Friday, September 4, 2009

And the Winner Is....

The Winner of the Big Thank You Giveaway is Katie {}. Congrats to Katie! Please email your address to, so I can mail you your prize. Katie chose a mini-fabric necklace. I know, you were probably thinking, what's up with the "mini" part. Well, I was thinking the same concept, just a bit smaller. So, I came up with this:


It is made of organic linen with two hand cut satin leaves and just a few ivory pearlized beads. The beads were sequins off of an old flapper dress. I bought them at this amazing store in Austin called the Silk Road. Anyway, the necklace is actually much nicer than the pictures show. It's a great way to give any plain t-shirt an Antropologie edge. Wear it with a little tailored herringbone jacket with some skinny jeans tucked into riding boots. At least, that's how I would wear it, were the weather actually chilly... :)

This one is definitely my favorite so far. I made three, one for Katie, one for me, and one to sell here. Just one! If you have priced out fabric necklaces, it's actually a very good deal. You know the drill, if the paypal link is gone, it means it has sold.


Jessica Haley said...

It's sold! Wow, that was quick!

Jenni said...

dang it! guess that is what happens when you are at a conference all day and you don't check the blog like a crazy person (indicating myself being crazy)! oh well! great work as always!

that one is my favorite one so far!

Mande said...

Darn! You go to one dinner party & miss one of the coolest fabric necklaces ever! Bummer. Loved it! Congrats to the lucky gal! :)

sarasophia said...

O.k. I was here like, FIVE SECONDS AGO and this post wasn't even up yet.

You are just so stealthy:)

I hope your evening is lovely.
This is MY favorite necklace as well.
Any plans to make more?

sarasophia said...

O.k. I was here like, FIVE SECONDS AGO and this post wasn't even up yet.

You are just so stealthy:)

I hope your evening is lovely.
This is MY favorite necklace as well.
Any plans to make more?

seg said...

I soooo want one of those necklaces!! Pretty please think about making more!

Hana said...

Congrats lucky duck!! Such a pretty prize...wear it w/ confidence!!

Jessica Haley said...

Hana, that's funny... I was going to say the same thing. Sometimes these are called "statement necklaces," but honestly, I see these kinds of fabric embellishments on t-shirts all the time, so I don't think they are too outrageous at all. I think the other {red} one was more of a statment piece b/c of all the color--which made it more noticable and fun.

As for making more, I have to think about it. Part of what defines my business identity is originality... you're not going to find toddler shoes made out of cork fabric or ballet flats with a red louboutin-esque bow or organic peep toes for babies... well--anywhere--but here.

Fabric necklaces are super fun, but not necessarily unique to me. I am not sure if I'll adopt them into my shop for that reason alone. My shoe accessories are much more unique and original. Anyway, I'm curious to know your thoughts on this. :)

Amy said...

PLEASE keep making baby shoes!

There is nothing out there like your shoes...they are all clunky white plastic numbers, and for the same price as yours!

I am a little nervous, however, at your growing popularity. Pretty soon we won't be able to snag a pair! :(

The necklaces are wonderful though...but perhaps more of a trend?

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I absolutely love your baby shoes, headbands and shoe accessories you make, so definitely keep all those (and I agree with Amy, your fan base has all of a sudden exploded and I'm a bit nervous!) but I also think that your fabric necklaces are better than any of the other's that I've seen. The white one that you posted here as well as the one that you linked to in the giveaway are honestly my favorite fabric necklaces ever, and before you started making them I didn't even particularly like the trend because I thought a lot of them were just too much. You have definitely made me reconsider!!

Jessica Haley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica Haley said...

What did I say? Lol! No worries, I will be making baby and toddler shoes until my kids are teenagers. Okay, maybe not THAT long, put I have some very... er... permanent plans to continue with the shoes!

I guess what I mean is that there are already other sellers on Etsy doing similar fabric necklaces. Many etsians just take someone's idea and replicate it. This is very sad to me. I don't want to make a version of someone else's product. However, if this concept is popping up in stores like JCrew, Anthro, etc, then I don't mind making my version of the trend. So, it's not the trendiness that I am concerned about, it's making a product that is too similar to another handmade seller's.

Having been the ongoing victim of some pretty flagrant copying, I want to tred lightly going into a product line that already has handmade representation. Does that makes sense.... ?

Amy said...

Are there many other sellers out there making fabric necklaces? Sorry to say that I never searched etsy for this...

Since Jcrew & Anthro have already paved the way I say it's pretty fair playing ground.

