Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Summer Soiree Collection

Way back when, I blogged about design maven Paula Prass sending me some of her fabric from her lovely Summer Soiree Collection. At long last, they are finally finished! So, I have a nice long post for you with styles, availability, and prices.

I will list all items in the set at 9:30 pm CST.


Here are all eight styles....
Top left to right: Audrey, Abigail, Sabrina, Molly
Bottom left to right: Lauren, Belle in pink, Roxie, Belle in Blue

Prices and Sizes Available:
Audrey* $24, Size 2, 3, and 4
Abigail* $28, Size 4 and 7
Sabrina $28, Size 3-7
Molly* $26, Size 2-7
Lauren $26, Size 2, 4-7
Belle in Pink $26, Size 3-7
Roxie* $32, Size 2-7
Belle in Blue, $26, Size 2-7

In all styles I do not currently have any multiples; one per size only.
*indicates limited edition styles

For additional pictures of styles you haven't seen in previous posts....
Lauren... this color blue looks really lovely on little girls. Little pearl bead in the center of the flower.

Belle in pink, very bright and girlie...

Abigail, only two of these! little pink buttons and stitching on the leaves....

And now for the accessories.....

Belle Headband in Pink $18 (5 available)
Belle Headband in Blue $18 (2 available)
Molly Headband (2 available)
Belle Alligator clips in blue and pink $8 each

Belle Headband in Blue, flower colors are pink, blue, and white

The Molly Headband: blue stripey ribbon, red silk dupioni, cerise taffeta. What's not to love? Really fun for mother or daughter, I will make more but ran out of supplies

Additionally, I made scarves like the one Mia is wearing in the picture above. They are made of either a light-weight knit or jersey. They have are ruffled and have a raw edge. I tried "finishing" them more, but I just loved the way a simple ruffle draped. They included a flower brooch {not shown, it's a Belle clip in the pic below.} I have yet to finish these, and may not have them listed until later in the week. They are coming in three colors: espresso, dotty green, and cherry blossom pink {not pictured.}

I did sneak in an extra item that is not exlusively Paula Prass fabrics. Some of you, as I know personally in some cases, are avid gift givers or have an abundance of baby showers stretching out before you. This listing is created with you in mind!

It's called the "Gift Givers" set and it includes 5 pairs of shoes and 3 clips for $82. This ends up being about $15 a pair, which is a great price point for a handmade gift. The catch is that the selection of shoes are carte blanche; i.e., my choice. The shoes are made how I used to make all my shoes: with a raw edge and suede soles. Girls shoes have little flowers and boys have a circle applique. I have two of these sets. Here are a few of the shoes I have made.

Can I just say, phew, I am tired! Between sewing, packaging, and photographing everything, it's been a very big project. In fact, there are a handful of shoes I am still finishing. Because of this, please give me 4-5 business days plus shipping to receive your order. Also, Etsy is not an ideal venue to sell items that get gobbled up quickly. Please be patient with me as I relist! Also, please, PLEASE, specify size in the notes to seller. This is very important.

One final thing, for you mothers of boys, here is a sneak peak. I hope you enjoy the shoes. They have been a labor of love. Thanks, Paula, for providing the fabric and inspiration!


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

you are such a tease!

Jessica Haley said...

he, he... not intentionally. I just posted a few more... this post is taking loooooing

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

WOW is all I can say, you are too incredible! I'll be counting down the hours! (hopefully my favs will be no one elses so I'll get a chance!)

Amy said...

OMW...I see the green material!!:)

wow wow, love them!

Baby sick so watching service online and have been keeping google reader up and tracking your blog and pics. Of course they are just beautiful. :)

Amy Miraflor

sarasophia said...


mama turtle said...

so stinkin' cute, you have an amazing knack for these! I love your shoes!

Megan said...

why oh why do i have to be gone tonight of all nights!! have been trying everything to get out of this evening since i am sure like everyone else ii have been on pins and needles just waiting to buy a couple pairs! sigh...... oh and jessica they are all just perfect :)

Amy said...

Dear God this whole "only have one pair in size" and "hopefully I can be fast enough" bit is extremely stressful!

I will definitely need therapy to treat the twitch that has developed in my body (kidding...I think?? ha)


Prencie said...

WOW! I'm speechless! My hearts aflutter, I don't know how i'm going to choose! I guess whatever pair I can get my hands on:)

Mande said...

Jessica, you are amazing. Everything is fabulous!

Jessica Haley said...

I've been super busy preparing... this is just a quick note to say if you subscribe to the RSS feed, you may see some items be listed and then disappear... don't worry... just getting things ready :)

Becca said...

I cannot get over how beautiful these are!

SCmama1971 said...

I'm setting my timer!!!!! :)

I will be stuck to my computer for the next couple of hours!


Jessica Haley said...
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Sarah Root said...

gorgeous! hoping i get on in time!!

Katie said...

