Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is Why....

...I can't get any work done when they are both awake. At least it's talcum powder and not flour.


The caption to this ones goes something like, "Hey, that was fun, but now I'm bored again. How about if I dump a cup of mom's coffee on the upholstered rocker while you spread the entire box of foam fun shapes around the house. Deal?"

Gotta run. Time to wash a slipcover.


janessa said...

at least it made for an adorable photo op, right? Very cute. Messy, but very cute.

Jessica Haley said...

And it didn't smell too bad, either. Believe, I've been in other situations where I couldn't say the same :)

Nisers said...

Jessica - I haven't talked to you in forever. I hope all is going well in your world. I LOVE the way you present your blog and your shoes...and your kids are SO cute!!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Your children are adorable and I just love your blog and shop! Keep up the GREAT work! {by the way my 2 1/2 year old got into scented powder the other was EVERYWHERE but it made our house smell deliciously fragrant!

SCmama1971 said...

Oh goodness, can I relate!
I have boy/girl twins that are now almost 15, a son who is 6, son 4, daughter 1 1/2.
I think this is why I stay up so late at night. I don't get much done during the day so I stay up and get caught up into the wee hours of the morning. :)

Jenni said...

Gosh they are so cute, messy and all!

Tamara said...

It is so hard to be angry when the mess they have made is so cute! I totally understand that. I have a picture somewhere (I may have even posted it on my blog a long time ago) of Seth sitting in a crouched position in the corner of the kitchen sneaking a leftover biscuit. I had told him that he couldn't have it and he climbed the counter and got it anyway. I was so angry at his disobedience but he was so cute shoving the biscuit in as fast as he could that I had to take a picture. I think capturing those mischievious moments on film helps us moms to keep a balance on what really matters.

Jessica Haley said...

SCMama--that is totally me! I stay up late at night b/c it is often the only time I can do something without constant touching and talking. Personal space, what is that, anyway?? Yes, I too love the quiet time late at night!

Tamar, it is adorable to see their little "caught red handed" expressions. When one peeks in on me, then streaks away laughing, I KNOW trouble is brewing. That or I suddenly realize it's been quite for a solid 5 minutes. That means big trouble. Big!

Ariana said...

Hey Jessica, Emily (16m) decided she doesnt want the sippy cup or a diaper anymore. When she is full drinking something, she will dump the rest of the contents of her cup. And when she wants to go, she will go. I feel like she's a puppy. I will catch her making little puddles around the house. Believe me, when I can, I will put a diaper on her. But most of the time, it's not worth the fight. You should make a brag book of the kiddos just making messes and that way when they have their own. YOu can show them how "good" they were!

Goiuri said...

I adore your last works, so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Your children are so cute! Love their "conversation."


Jessica Haley said...

Gouiri, gracias por decir hola. Espero que usted tenga grandes vacaciones.

Thanks, Katie. Some of their "conversations" are a bit louder, but they involve trouble making either way!

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