Your desire to be considerate of other sellers if very honorable and understandable.

Mande said...

Your shoes, headbands, scarves, and fabric necklaces are all unique and original to Mia Joie. Even though there are other fabric necklaces out there- your originality makes your necklace stand out. I have yet to find a statement necklace I love as much as the brown and sea green necklace you modeled on your blog recently. I would buy it right now b/c there are NONE out there that pretty.

When you make something, your heart goes into it and it shows. I also agree with the last comment- if it is in mass production, fair game. :)

Katie said...

Geez louise- I'm one happy camper!!! Thanks so much Jessica! I'll model it soon!

Prencie said...

Yes, I totally agree with what Mande had to say. Can't think of a better way to put it :) I do think that the originality you add to these statement necklaces puts you apart from the others! I have seen them all over etsy and never really had a taste for them until I saw the ones you made. So have at it I say:)

seg said...

I love your style, your originality and creativity. It's admirable and inspiring to me.
I, however, would love to be able to purchase some of your original handmade pieces if you chose to make more. :)

Jessica Haley said...

Gosh, you gals are so darn sweet! Thanks for your all your affirmations. I saw this browsing Mod Cloth {a super cool funky online boutique, btw}... Anyway, I found this:

Yes, fabric necklaces are definitely a trend. {In case the link doesn't all go through, check "In Full Bloom necklace." Oh, and while you're at it, check out their super cute dresses, too... like the "carriage tour" and "picnic in paris." Hope you are having a lovely holiday weekend!

Amy said...

Yours are much much cuter than that one! Great boutique, thanks for sharing... go for it girl, make those necklaces. Us mommies need some cute accessories to go along with those baby shoes we're buying... :)

Happy long weekend to all...

Tory said...


I don't think you have A THING to "worry" about. You are so NOT infringing on another artist's idea--this is something that has been on the market for years (literally years!) and has been done and re-done so many times that people cannot remember life pre-fabric necklaces. True, we've seen them poping up on Etsy pretty heavily over the past few months, but, fabric necklaces are not original to any of the etsy artists. They were popular in Europe LONG before Etsy was created. (prior to 2005) You do bring such a fresh and almost indescriblable (although I LOVE Simone's "tdf" signature--it's quite applicable here) flare to anything you take on--your natural design genius--that inner wizard you have--is so exactly on the mark that you cannot "go wrong". I concur with the other ladies--I've never particularly liked fabric necklaces until I saw the few that you've created. The "in full bloom" necklace....cute. Jessica Haley cute? Not even close. Your "public" wants you to create more of what you've already shown and offer them for sale. You should!

Please know that while you have these sensitivities to other artists' rights--you are not infringing on ANY when you choose to give your interpretation of an idea. No one holds the copyright (that I'm aware of) on fabric necklaces. That's all "fabric necklaces" are....they are an idea.

And, by the way--you had to have known this was coming--the fact that you refuse to be anything BUT original in all that you do--is WHY you are an exploding are completely and totally THE REAL DEAL. And, all of those "other" copycats cannot make the designs they've ripped off from you sell even close to their original counter-parts(i.e. your designs)--b/c they are not the real thing. Consumers know when they are looking at ACTUAL design talent and when they are not. And, those horrid copycat desperados are very much NOT. Sorry, had to get my two cents in.

I love that you are so honest. When it comes down to it, Jess, I believe that it's your amazing heart that comes through in all of your creative endeavors--and THAT is why you are a raging success. People want to get close to your spirit.

seg said...

Tory is clearly brilliant!

LaDawn D said...

Oh, how I love to come and "chat" in the morning with good friends:) Everyone has such a love for Mia Joie and its fun to see how supportive we all are of miss Jessica!!!

I am one of the people who would truly adore being able to display a beautiful fabric necklace for all the world to see....and I think I sort of feel this pull to all of Jessica Haley's designs because of WHO she is as a person and designer...(once again I act as if I know her personally)...but through reading the blogs and buying adorable shoes maybe we all feel a bit of a connection?!? Its almost like a family of strangers:)

Jessica-you are wonderful for not wanting to step on any toes, but I am afraid your "family" of readers doesnt want a fabric necklace from anyone but you!!!! haha Now, all you have to do is grow six more arms, stop eating or sleeping, and continue making everything we request of you!!!! LOL

Simone Howell said...

Yes.... exactly what Tory said! Dead on!

Alisha said...

I completely agree with Tory... Very well put...

Amy said...

