Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Organic Dress

I have had so many blog posts composed in my head this week and no time to write them! Anyway, here are a few pictures of a the organic linen dress I had purchased fabric for months ago, and I am just finally listing now. I thought I missed the season for it, but 2 of the 3 have sold already. I have one more dress left, but I still need to finish it. I also cut flowers for the rose dresses months ago, but I finally plan on listing only 2 of those on Monday.

Mia is getting to be such a good model! I told her, "Put your arms up," and, well....


She's so sweet, and her hair is getting so long.

This is a very quick post because we are flying out the door to visit our friends in Austin. The guys are golfing in the morning, and the gals are going to the spa in the afternoon. I am also planning a special scouting trip for some fabric for women's items. What are your weekend plans?

Oh, almost forgot to add that I have a bunch of little fun random things to giveaway when I return.


LaDawn D said...

SO stinkin cute I can hardly stand it! Mia is just the most beautiful little girl...her eyes just melt my heart. And I love that she is the little model, what better way to showcase your products than on those that you love:)

I almost pee'd my pants when I saw a new post and that there might be a paypal link still left because nobody had commented before me...then I actually READ the blog....and so alas I am going to have to wait til Mondays listing:)

My weekend plans are pretty sad...I am having the dreaded rummage sale. UGH! I have to go home tonight and price all of my stuff (well maybe, I might just say $0.50 for tops and $1.00 for pants and be done) hehe It is raining and cold here in North Dakota, so I am hoping the sun shines tomorrow so that the people come out in flocks. It is actually city wide rummage sale day here tomorrow, so usually there is a ton of activity. I havent done a garage sale EVER before, and now I know why. Usually my stuff just goes to good will or to my friend who works at an abuse shelter. But,I have very few clothes left now for the shelter. Mostly I have the crib, strollers, bassinet...which I am already having a hard time letting go of! Wish me luck tomorrow, hopefully I dont hav eany breakdowns as I watch my babies "stuff" get loaded into a strangers car!!! Oh jeepers, I sound like I am going to have a melt down right here....Really I am a little excited to have ALL of my garage cleaned out and the closets have never looked better-so there is a bright side:)

Hope you all have wonderful and blessed weekends!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

what a bummer that I missed it, I love the dress and the headband! I'd love to purchase that last one you haven't finished yet, I'll definitely try to keep an eye out for it! The blair shoes are so cute, I think I bought a pair of those off your blog several months ago but they had ankle straps instead of the elastic band. Very very cute! Your daughter is such a good model, she is so adorable that all that ends up coming out of my mouth is "awwwww" Nice to see you have a few items in your shop that will stick around long enough for people without trigger fingers to stand a change! hah! :)

Mande said...

Mia is so beautiful, and such a great little model! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pretty dress. You should make more because it sounds like all of us will buy one. I also read fast thinking there would be a link to buy it. I am always 2 minutes too late on the blog posts to buy your fabulous goodies anyways.

OOh, a spa day. Lucky girl! Sounds like a fun & relaxing day. Hope it is fantastic. We are hanging out at home and relaxing this weekend. No exciting plans here.

Jenni said...

The perfect model - her hair is getting so long! What a beauty!

The dress is amazing! I love the vibrant flowers!

We are season ticket holders to Cardinals football and the first home game since the Super Bowl is this Sunday and we plan to make it an all day event! It is no spa day - but a time for my husband and I to sneak away for the majority of the day and spend some qt together!

I am anticipating your women's projects coming up - it seems that little miss Lola's feet are growing at the speed of light and she is unable to cram toes in at this point!

Enjoy your weekend!

Penelope Anne said...

I cant take it! This is the most beautiful dress, child and pic i have EVER seen! AWESOME!!!

seg said...

Oooh a spa day sounds wonderful!! Have an awesome time!
Dinner out with the family tonight and shopping with girlfriends tomorrow!

Prencie said...

Every time I see a new post my heart skips a beat knowing something new is amidst!:) Reading this blog is the highlight of my day! Being a mommy is such hard work but definitely worth the effort! Its nice to come on board and see everyone's thoughts and comments especially since we all have 1 thing in common, Mia Joie! My weekend plans consist of getting the house ready for my sons 3rd birthday! What a chore! We're having a small cookout with a pirate theme. I do love birthdays! I usually go ALL out for my kids birthdays but this year my lil girl turns the big #1 around Christmas so 2 big parties is just not going to happen. Well, have a good weekend ladies!

Prencie said...

Oh, I forgot to say that the dress is adorable! Mia is so precious! Her eyes just pull you in:) Once the weather gets chilly a jean jacket would be so cute with the dress:)OMG! I just to have to post this moment! As I was writing this comment I look up to see my daughter standing and then took her 1st step!! I'm so excited!! Wow...they grow up so fast. Ok, now off I go to see if she'll do it again:)

Cherry Blossoms said...

Mia is absolutely gorgeous!

Whimsical Creations said...

That dress is adorable!

Hana said...

Cute cute cute...mia and the dress!

Alisha said...

The dress and Mia are both so beautiful... Great job as always :)

I hope you are having a wonderful time in Austin...

Amy said...

haha I have to laugh cause Alisha and I just got back from a Ladies Retreat for the weekend, and here we are both logging onto your blog as soon as we get home. Addicted perhaps?? :)

Got the box of goodies, oh my!! wow... Jessica, you are too sweet!

Love love that headband around the dress...when are we going to see that in the shop? :)

Austin is wonderful, hope you had fun!

laura b. said...

Just wanted to add that I think your daughter and the dress are one of a kind gorgeous!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for all your kind thoughts about little Miakins and for sharing about your weekend. I know one of you said in an email that you ate your body weight in crab legs *jealous*

Our trip was good. We had so much rain that it altered some of our plans. We forgot the pack-and-play, so Mia slept with us, which was pure torture. Every 5 minutes she was whispering in my ear, "Mommy, wake up!" or "I'm lonely." When that didn't work, she held onto the head board and jumped up and down like she was on a trampoline. We tried to recover with a good breakfast out: mimosas and herbed omlets and gingerbread pancakes. Every time we travel with kids, though, I am amazed at how exhausting it is and how much laundry, unpacking, and car cleaning ensues. Anyway, it was fun! Thanks for sharing about your weekend!

Mande said...

I am cracking up about the headboard trampoline...too funny. Love her.

Jessica Haley said...

Ugh! It was like having a newborn, the amount of sleep I got. Plus, the next day she was exhausted and cranky as all get out. I love my kiddos, but that time of quiet when they go to bed early is crucial!

Oh, and we found a scorpion crawling across the carpet rihgt by the kid's toys! I had never seen one before... ick!

Mande said...

EEK- a scorpion. Oh no! That had to freak you out a little.


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