Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where I Have Been and What I've Been Doing

So, you might be wondering why I haven't been blogging much and have taken so long to reopen shop. {I'm planning to reopen with these new shoes just after I post this.} The truth is that the summer has been rough so far. You would think that I would come back from our little trip rested and rejuvinated--with at least a week's worth of patient reservoirs stored up. In fact, my patience gets to the point of critical mass on a daily basis. It might appear, since I am currently quite forgetful and terrible at keep in touch, that I have just have become more selfish. The odd thing is that my life has never felt less mine than it does right now. My lovely little children are often wee little consumers of attention and energy and words. Sometimes I feel as though time is like water in a waterfall, and the only time that's mine is what I can reach out and cup in my hands while everything else is pummeling and rushing on by. Sometimes I wonder if I feel like this because of some uniqueness of my personality or the particular dispositions of my children. I often contemplate if all petite little beings have such a knack for trouble as my own.

But, here I am talking in generalities about the difficulties of daily life with two children under 5. What would further my case are specifics. So, perhaps it would be better to tell the story of how when I turned on my Canon 40D SLR camera I discovered a dozen pictures of floor boards taken by one of my children--unbeknownst to me. Or that my daughter seems to be the only 18 month old with enough strength to smash a sippy cup against the wall with enough force to shatter it into pieces {sending a spray of sticky apple juice across my cabinets and newly washed kitchen floor.} Or that Aidan, newly enamored with Spiderman, has taken to calling me Mary Jane and trying to give me open mouth kisses. Or perhaps I could tell you about yesterday when I spit my gum in the toilet {what was I thinking} only to find Mia sprint around the corner 10 minutes later chewing gum; I make the realization and gasp, so she takes the ABC gum out of her mouth and Aidan pops it in his, then offers it to me. *shudder* Or I could tell you that my spitfire of a daughter some how yanked on my flash drive {the very flash drive that houses all my design programs} and seems to have completely ruined both USB ports on our computer. The flash drive is still hanging there, jack-knifed, and I'm afraid to remove it. Perhaps one of these stories will give you a better glimpse into the window of my daily life.

So, you see, life is very busy for me. Extremely so. Today is my birthday--31. Thirty was at least a bench mark, but the big three-one just fells like I am barreling forwards 40. Robert is home today and giving me the gift of a little alone time. So, perhaps I'll get a bit closer to getting my studio organized, as I have been dying to do so. Finally, I have one non-blurry picture of me at 30. I needed a profile picture and realized that I have hundreds of pictures of my children and not one of me where I am non-pregnant and actually looking at the camera. So, here you go. Have a lovely day, friends!


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Sometimes, it feels like everything in life happens at once and it just builds and builds until all you feel you can do is just hang on for the ride. I had to laugh at your story of the chewing gum, when I was a very small child, my mom would find me with a big wad of chewing gum in my mouth that I had scraped off of various school desks at our church.... Yuck! To make matters worse, when I was a baby, apparently I had a fuzzy additiction, when people would hold me, I would pick their sweaters clean! By the time I had hit the age of four, I had outgrown it, but not until I had eaten sweaters, blankets, fuzzies off of rugs, blankets, furniture, packing peanuts, and even insulation! Between the fuzzies and the chewing gum it's a wonder I survived and am actual somewhat normal today! (although I don't know how my parents survived the trauma I must have put them through) :-P It's amazing how God makes children so resilant!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

btw, the shoes are absolutely adorable and best birthday wishes to you!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!!! When you are actually 40, I'm sure you'll look back at 31 and wish you were there again ;)

Hope you have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you're enjoying your much deserved alone time :) Amy

Andrea Hallett said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! I swear, our kids are out to get us sometimes! I owe you an email or call. That picture is beautiful and so are YOU. xoxo

Meredith said...

Happy birthday Jessica!

I hope you enjoy your time to yourself today, even if it's just doing little things or no things at all.

Oh, of all those things to try your patience I have to tell you the gum would just send me over the edge, hand Bronwyn over to Matt, grab the car keys and flee to the chai latte/london fog I could find!
In related news, perhaps super human strength is running in this generation of baby girls. As Bronwyn at 9 months has got it in her head that a 3 lb solid brass rabbit that sits on our hearth is her best friend and has no issue hauling it up with her while cruising the furniture. I'm caught between the "give me my rabbit back" tantrum and nightmares of crushed baby toes! Oy! And she effectively in one well placed swipe completely killed the magsafe cord I had JUST bought for my mac. How is it that they know to make a beeline for expensive/dangerous things to wreck and/or play with!?

Being a mum is tough! And I think it's tougher when you've got 8 bazillion crafts, projects, ideas, thoughts in your mind and heart along with the day to day chaos that reigns.

I'm not trying to belittle your average day, because girly my gosh I would be at my wit's end too! I just don't want you to feel like you are alone or that no one could understand. I know I haven't been a miajoie follower for very long but I don't think a person who knows you via your blog, your designs, or in life would ever think of you as selfish.

I think my favourite mantra in times like this is just roll with the punches. The older women in my life assure me that the days that make you feel like you're particularly going out of your tree make for favourite memories.

The photos of your getaway are beautiful. The shoes I bought arrived safe and sound too and will fit my little Captain Chaos in a month or so, hopefully perfectly for her 1st birthday! I'm doing my best to keep at painting as well as getting back into needlework - a fave peaceful hobby of mine. I'm experimenting with combining the two to take my work in a more whimsical direction :)

Best wishes to you today!

Jewllori by Lori said...

Happy Happy Birthday busy lady. Praying your 31st year is full of God's Richest for you and your family.


Ariana said...

Happy Birthday To You! You are not alone! I hope you have a stress-free day today, Mary Jane:)

Rachel www.jackandcoledesigns.com said...

Happy Birthday!!

You are gorgeous!

tasha said...

happy belated bday my friend. sorry for the negligence in telling you yesterday. i know all too well, what it is like to be consumed in your own busy life.
i hope your day was awesome!

Paula Prass said...

Oh my gosh. Why have I never seen your blog before now? I just found you through my friend Jennifer Paganelli's blog.

You are delightful and your photography, stories and those shoes are incredible. Yeah, we need to talk about those shoes!

If it makes you feel any better (and it won't) I survived 2 wild and strong willed children as a single mom until they were 6 and 7! Now my daughter and I work together and I have a grand daughter that slammed our front door so hard she broke the door frame off it's hinges (she was 3). My daughter wonders how she ended up with such a wild little girl and I just roll my eyes.

When you have a sane moment, go check out my fabrics (through Michael Miller) and I'll send you some for your little shoes.

Jessica Haley said...

Meredith, I LOVE your story! In fact, it makes my life feel a little more sane knowing there are other moms pulling their hair out right along with me. And, Paula, slamming the door off the hinges totally sounds like something my girl would do... or my boy, for that matter.

Paula, I am so unbelievably flattered that you stopped by to say hi! You and Jennifer are truly design mavens! I'm so excited to do something with your fabulous fabrics!

Victoria said...

Yeah! Cork peep-toe shoes with Paula Prass fabric bows! :) You know I'm kidding...YOU'RE the designer and it's a good thing you are b/c I haven't a clue. I did go check out Paula Prass' gorgeous selection of fabrics, though, and YOU could make endless DARLING shoes out of them....wow!!!!

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

Happy birthday you young thing! You are gorgeous!

chrissie said...

Happy belated birthday Jessica! You look like you are in college! Seriously if I looked like that I 31...sigh...


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