Monday, July 20, 2009

Can You Stand the Cuteness?

I just HAD to post one more of Andrea's pictures. How sweet is her little Emme with her soft brown tendrils?! The texture of the beautiful hat by Three Fish Shop & the Eden’s Bouquet Cloud Dress & Linen Bloomer go perfectly with the Bloom Shoes. Incidentally, I will replenish my inventory in the Bloom shoes in rose and blue {I found another 1/2 yard of fabric when I was organizing my studio--hooray!} Due to several requests, they will be sized 1-7. Check back later this week or subscribe to the RSS feed, if you want to be the first to know!


Jenny Plumb said...

Nope. Pretty much can't stand it! What a lovely photo.

Jewllori by Lori said...

That's super cute! What a beauty!

Sorry I've been MIA too...was on holidays, and just got back today! Let's just say I wish I were still gone, it's going to be a stressful week full of a lot of decision making.

Jessica Haley said...

He, He, Thanks, Jenny!

Lori, glad you had a great trip! Hope all the stressful decision making is stressful good... :)

Oh and just a general comment, my shop is completely empty. Yes, I sold every last thing. {Thanks to Tory ;) } I hope to restock soon!

Jessica Haley said...

Oh, don't know why I said thanks, I didn't take the picture... *snicker* The credit is all yours Andrea!

Ariana said...

Wow, what a beautiful picture! At first, I thought it was an old photograph but then I saw your shoes. I like the effect. I visited your store today cause I was pondering on buying the red shoes and it was completely empty. And I was like, I hope nothing happened. But then I read they were all bought! Good for you! FYI, Emily's wearing her outfit today:) I never sent you a picture...I will try when I get home.

Jenni said...

What a beautiful picture! I have been dabbling with Photoshop a little lately and that is how I love making my pictures look - old fashioned!

Congrats on the big sale! Can't wait for the blooms to come out in blue! I will be watching!

BlackRibbonPhotography said...

Lovely! Doesn't she look so cuddly in her ruffles?


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