Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Shoes

When I listed the √Član shoes, I had all these aspirations for interesting diptych photography. One of my customers aptly said that every girl needs a pair of red shoes. So, I had the notion to photograph a pair of my red heels along side of a pair of the √Član's. As it turned out, the heat was sweltering, I stepped in pile of fire ants, and Aidan grabbed on the monkey bars and got stuck hanging there--all in a single instant. So, I abandoned my efforts and wasn't able to capture that artistic shot that I had in my mind's eye. I was able to capture a few sweet little images of Mia playing dress up with my red shoes.





Ariana said...

I love your pictures and your shoes. And Mia's hair is getting so long! My mother keeps asking me if I am going to cut my daughter's hair and it's not even long yet! What are your plans for your daughter's hairstyle?

JoYfuL PrAiSe said...

I love those shoes!! Yours and the baby shoes! Awww! I had a pair of red shoes, I don't know what happened to them! Anyway, awesome,awesome!!

Jessica Haley said...

Ariana, I have a whole story for you... I'm going to type it out when I'm not crazy busy under a time crunch.

Thanks, Joyful Praise! :)


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