Friday, May 22, 2009

Bity Bloom is Back

The Bity Bloom Headband in fushia is back, but in a pint-sized version and new pictures to boot. The pale pink version of this headband was featured by Brides Magazine.

What is it with me and an excess of fuscia, anyway? As I said before, like a moth to a flame....

When we got to the park {the door she's opening leads into it}, Mia immediately went down the slide in her new dress... and into a big muddy puddle at the bottom . I didn't even know it rained. I tried to take a picture but it wasn't as impressively messy as it was in real life. Anyway, happy Saturday! What are you up to this weekend?Photobucket


Elisha Trask said...

Oh I love your stuff. Did you make those corkie shoes that Mia was wearing with the warmers???
She really is a beautiful girl. How are things with Aiden??

Julie said...

You can never have too much pink! I love the bity bloom.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I think the pink looks gorgeous on your daughter, and the new bity bloom is too cute! Hope things are going better for you and your family! We've been hit by major allergies from all the pollen...sometimes it feels like we can never have a day with everyone feeling healthy. I'm hoping for clearer air during the long weekend.

Ariana said...

Hi Jessica, I LOVE FUSCHIA TOO! This weekend? Why eat, of course! Today we bought groceries. My father-in-law is making all kinds of meats on the pit tomorrow & Monday my husband will be grilling. And I was trying to avoid eating meat. What are you doing?

Ariana said...

Oh! and I love Mia's dress. Did you make that? Emily has been wearing her skirt weekly. I love it!!! I will put the apron on her and she usually takes it off OR my husband will say, "why is she wearing an apron again?" and I will take it off so he will stop asking.

Jessica Haley said...

Elisha, yes, I made the cork shoes. I won't sell them, though... something is off with them to me. The cork fabric is too thick for peep toes, maybe. As for Aidan, he is good... talking so much. It's great to hear! I'll convo you about the flowers.

As for the dress, no, I did not make it. It's only $9.99 from Old Navy. As for the apron, yes, most men DO NOT understand female fashion. At my old job in Michigan, I used to wear pointed toe shoes all the time, and the men did not understand it... made jokes about it being necessary to accommodate my very long and pointy toes. *snicker* But {again most but not all} men, will pair a black belt with brown shoes *shudder*

As for meat, are you making brisket?

Ariana said... father in law made some today. I couldn't sink my teeth into some spots. It was a little tough but tasty. My husband said it needed another 3 hours or so. I know nothing about cooking brisket. I would think 10 hours is WAY TOO MUCH TIME TO COOK ANYTHING. Tomorrow my husband is making ribs. What is it with men and meat?

Jessica Haley said...

I don't know, Ariana, but I am not a BBQ person.... I'd almost rather starve. One time my husband took us to the city for what his vendor said was a "8-course wine dinner." It ended up being box seats for the rodeo, and they were serving brisket and mac & cheese. I was prego at the time and super hungry. I think I almost cried.

Ariana said...

That is too funny. Luckily, my father in law also has his own garden so we had fresh cucumbers, green beans and potatoes. And dewberry pie:) I was going to do your survey but my little girl has become quite the wild child. Within the past hour, she has climbed on the kitchen table, knocked down a gallon of apple juice which went all over the tile, and is now sticky and ate blue finger paint. I am ready to call it quites but we still have to go to TBall and a pizza party afterwards.


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