Friday, May 8, 2009

Picturing the Peeps

When I first made the little peep toes, some people commented that they couldn't picture them worn. I tried what seems like ages ago now to take Mia's piture, but all she would do was stick out her tongue at me. Then I received a crazy amount of orders and am just getting around to those pictures now.

As you can see, the shoes are really more open-toe than peep-toe. I've thought about making the opening a bit smaller, but haven't had any time to modify patterns right now.

So, here is my girl. It's so nice to see her healthy again. After having the flu for 4 days, it's nice to see her looking perky again.... actually, my little model looks a bit annoyed in this picture... :)

A little matching barrette. If you ordered anything from me in the past 6 weeks, I sent a free clip because I was running so behind.

Mia's hair is getting so long and curly! I did not expect that.

A sneak peak at a new design that will be available next week. Again, there are still so many other designs I still haven't listed because I received so many orders. Oh, I suppose I didn't mention the obvious, that I closed my shop. It will be reopened soon, but in a different way from before. More details will follow....

A picture of Robert comforting Mia while she was sick. I didn't mention it, but there was a case of the swine flu in our school district. It was very difficult not to worry about my little girl while she was sick. I woke up often in the middle of the night, just to stand by her crib and listen to her soft breathing.

As for Aidan, he has moved from on from stinky poo to ka ka. That one, I know he got from the playground and not from home. Even when I went to his school for Mother's Day tea, he let ka ka slip out once. Aidan just gave me this mischievous grin and wrapped his arms around my neck. That boy is trouble!


Brenda Jo said...

I just love all of your designs! And thanks for the hair clip that came with our shoes... it was a perfect surprise! And glad little Mia is feeling better

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, Brenada, for stopping by to say hi! I'm glad that you like your shoes, and I'm sorry for the delay. I have a plan to avoid this when I reopen :)

Jewllori by Lori said...

Poor babies when they are sick huh?! Precious photo with daddy :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! Your poor babies. I am glad they are recovering. My little guy was sick too. Today, he told his dad "BOOTY" so we knew he was feeling better. Boys are so silly. I really love the new shoe designs. You are so talented! Have a great day!

Meredith said...

Aw bless.

The photo of your Mia being comforted by her dad made me tear up.

So glad she's over her flu, it is hard to not be scared when every media outlet is screaming "pandemic!"

Hope things keep improving for you Jessica! I love your wee peep toes and can't wait to see your new and improved store.

sarasophia said...

Glad everyone is on the mend--sick babies give me ulcers of worry!

Loving the open-toe baby slippers....and the new t-straps. Need to get a pair of each, dontcha know:P

<3 sarasophia

Jessica Haley said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been better about emailing you. It's been just crazy. I have something in mind with your shop and a future post, though ;)

Ariana, thanks for the email! So cute! I meant to blog it, but the kiddos were so sick, I never got time.

Meredith, I hope you're still painting. I'd love to see what you have been owrking on. :)

Sara, hope you are well, too, my dear. How do you do it, home-schooling your kiddos all day?!


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