Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick... Again


This is a short post because, can you believe it, we're sick again over here. I was sick last night and Mia is sick today. Will it ever end?? *sigh*

Here are some pics of the Cassie Leg Warmers. They are nearly exactly like the Matilda Jane leg warmers in this picture. In the end I received so many emails asking where I got them or of I make them. Since MJ doesn't offer them any more and, to be honest, I got tired of saying, "no, they're not mine" I decided to make a similar version, though a bit brighter and more spring-y.

Here, also are two OOAK pairs of shoes. I'm going to offer them here first. If they don't sell on the blog, then I'll take them to etsy, but you blog readers will get them for a better price :) Remember I only have one of each pair, so you're really getting a unique item!

These look black and pink, but they are actually a very dark brown. While I typically appreciate my pictures, these are even cuter in person. Size 4 only!

These are classic and vintage looking. The faux leather wipes clean. Size 3 only!!

Use the paypal link below to see the price and/or to order. If the paypal link is gone, that means they sold. Hope you are having a lovely week. I miss blogging more :(

Both shoes are sold.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, Mia has been sick long enough get her in to see the doctor. If she has a fever she probably caught strep from Aidan and she will need an antibiotic to get over it.

Jessica Haley said...

She just started having a fever today, but I have had that thought, too. I will watch her and take her tomorrow {much as I LOATHE that doctor office} and have them do a strep test.... poor baby. :(

sarasophia said...

So not fair that I missed out on the brown and pink shoes---what I get for getting off of the internet for a few hours:P

So sorry about sweet little Mia's sickness (and your own). It is HORRID when a germ comes and won't leave.

Praying you guys get better--
<3 sarasophia

Hana said...

My guys can't get rid of that bug can you?! I pray it's on it's way out soon!

As for those know I'm gonna have to get some of those! I wanted a pair from MJ but never ordered them. They are sooo cute! Love love love them!

ok, go take care of you and miss Mia. Chat soon!

Jewllori by Lori said...

Jeepers, if it's not one thing it's another over there! I know this past winter, I was sick four times. I'm never that sick, EVER! Praying that it all goes away very quickly.

Love those little cork peep toes, adorable! The green leg warmers look cozy, love the cable knit.

Tamar said...

Bummed I missed out on the shoes, but what about those AMAZINGLY cute cork peep-toes, huh? Huh? ;D

Hope your family gets over the sickies soon. Being sick in the spring and summer somehow always feels like it's just too cruel...

Ariana said...

Hi Jessica, You and your poor babies! I hope you all get better soon. What boggles me is how you get time to make and create this amazing baby stuff. Take care!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for the weel wishes, everyone! Mia seems to be doing better... her fever seems to have gone away, so I am hoping whatever it was has passed. I'd prefer not to take her to the dr office again, especially since the last time I left at 10 am and got home at 2 pm. Isn't that insane! I had to wait for an hour in the lobby and an hour and a half in the little patient room. Then more waiting to pay. I was so mad, I complained the the supervisor... not that it did any good. Well, I feel better now that I ranted about it, at least :)

mama turtle said...

Those have got to be the cutest flippin leg warmers! I love your shoes, they make me want girlies to cute up...

Ariana said...

I agree on the doctor visits. I bought a book just for that reason. It is called "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor." It is a bit dated but it was very helpful. I think the most important thing was that mom and grandma know best. A doctor, unless a family friend, only sees you for 5-15 minutes nowadays. The book doesn't suggest you should never go, just a guide on different things to prevent & treat small illnesses and when to go to the doctor or hospital. When my son got sick the other day, I have to say, I had to read it and reread it to make sure I was nursing him to good health (not making things worse) and within a week he was back 100%. If you would like to borrow it, let me know :)

Jessica Haley said...

I think that's an interesting concept, Ariana. Since my mom was a nurse when I was growing up, she was able to have a more educated perspective on what was truly serious and what wasn't, so we didn't grow up going to the doctor for ever minor illness. I think there is definitely something to say for preventitive health through natural remedies. I remember one of my friends used to say that when we take asprin for a headache, sometimes we need the glass of water more than the asprin. In fact, I have a huge book somewhere {it's driving me crazy b/c I can picture the white and turquoise cover, but can't think of the name} that has lots of tips for natural rememdies. I remember reading that all the time when I was pregnant with Aidan b/c I was afraid to take most OTC medications. I'm not a health nut nor anti-medicine, but, like you, I think it's important to have balance.... since an excess of medications and antibiotics do have side effects, too. And you're right, doctors are not omniscient, and lean, in part, on the information coming from the patient, or in the case of our kiddos, the info from the parent.

Jenni said...

Hi there, I bought the cutest pair of your shoes for my daughter Lola about a month and a half ago - once again congrats on your success! I love both pairs of shoes and am hoping that you will be offering some of your shoes in size 5 still! Lola has such a wide foot and yours fit her so well! I get compliments on the yellow pair every single time she wears them! I wish I had your talent! I will be checking back often in hopes of new size 5's popping up!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I love the brown and pink shoes! Would you consider making another pair? They are soo perfect, I would love to purchase a pair of them!!!

Jessica Haley said...


Thanks for your kind words--I'm glad that the Amelia shoes are working so well for you! I have several new shoes I am getting ready to list, and I will be including size 5's and 6's in my inventory. :)

Mrs.Life, as for the pink and brown, I don't have plans to make those exact pair, but I do have plans for a new pink and brown design coming soon.

Also, I will offer one-of-a-kind shoes regularly on my blog.

Megan said...

i missed out on the shoes again! i swear i am going to constantly be online just TRYING and pick up a pair in a size 4 before they sell out! as for the sickies, my family was sick last week as well, no fun especially with little ones! hope all is well now.


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