Oh Lish, LOVE your new profile pic! :)

Yes, Tory you have an excellent way with words! :)

Jessica, I mentioned you in my blog...I hope you don't mind and thanks again for the inspiration!

sarasophia said...

Tory really does speak for all of us.
We want what YOU make.

The items you create are special.
No one can duplicate them because they are not YOU.

And I love being your online friend<3
I love making friends through the lovely ladies who also come here to spread joy and happiness.

MiaJoie is a wonderful little bonding spot, no?


Kristin said...

I just had to stop and write you a comment. After scrolling through your blog last night, I just had to tell you how awesome I think your designs are! I somehow stumbled upon your blog, and then realized you live in Houston. I live in Baytown. Anyways, you have such a unique style and your shoes are the most adorable things I've ever seen! I admire designers like you so much. You are really talented! It takes alot of talent to come up with something original, and not just copy what's already out there. That is so inspiring to me.

Sorry to ramble! LOL! I would love to write a blog post about your it okay to use one of your pictures for it? I don't want to use one without your permission.


LaDawn D said...

OK, this is totally off the subject, but I know you (Jessica) had mentioned that you keep a "list" of the shoes that people continue to request....I would like to be put on a list of people who would LOVE to see you do the Hansel and Grettel boots again this winter (or something of a similar nature). They are just the sweetest things!

Every time I see a new or in this case "old" product you have made; I find myself falling more in love with your designs and being more in AWE of your incredible talents!!!! I am not sure how you do it all? You must have a phone booth somewhere near your sewing room where you jump in and turn into Super Design Woman :) LOL

Theresa said...

I have to ask the same question LaDawn is asking - How DO you do it all?? Very inspiring, you are. Have a great day!

Jessica Haley said...

Goodness... where did I go? Sometimes I disappear out of blog world for a while which usually means I am either flushing out some big future projects, sewing like mad b/c I suddenly realized I am behind, or am dealing with a minor life crisis. Or all of the above.

Anyway, your comments are so kind... really, I can't read them without blushing a little or looking away or reading really fast.

So, you asked, how do I get everything done. Well, let's talk about that. The truth is that I don't do it all. No--no super human strength here. I don't wake up in a perfectly clean house and put on perfectly clean jeans out of a perfectly folded stack of laundry. No, no. Wipe that image from your mind. The truth is that our house is a wreck most days. I used to put all my creative energy into our home. In our old house in Michigan, I painted the porch floors a checker board. I was always adding found treasures, lighting candles, and littering the house with seasonal flowers. Not now. Oh, no. I remember visiting a friend in college and seeing an empty can of cheez wiz on the floor and being totally repulsed and wondering who would live like that. Well, the other day I found a half eaten granola bar under our leather ottoman and a squished capri sun on the couch and thought--oh, my gosh, WE live like this.

It's also true that I am extremely forgetful. In fact, I wrote a blog post on it that I never published. I used to memorize all my students names in the first 15 minutes of the first class. Now, I forget things... deadlines, appointments, details of my friend's lives--all the time. ALL THE TIME. It's aggravating. And I am late pretty much every where I go. Not because I am absent-minded, but b/c every day I am trying to squeeze the work of 3 human beings into the life of one.

I also live on very little sleep, going to bed around 2 am and getting up at 7 am.

I also cry. A lot. Some days I cry just because it took 20 minutes to find two matching shoes for Aidan, and I don't have 20 minutes because we were already late.

*BUT* I won't give up on Mia Joie. And if you made it through my ramblings this far, here comes the important part. You see, in the begininng of Mia Joie, I thought about quitting all the time. I have had several mini-entrepreneurial ventures, and one night I decided that this one was the most ridiculous thing I had ever done. So, I made my resolve: the next morning I would close shop.

The next day a series of events happened {I'll tell you about them later} and I lied down on the bed, and God just started telling me all this stuff... about Mia Joie, where it would go and what it would become. And since then, I never looked back; I just keep on keeping on.

Anyway, I tell you all these things b/c being a mom is really hard. Really, really hard. And I would hate for you to think that I have some miraculous ability to balance it all in harmony because the truth is that it comes at a cost. But, all my life I have had inklings that I would own a business, and when I grow Mia Joie, it feel like I am becoming who God made me to be. So even though it's hard, I feel certainty and contentment.

Anyway, thank you for your kind support that really does sustain me. Thanks, esp to Tory for her legal expertise and her contagious encouraging spirit. I hope this all makes sense in the morning, since I have no way to go back and edit out my notorious typos.

