Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blueberry Picking

"What can your eyes desire to see, your ears to hear, your mouth to taste, your nose to smell that is not to be had in an orchard, with abundance of variety." ~William Lawson

This weekend we went blueberry picking. It was a bit hot, but we still has fun. Mia especially loved the green ones.




The bucket on the right is Aidan's.....

Robert and Aidan cooling off.

Mia and I in front of the rows of bushes.

This is our second year going to this farm, and I think we might make it a family tradition. What traditions do you have or hope to fulfill with your family this summer?

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On a side note, I have not been listing anything because my parents have been helping me convert our 4th bedroom into a studio. My mom stopped by my house one day and was greeted by the half eaten waffle on the floor, the dinning room spilling over with shoes and packaging supplies, and my look of aggravation and fatigue. So, kind people that they are, my parents suprised me this weekend and said they were going to help me clear out, paint, and organize all my business sundries into a studio. I am working on it feverishly and can't wait to show you pictures once it's finished!


Andrea Hallett said...

That is so sweet of them! Can they come to my house next? :)

You guys look great!

Lori said...

OH YAY! A studio!! I bet you'll love it, and hopefully it won't take to long to give everything a 'home'

Looks like you had fun picking berries. We're going to pick strawberries on Friday if there are enough at the patch.

Let me know how things are going when you have a free moment...that probably doesn't happen much does it :)

Ariana said...

YAY! I am so happy for you! Don't you love family?? 2 traditions we have are pumpkin patch in October & zoo in March. I hope you post that little dress soon:)

Michele said...

I can't wait to see the finished room! Hey...where am I going to sleep when I come to visit next time? ;)

I want to start picking fruit this summer. I think the kids will have fun. Blueberries would work best, and then apples in the fall, although the place we go (Crane's Orchards) is kind of crazy-busy.

Our biggest tradition is family camping up north by Lake Michigan. I was a baby when my parents started taking us, and now I take my own children. Very fun, family stuff. Love to hike, maybe backpack into the wilderness one night with the kids. I think Everett could handle it this year!

We're on year two of our latest tradition. We are hosting a backyard bouldering sessions in our garage. We are expecting a good amount of participation, which will be fun since there are prizes to be won. This is the website!

We'll have pictures of the event at our garages and a few others. These poor guys in Michigan have to build there own walls since we have absolutely no boulders to climb here. Boo-hooo-hoooooo! The garage walls are referred to as "home woodies"....hey, it's the bouldering community that comes up with this stuff, not me! So my hubbie is fursiously working his tail off to get the routs set on his home woody.

Jessica Haley said...

Andrea, loved your beach post! Hey, did you get my email and PP request?

Lori, I sent you a convo, too. It's like my text messages, lately they keep getting lost in cyber space. Weird.

Ariana, I love pumpkin patches. Apple picking up north in the fall was always my favorite... the crisp weather, the bright colors, the hot cider... As for the pink dress--I know. I know. Everything is dragging. The truth is that I had no idea the direction Mia Joie would take. I had no real intentions of starting a business; I had no idea the direction it would take, that it would replace teaching. The problem with stumbling into it is that from day one I have felt one step behind. I'm trying to regroup--get organized, etc.

Michele, I love camping, too. It's a dream of mine to some day take my kids to the UP to Porcupine Mtn {the same place I led those adventure trips.} Go to Crane's for me!! Also, the backyard boldering site is very cool!

tasha said...

that is awesome. that makes so much sense for that room up there.

i dont know if you have changed it since i was last there.. but it wasnt a purposeful room. now it will be! how exciting.

tasha said...

oh.. and i TOTALLY knew mia joie would take off...
guess i should have told you that too. huh? LOL

Jewllori by Lori said...

Wow, I can't wait to see your new studio! How fun :D

The pictures are great, I just love family traditions like that. One of our family traditions is to go Raspberry picking at my inlaws farm. They have oodles and oodles of bushes. Then we make Strawberry Raspberry jam with them all.

Jessica Haley said...

Tasha, when you saw that room is was a full blown disaster. There is actually a bed in there (or was) under the bolts of fabric. But, yes, it will be very purposeful now and hopefully also very pretty. {Michele, I think you are going to have to sleep on an air mattress--sorry!} As for MJ taking off, you were the only one!

And, oops, I got my Lori's wrong. Jewelori, I sent you a convo. Lori, I'm going to get my # to you so we can chat... or I will scour my email and look for yours.

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