Friday, July 24, 2009

Color Me Happy

If you remember, way back when, I made the Cassie Leg Warmers with little cork peep toes which I said I would not sell. As a special request for a special customer, I did a similar version. These shoes are super bright and cheery! Baby's feet will get noticed for sure! The body of the shoe is a faux leather which is very durable, and you will definitely see me use this fabric again in a closed-toe shoe. The ties can be worn several different ways: in a simple bow on top of the foot or criss-crossed and tied at the ankle.

I do plan on making more of the Cassie Leg Warmers, but the Dotty Rose leg warmers are available now. I have only three, though, and one pair is for a wee little babe. I doubt that I will be able to find any more of this fabric. I have two of these butterfly skirts made--drop me an email or comment if you want one {$16}.

As for the bloom shoes in cream, I am about to list those now. I have several customers {all at the same time, ironically enough} email me about the bloom shoes in blue, so I did make more of the size 6 and 7. However, everything else is available in only one per size. The shoes above {Chloe} will be available soon; the faux leather is a bit tricky to work with, so I am still fine-tuning them before I list them. As for the dress, I have all these beautiful cream poppies and blooms cut out, but I am still not finished with them. As it was, I worked until 5 am last night. Phew. I think it's time for a rest! Oh, one last thing, I am now offering the bloom headband in cream. It would be great for mom, for baby, or for both! Mia was hot, tired, and cranky when I tried to take pictures, so I will post better pictures than the one below soon. Oh, and one very last thing, yes, the headband is named Bloom, which I know, makes no sense, since I have the Bity Bloom headband that looks nothing like it. I'm still not sure how that happened--I blame the mangement. ;)


Hana said...

Love those shoes! They are bright and cheery and will definitely get a wee one noticed!!

Miraflor family said...

Love your shoes! Just found your listings on etsy today and ordered a pink bloom shoe for my 2 1/2 month old a few minutes ago. Excited to get them! :)

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

You continue to amaze me with each and every new creation, you are just full of talent!

Jenni said...

So I just opened your blog and said out loud, "Oh my God!" My husband looked at me like I was crazy!

Those shoes are beautiful! I will probably have to wait for the close toed shoes version to come out and play it safe with Lola! They are to die for!

Also, I love that headband that Mia has on!

Your shoes keep getting better and better I think! Will be adding these to my obsessive collection!

Hate it when naptime is cut too short! Even so, her sassy little face is adorable!

sarasophia said...

I WANT these.

the legwarmers.
the cork shoes.


i need to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:)

<3 sarasophia

Victoria said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! You absolutely exceeded every expectation--every hope--every thought I could have had regarding their cuteness! I really don't know what to say except that you're ONE in a million! You're amazing. :)

Ariana said...

How many cups of coffee are you drinking girl? You are on a roll! LOL. You are so amazingly talented. Hope you have a good week.


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