Monday, August 3, 2009


What you are looking at is a lock on our pantry--something I highly recommend for anyone with children under the age of 5. I know, at first blush, it might seem controlling. But, let me tell you, after waking up to peanut butter smeared into your Pottery Barn area rug or your son eating an entire package of Oreo's while watching Saturday morning cartoons, you will start to see the brilliance in it.

In additional and likewise unexciting news, band-aids are the hot item dujour. When given the choice between some super cool Spiderman sun glasses and band-aids, Aidan chose the later. Now, all his toys lie wounded and strangers think he is horribly abused. *sigh*

In general, summer is just as hot and crazy as ever. We do what we can, in the Houston heat, to keep ourselves entertained.

As for new styles of shoes, I have so much on the docket, but the things I hope to list the soonest are the Chloe shoes, boys shoes, and the dresses. Bear with me.... everything takes longer than I want it to.

Finally, I have an interesting offering for you. Several months back, a customer said that she guessed I had never heard it before, but she wanted to buy Mia's used shoes and/or clothes. That was the first time I was asked, but oddly enough, I actually have gotten several requests since then. You would think my little girl would have a closet of old Mia Joie shoes, but the truth is she does not. Part of the reason is because she often gets the proto-type, which undergoes moderate improvements before I offer them on Etsy. Futhermore, in attempts to give you the most durable product possible, Mia wears her shoes everywhere: sand boxes, mud puddles, play grounds, etc. You name it, she has probably stepped in it wearing her shoes. However, I found these little green damask shoes {size 3} I made for Mia. They are hardly worn and could be yours for a mere $5. I took this picture just today, and they come packaged in a bag and with a matching barrette. I also had enough fabric for a wee little pair of Dotty Rose Leg Warmers. I'll be honest, they are so short at a mere 6" that they barely look like leg warmers, but *trust me* they will be super cute on a wee little baby--and the price is right, as the only cost is for shipping ;)

So, back to the pantry lock, please tell me: do all children need this kind of barricade to eat a moderately sensible diet? I swear, Aidan would live off of slim jims and pretzels. Any advice?

The paypal link for the shoes is below. If the paypal logo is gone, it means they have sold.


Jewllori by Lori said...

Hey Jess..sorry for my lack of commenting, still around, just been on holidays! Glad to be back ...again! hah!

Yes, locks on pantries is a genius idea..I have no doubts.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I tried going through the paypal link to purchase them but it's not working for the shoes or the leg warmers! Did they already sell?

janessa said...

Ah... I tried to purchase to and it was a no go :(

Jenni said...

Love the shoes! So cute!

As far as the lock goes...NEEDED! Ha! I was thinking about getting this for my pantry, not for Kyan, but for Lola! She is always saying, "Snack!" She can almost open the door on her own, as soon as she can, Operation Lockdown the Pantry here I come!

The Thueson's said...

dangit! I tried to purchase a while ago too and it didn't work. Came back to try again and it still isn't working! Those are adorable :)

Jessica Haley said...

So sorry about that! I am actually out and won't be back home until this evening. Someone did buy the little damask shoes--so they are sold. As for the leg warmers, they are still available. The first person to say they want them in a comment can have them. (They are free--the only cost is shipping.). I will arrange payment when I am home. Sorry about all the confusion--darn paypal!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I would love them!

Tamara said...

I used to have a baby handle cover on our pantry because my daughter, who is now 5, would go in and climb the shelf to get her cereal of choice. I took it off recently because at ages 4 and 5, my kids don't usually get anything without asking and it made my guests feel challenged when they couldn't get to the trash can. They do get in on occasion and climb to the candy basket looking for Sweet-tarts though.

Jenny Plumb said...

Well, my son is almost five and we still have two closets and a room with a childproof door cover on it, so he can't get it. I tell you, a lot of stuff gets chucked into that closet so he can't get to it! Agreed. Essential for rascals like ours.
Hunter considers it a good day if he can announce to me that he didn't get into the oreos in the pantry that morning. He announces it with such pride as if usually the temptation is too much for him to resist!

Paula Prass said...

I still can't get over how stinkin cute the shoes and your kids are!

All kids are different, but locks are good. Don't feel bad about that.


Anonymous said...

Jess- really cute black and white of the little ruffians with their shirts pulled over their heads. It's my new screen-saver. Guess who they learned that one from?

Victoria said...

OH Jess,

Mine is only 2 and I WISH we had the option of a pantry lock. Sometimes I wonder, "Am I the only parent whose child thinks about sweets for breakfast and all throughout the day? Where did I go wrong?" Our pantry has the folding doors so no real feasibility for a traditional lock. We're going to have to get creative here soon b/c he's started to climb to the higher shelves. And, I actually AM TRYING to have another one, as you know! :) Yes, I will own the fact that I'm a bit crazy.

Miraflor family said...

Ok, so before I left for my trip I was checking the blog several times a day for a new postings and freebies... and here I am in Nashville and I get a few mins to browse online and I MISSED IT!! :( ha...

Would have loved both the shoes and leg warmers...

locks are a must we have them everywhere!! :)

Amy Miraflor

Miraflor family said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

You know I gave up the son will eat 3 Roma tomotoes in one sitting,strawberries, grapes, and thanks to me commenting on your son loving Slim Jims(wink:)he'll eat almost the whole container if I let him:)SO, NO you aren't ever the only mom out there who feels frustrated, overwhelmed,driven to want a glass of red right after the morning coffee. That being said, I would give him his own drawer or cabinet just for him and have him fill it with all of their favorite (healthy choice snacks) such as nuts, granola,etc. That way when you make a big deal out of him having his own snack space & how proud you are of him being so independent and such a big boy now he will feel special and it'll deter him (perhaps)from the pantry-best of luck!

Jessica Haley said...

Melissa, the drawer of snacks is a brilliant idea! I thin kit's always better to offer an alternative rather than take access away... thought it's not always possible. Actually, I was thinking we should put all Aidan's cups in the lower cabinets, as he has taken to push a chair to get on the counter, stand on it, and get out Robert's Reidel stemware and drink juice out of that! To make matters worse, he then leaves it on the table, which Mia can reach--the whole scenario has given me many a near heart attack.

Anon, a.k.a. Bapa, you know Mia has been putting in her request at your house. She would like to, "see Bapa, sing, and eat." Just a little FYI.

As for the $5 shoes, again, sorry about that. Note to self: do not post a paypal link unless home to deal with any trouble shooting!


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