Warm wishes and great appreciation to you all! :)

Tory said...


Your honesty and incredible transparency is the most refreshing, accurate, and REAL account that I have ever had the privilege of reading. I say that in the present tense because it is on going. You have this incredible ability to not only create amazing designs, but, you make us all feel good about ourselves in the process. You don't operate under pretense. You don't give only "the good side" of things. The pretty side that everyone offers up for viewing is quite literally not the reality -- for anyone. Doesn't matter who you are. I love that you embrace that and in doing so you give us all license to still feel victorious over our own lives when we too feel defeated.

It's hard for me to imagine how you could ever feel defeated. But, knowing that you do, too, is encouraging. Not because seeing someone be literally "perfect" is so difficult, because if there is anyone in this world that I believe deserves to have a perfect life, it's you. But, because it just makes the little victories of every day mean a whole lot more.

My personal struggle is getting up out of bed, right now. That is extremely hard for me. I'm a night owl. But, as you so clearly know, conquering the small, every day, stuff isn't what makes you YOU. I also believe that your design work via Mia Joie is a major calling in your life. I believe you are anointed to do this work you are doing. God's blessings are on your life heavily because of that.

I feel very blessed and so humbled by the other women who have commented here about concurring with my last rant. Truly, I don't think I can ever write again without feeling pressure to speak to people in a way that they feel compelled to mention my name in their own comment. And, how silly of me, right? But, that's the human "flesh" speaking. And, what is important is our hearts--our souls. Yours is PURE. You are GOOD. And, THAT is all that matters.

Thank you for your honesty and your amazing soul. You are such a gift to know.

Mande said...

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have stumbled upon Mia Joie just a few short months ago. Jessica, what an amazing following and fabulous community of mommies. Tory, you did it again, gave me inspiration to get through the morning. Oh, and Jessica- just yesterday morning when I decided to move the couch to vacuum there were a "few" half eaten snack packs my son shoved under there when he was done. Not sure exactly how long ago. NICE.

LaDawn D said...

OK, so let me just start off by saying that I really admire the kindness and wonderful spirit you have Tory! It is really contagious, and you have definitely made an impact here with the MAMJ crew. And just to be sure you know I mentioned you...... Tory, Tory, Tory:) LOL

Now for Jess, I think that every mother has found something extremely scary or disgusting in their house on more than one occasion!! The mothers who haven't are really missing out on LIFE!!! If you live your life to create a clean house; you haven't had a chance to enjoy and breathe in the wonderous nature that comes with having children. My mom always tells me that I can have an immaculately clean house once my kids are grown, and she's right. Our house was always a bit on the messy side growing up, but my parents were there for every important moment in our lives. And NOW...I had no idea that you "should" clean your grout with a knife like once a week:) My mom hs turned her houes into a masterpiece of cleanliness, and is truly as clean as they come!!! So look forward to being there for every production or soccer game and someday we will all have perfectly clean homes! hehe Although, I don't think as many people will be coming to visit us then, but we will be happy in our new found environments!

My favorite quote I think has some meaning here with my post...

"The Journey is it's own Reward!"

Enjoy your journeys~

Amy said...

LOve love love the forgetful comment! I have the same problem!

Appreciate your honesty girl. Hang in there, Its obvious God has His hand on Mia Joie and you're doing a great job.

Now where's the link to a MiaJoie fan club? It's obvious that you already have one. Tory, I think you are our official group leader and spokesperson! ha :)

Great ladies here on this blog, so fun. too bad we don't live in the same town so we could have lunch.


Katie said...

I received the necklace and shoes- WOW!!! You are an amazing artist and I am completely taken by both!

Thank you so much for the blog prize and making such a cool pair of shoes for my baby!

Theresa said...

Ladies, I love reading all of your comments...I have, at this and other times, felt uplifted by your words. Thank you.

Jessica, it looks like you have created much more than a little shoe store here. It seems to me your spirit has attracted a lot of good people into your life.

Tracey said...

Wow, your items are just gorgeous...this beautiful necklace and those adorable shoes! And made with organic materials too, I think I'm in heaven :) You are so very talented!!!

:) T

Jessica Haley said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you--to everyone. It's been a very stressful week for a variety of reasons and all your encouragement really does sustain me.

I forgot to mention--you are of course welcome to use my pictures in your blog posts! It's so kind of you to ask, but I don't mind!

Also, yes, the Hansel and Gretel boots will be back and in sizes 1-7 :) said...

AHhh so cute!

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