Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holy Toledo!

Well, that was a pretty exciting night! 65+ sales in a little under two hours! Wow! I'm still reeling in the aftermath a bit and want to post a few follow up notes here.

1) If you missed out on a pair, I'm really sorry! I had no idea I would sell everything. I already have fabric to make more of the Summer Soiree shoes. You can see which ones I will remake in the post below. However, me being me, I have fabric for new projects, too. {Why can't I just relax... I think there is something wrong with me.} Anyway, I need at least a week before I list more SS shoes. When I do, I will offer the Belle in pink first.

2) If you were able to make more than one purchase, you probably were not able to buy them all at once and get combined shipping. I'm really sorry about this! It's a hassle for you and me. You will be issued a shipping credit. I am going to wait a day or two until all payments have cleared and then go in and issue credits. If you do not see a credit by Wednesday, please contact me! Also, please kindly respect my policy and make your payment within 48 hours, especially since some people who really wanted shoes were not able to buy them in time.

3) I almost took a picture of my blackberry as proof, but didn't... I received 147 emails between 9:30 pm and now. I will answer your email, but it might take me a day or two, perhaps longer if it is not about an order but just a general question. If you have an urgent matter, please don't hesitate to send me a second email or convo.

Thank you to everyone for such unbelievable success! I had no idea.... !


Tory said...

Thank YOU Jessica!! You are beyond amazing and even in the midst of are gracious!!

Also--please, everyone who "purchased" shoes--please go back and make sure there is a check mark next to payment on your "invoice". You can do this by going to "My Etsy" and click the little blue "invoice" to the far right of each listing. Some people don't know that simply clicking "Commit to buy" does not pay Jessica. And she's certainly worked very hard for it--no question! :) If you are new to Etsy and signed up just to buy Jessica's shoes--this is a very common misunderstanding--so now worries--just double check that she's been paid!!

THANK YOU a thousand times...and WOW!

sarasophia said...

Oh dear.

You know what is SAD.

I finally get permission to purchase a pair of shoes (I spent all Saturday begging and pleading with Wolf until he RELENTED...) and then my computer crashes until just now at 1:54 a.m.

Oh well...I will just have to look for you to put more up for sale---they are just too beautiful<3 I love your work Jessica, your designs truly come from your heart--and it shows.

Tory said...

Sara--read my comment from the post prior to this one.... :)!!!! (so the last post Jess did today....the one below all the photos of this Paula Prass collection...) YOU DID get a pair!

Jenni said...

Your work is amazing! I can't believe you thought there would be anything left?! I did try to buy a few things, but when I did, it would vanish! No worries - we are lucky to have several pairs of your beautiful little shoes and we will wait patiently for the next set of them to come out!

Congratulations on your success last night! You create beautiful little shoes for our little children! Even though I didn't snag a pair, more little feet will look amazing because of you!

Lori said...

congrats on a great success Jess! I hope you're able to find a few minutes a day for yourself w/o the sewing machine :)

Angel Warrior said...


Last night was so crazy!! I've been shopping on etsy for a few months now and thought I had it down... My goodness, was I wrong!! Just when you thought you lucked out and got something, you commit to buy and here pops up this "error, this item is not available, please remove from your cart"... or something like that!! I can't tell you how many times I saw that!!
It was the craziest shopping experience i've had to date!!!

I have to say how happy I am and spoiled I feel that I was able to get some wonderful things for Ava and as gifts for friends! There are 5 newborn baby girls in my circle of family and friends right now and I think everyone should have a pair of your shoes!!
Needless to say, I went to bed exhausted as I'm sure you did too!

Thank you for your wonderful fashion sense and for all the hard work you put in each day!! We obviously love you!!

Enjoy your day,


Angel Warrior said...
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Mande said...

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!! WOW! What a night. Hope you can find a little time for yourself after the madness and relax with a little vino.
You made mommies all over the world very happy last night. You are fabulous! :)

LaDawn said...

I went to bed last night and couldnt sleep because that was the most intense shopping experience of my life! It was just pure craziness:) I do feel a little guilty that I was able to snatch up a few pair of shoes....Sara I would love to share a pair with you if your interested in a size (Lauren style)you can email me at and we could work out a transfer(the original cost of the shoe and shipping is all it would take)....I dont want anyone to miss out on the joy of opening their package and the excitement of your first peak at the beautiful shoes:) Just let me know...

LaDawn said...

Oops Sara I see that Tory has already been so kind as to send you a pair....what a kind and sweet thing to do Tory! Jessica-apparently all of your followers are truly wonderful people with great hearts:) Maybe you have that effect on people!!!

Meredith said...

Congratulations on such an enthusiastic success Jessica! Soon miajoie will have to start employing other kind hearted designer to keep up with the demand ;)

Theresa said...

Congratulations, Jessica, on the overwhelming success of your Summer Soiree collection, and to Paula Prass on her beautiful fabrics. Congratulations also to all you happy (and no doubt, exhausted) shoppers who were able to pick up some shoes last night.

I am usually a stickler about putting my daughter to bed at about the same time every night. Last night, all routine was thrown out the window as I sat at my computer furiously refreshing the screen (and cursing as I lost items in my cart) and let my daughter stay up 2 hours later than usual. Priorities....

I was able to purchase a couple of pairs of shoes as gifts, and I am not tied to these particular styles, so I wanted to offer to trade with anyone if I picked up a shoe that you desperately wanted for your little one. I know how that favorites which I had hoped to buy for my own daughter were Roxie and Abigail. Alas, I was too slow. So, if you have Roxie, Abigail, or Belle in Pink and REALLY wanted Sabrina, Lauren, or Belle in Blue, please feel free to email me at

I hope everyone had a fun time and went to bed happy!

Becca said...

Man I wanted some shoes! :-) you rock!

Candis said...

My husband, Michael kept looking me like I was I kept watching the clock last night! He took over Baby duty & let me wait impatiently by the computer. In fact I think that was the QUICKEST good-night kiss to my daughter, I've ever given her (poor thing.)

Lucky for her, however, she will have a beautiful headband to wear when it arrives!

I was so sad to miss out on either the Roxies or the Belle in Blue....but I wasn't surprised ONE bit, since your shoes are amazing, & you have such loyal followers!

CONGRATS on your success!


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