I'm so sad. I was able to click on one shoe, and by the time I was able to see it, it was sold out. Then I went back to the main page and everything was sold out!! Congrats to those who had faster internet connection than me :(

Jenni said...

i can't take it!!!! too many to chose from, fingers are crossing for the abagail shoes and some of those pretty headbands!

once again, i love what you do!

Jenni said...

ugh-i am so slooooooow! dang it! i just left that comment and then i looked and i was too late :( i was busy making dinner for my dad and his friends that came into town tonight!

we just got our lola's today and i love them!!! guess those will have to hold me over until then!

Katie said...

I'm so excited!! I was just refreshing and was able to snag a pair! I don't even know what I bought, but it will be fab! I feel like a complete nut!

Rachel said...

did i miss the listing?? i didn't see them on etsy! i will email you.. i need a girl pair for a girlfriend of mine who is having a girl any day and a boy pair for me!

Vero said...

I've been so close to buy almost all the shoes and i can't!!! i put the size info... last time only i wrote 7.. and there were gone!! al gone!!! aggrr!!!! :(

Vero said...

Reload... reload.. reload... i want so badly one pair of shoes!!!! grr!! i hate my really slow internet connection! :(

Prencie said...

I don't get it? I'm refreshing my page over and over again and I'm still missing every pair i try to buy?!?! Guess my fingers are to slow:(

Prencie said...

Ok, GOT EM!!! I'm so excited!!! Just hope my size was available.

Vero said...

How lucky! I'm been here 1 hr and a half ant i only got the scarf!! which by the way is lovely!! but i want shoes!!!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Reading the comments as the process went along was hysterical Jessica...I had trouble seeing my computer screen I was crying from laughing so hard! Your work is gorgeous, I'm just waiting for you to make ballet flats for women. I would love to be your test subject! :) Have a good night and take some time off, your fingers must be exausted (and if you're anything like me, your nerves must be shot, I was a nervous wreck!)!!!

Tory said...

WOW....I do not even know WHAT to say...that was incredible...YOU are in demand!!! Boy are you ever!! I'm so sad that I didn't get online quickly enough to buy the "gift set"--you KNOW I would have bought BOTH of them if I could have....I got online at 8:30pm our time...and while I was able to snag a couple pairs--I too had them dissappearing out of my shopping cart well over 10 times...that was an almost athletic endeavor! I just had to tell you thank you for everything that you do and for creating something that is so loved. I cannot imagine how you feel...when I feel exhausted just from trying to buy them. Thank you SO much. I was laughing pretty hard too--my mother-in-law thought I was exaggerating (about shoes disappearing out of my cart faster than I could put them there) until she looked over my shoulder for a couple minutes...she was in awe!) It was pretty comical. :) I hope you know how LOVED you are!!!! Blessings wonderful Jessica! Did I get a size 4 in anything? If so--that pair may be sent to Sara...I can get you her address if you don't already have. Sorry Sara--I had no HOPE of getting you your top fav. (I don't think)...but, I know you'll LOVE anything!!! :)

Jessica Haley said...

Oh, my! Yes, this was interesting. I'm working on a follow up blog post right now. Crazy indeed!

Tory, what was your sister's top fav? You did get eh Audrey's in size 4. I could put the same flower as on her fav pair on the Audreys. Let me know!

Tory said...


Sara as in sarasophia (that comments here on your blog too--every single post!!)--I wanted to send HER a pair--not my precious sis...although you'd THINK I was talking about my sister--I just know how MUCH Sara wanted a pair of the Paula Prass collection and just couldn't justify buying one...Do I have a Belle in Blue, Belle in Pink AND an Audrey in size 4...? I just checked--and I *think* I I'll let Sara pick her fav. out of those 3....if NOT--then, I'll let her tell you if she'd like to have her fav. (which is the little red bow, last I heard...but, that could have changed) accessory added to the Audrey!! You have no idea HOW MUCH I would love to be able to sit back and relax over a glass of red wine with you!! I am in spirit!! :)

sarasophia said...

I am speechless.
Jessica---did you know that Tory is an ANGEL???

Egads..I don't even know what to do with this girl and her giant and generous heart<3

So, I am actually getting to experience the joy of Mia Joie couture slippers...and a Paula Prass pair at that.

My night just became ethereally wonderful and I am BEYOND thrilled.

Thank you both...Jess, you for your hard work and inspired designs....and Tory for your lovely spirit.

I am off now to go and pinch myself again:P

Jennifer Storey said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! God has given you an amazing talent!

Megan said...

i love the idea of the gift giving option. it seems like there is ALWAYS someone having kids and these are just the perfect present. i mean who wouldn't love any of them. my husband own his own company and this will be perfect for the clients we are close to who all seem to be having babies at the same time. i will so be doing this at christmas time for my nieces too. thanks jessica!!! :) megan

Mama Plays Mozart said...

Absolutely beautiful -so inspiring :)


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