun and nice to see!

Ariana, no I did not buy a pair. She sells sample sizes on Etsy for about 1/2 the price... I'm keeping my eye out!

Jen said...

Beautiful. I think seeing other's inspiration is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do. Thanks for sharing!


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