Friday, August 28, 2009


This is how I feel trying to find a time to post all the new shoes. I received easily a half dozen emails and convos from customers requesting that I pick a different day than Saturday. So, I am going to move the time to Sunday at 9:30 pm. I am hoping this will create less conflicts :)

As for the picture above, it's a really old one taken with a point and shoot camera. {Btw, I have plans to post more photo-editing tips like this one and this one soon.} Aidan was actually laughing and just messing around when I took it. As for changing the time, I am a little relieved actually, as it was 11:30 pm last night, and I was telling Robert, "I need to pull an all-nighter." He says, "No, no you don't. You have tomorrow." {We have this conversation at least 3 times a week.} Anyway, I can use the extra day! I will post additional pictures, but not until late in the afternoon because I have meetings through the whole day. I hope you are have a lovely Friday, friends!


Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

You are very busy I am learning. Have a great day, and a great weekend.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

oh yeah! You have made my day so happy! Saturday always becomes such a busy crazy day no matter how hard I try. Now will this be eastern time or central time?

Mande said...

Yay! This is fabulous news! So very excited Jessica! Hope you have a lovely Friday as well. :)

LaDawn said...

You know that although we all are very anxious to get our hands on a pair of sweet little shoes from you that we all want you to enjoy making them; not feel stressed and overworked just to appease us:) I think that you should take a few days off after this Sunday's posting and really enjoy your family and friends....sounds like you could use a break!!!! Thanks for moving the date to Sunday though, makes my life a little easier too:)

Tory said...

Jess, I'm sure you've already thought of this--but, what I'm worried about is that your stress will not be "over" after you list the collection. That's only the beginning b/c you will then need to be sitting there, re-listing each style of shoe over and over and over again until all the sizes in that style sell. (probably receiving ravenous convo's while doing it) With this insane maddness that's about to ensue--the term "shopping cart war" will have new meaning. For your own peace of mind (again, I'm sure you've already figured out a plan in this area) but, I sincerely hope that after you list everything, you actually CAN take some time to relax. Is it feasible to put up a listing for each style in each size all at once? (so you don't have to re-list at all) So, 56 listings? Might save you some headache waiting for "slow Etsy" to allow you to re-list. I don't know--I even feel stressed reading about the sheer volume of desperadoes waiting to pounce. Gives me a headache. Can't imagine how it feels to be you. Seriously, I'm praying about this.

Miraflor family said...

yes, this is good, gives me more time to find $$ to spend! :)

No really, slow down girl! It's not like our babies are walking around barefoot in the snow or anything. I think we can all find shoes for them to wear until you list yours :)

sarasophia said...

All I can say is....

I haven't see a pair yet I want as much as the blue Paula Prass pair with the red velvet bow (well, maybe the Gretel boots from last fall<3).

Luckily --- or perhaps unluckily? -- I will be one admirer you won't have to worry with stalking you on "the day of listing".

Poor hubby just had his next THREE building projects cancel. We are all out of the monies for QUITE some time to come.

I will be praying for you stress wise--and hoping the Lord will give you an extra portion of patience, organization and calm<3

Otherwise you might start having nightmares of being attacked by little couture baby shoes!!:P

Tiffany said...

Jessica! Thanks for brightening the world w/ these BEAUTIFULLY cute creations:) SO many of my friends are expecting little girls and I've been searching for the perfect gifts! Thank you! Have fun w/ your amazing family!

Simone Howell said...

I wake up sometimes and wonder why my eyes are so red!?! Yes, those close to all noghters will do that. Congrats on finding an extra day...and also on having so many customers waiting for your absolutley beautiful little shoes...who can blame them? Good luck!

Jessica Haley said...

This is just a really quick note to say that I did *try* to take pictures, but storm clouds were rolling in and they were rather dark. I'm going to have to try again tomorrow... :)

Angel Warrior said...


I'm sure we all want you to have peace and enjoy your work. BUT, as unbelieveable as it may seem, Ava IS barefoot, walking around in the snow (at 10 months old) waiting patiently for a pair of the most beautiful shoes she will ever wear!! heehee :) of course i'm kidding :)

Have a wonderful weekend friend!

Amy, (miraflor family)

you actually made me laugh out loud!! I must say, I agree though!


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