Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'd Like You to Meet Someone

If you've received an email from me sometime in the past month, then you know that life has been busy.... too busy. In fact, I stayed up until 6 am the night before last working on the infamous "big business" project that I am almost ready to tell you about. The funny thing is I really don't like to be busy. Productive and never bored kind of busy--sure. Pull my hair out, heart palpitations busy--no! In fact, my junior year of college I took 19 credit hours and worked four different jobs. I think I slept 3-4 hours every night. One of those nights I was lying on the ratty dorm floor carpet wishing I could sleep there, when I had an epiphany: I chose to be this busy, and I could likewise choose to never be so again. So, I wonder to myself, after all that... how did I get here? But more so, how do I get out?

Thus, I introduce you to Jennifer. She is Mia Joie's first employee! Jennifer and I met in MOPS {we are both on leadership.} Jennifer is different from me: she's more reserved/quiet. {This may shock you, but I am not.} She excels at organization. {Hmmm... again, no for me. In my defense, Picasso said that, "That every act of creation is first an act of destruction."} She's very kind, patient, and careful with details. She is also a mom of two lovely little ones, an almost 8 month old boy and a 4 year old girl. She is going to do a little bit of everything, though not a great deal of sewing. Eventually, she will also help me with customer service and answering emails. She's been working for two weeks now, and it's going great! I really enjoy her company in the studio and to be able to "talk shop" with her. Another interesting tidbit about Jennifer is her husband travels to do sound engineering for the well-known Christian band, Philips, Craig, and Dean. If you listen to Christian radio, then you have probably heard their hit, Revelation Song. I hope that this position is a blessing not just for me, but for Jennifer and her family, too. I hope you will give her a warm welcome!

And.... you know me... I had to introduce her with pictures. Jennifer was a good sport about it, even though I made her stand in the bushes in the ninety degree weather in the front of our house while end-of-the-work-day traffic was going by and mosquitoes were devouring us. As you can see, she was still in good spirits.

Finally, I have a little giveaway for you. I made an extra brooch just like the one Jennifer is wearing. Unfortunately, it's very hard to get detailed pictures of white, but it is made from satin, chiffon, and vintage velvet, all in creamy white. Great to pin to a dress or scarf: for you or for the little gal in your life. I only have one, and it is $2 including the cost of shipping. For more info on my $2 Giveaway Series, click here. Have a lovely evening!

***White Satin and Vintage Velvet Brooch is gone!***

Oh, I almost forgot to say(!): special thanks to Jen for her accountant support and expertise! While I have had paid help in the past, they were independent contractors not on MJ payroll. Thanks, Jen, for demystifying filing employer tax and making all that a little less scary!


Tory said...

Welcome Jennifer! I'm THRILLED to hear this news--for both of you!! HOW exciting!

Jessica Haley said...

Tory, sit tight, if you don't mind, I'm going to send you a quick convo. I went to bed super early last night, and didn't get a chance to reply.

Tory said...

I'm prob! :)

Monica said...

Did I already miss it? I wished I lived closer I would love to be Mia Joie's second employee. Though I would probably spend all of my paycheck there! Congratulations on your growing business!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, Monica! You're so sweet! Hey, that reminds me, we need to catch up, don't we? It's after midnight here and I have a morning meeting, but after that I'll send you a convo, okay?

Tory... I sent it to your Etsy account :)

Jessica Haley said...

Oh, sorry.. yes, Monica, it sold. I think the link was active for maybe a minute, and it was gone.

Jewllori by Lori said...

WOW, that went fast!!

Congrats to you both for finding eachother! I am so glad you are able to share the responsibility with someone you trust so much, how fun :)


Amy said...

Beautiful pin! and Jennifer looks lovely. What a blessing...

Love PC&D. My husband knows several of the Dean boys. Good people.


sarasophia said...

Congrats on such a lovely and sweet helper---and YAY for Tory--I am so glad to see you popping up again.

It thrills my soul<3

And ditto with what Monica said, paycheck-shmaycheck...I would be the proud owner of several thousand articles of Mia Joie:)

Jenni said...

Congratulations on your ever growing business! And to Jennifer, I am so glad you have her! So proud of you and Mia Joie!

If you ever need any PR work (or anything for that matter) out in AZ - sign me up!

Anonymous said...

That's exciting news! Official expansion of MiaJoie, congratulations to both you and Jennifer :)
Wishing lots of efficient, organized, beautiful productivity your way!
The brooch was lovely, I hope my timing will be equally lovely one day haha!

Meredith said...

Argh! too click-happy for my own good

Kasey said...

congrats to your first employee! where can i get one that doesn't drool all over the kitchen table and use crayons all over my paper?
p.s. i use a timer...but i NEED a tripod.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Yeah! So exciting, I'm glad it's working out well! I still have those charts to send your way, but I'm happy to offer support whenever I can! Such a bummer I missed this brooch! Our weather over here has decided to transition rather suddenly and very dramatically over into winter-a storm knocked our power/internet out yesterday...*sigh* that brooch is drool worthy! Oh and your junior year of college? That is exactly what I did through undergrad and grad, complete with the 3-5 jobs! It took me getting married (and nearly destroying my health) to realize it's just not worth it (the busyness, not the getting married part)!

LaDawn D said...

Oh good for you!!! I am so glad to hear that you might have a chance to get some much needed rest. We all are excited for Mia Joie to be growing and succeeding the way it is:) God Is GREAT!

Welcome miss Jennifer! this is an amazing group of women who will all welcome you with open arms and I know that you will feel like family by the end of the day:) Congratulations on getting to work with Jessica...we all wish that we could help her out so it is nice that she has you. Thank you for being there for her when we can't!

Alisha said...

Welcome Jennifer... I must say you you look gorgeous! I am so happy Jessica has you to help her. What a wonderful job to have ~ I am so jealous ;)

Jessica ~ I am so sorry you are losing so much sleep. I am praying God gives you strength.

Love, love, love the brooch and I am SO bummed I missed it. I had checked the blog probably 10 minutes before you posted this last night and then decided that you would probably not post anything until today so it was safe to go to bed early :( I should have known better!

Mande said...

Welcome Jennifer! What a fabulous partnership. Congratulations Jessica on the growing success of your shop. SO sorry to have missed that amazing brooch. Cheers- I am raising a glass of cranberry grape juice to wish everyone a healthy & happy weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for you both!!! Welcome Jennifer. I am so looking forward to witnessing the expansion (and success!) of this business. Have a wonderful weekend.
-Melissa Burns

Jessica Haley said...

Eek! I'm so sorry for those of you waiting for the boy boots and some extra items. I didn't even realize that I put in the wrong time! {I was thinking 2 hours in between listings, and I only gave myself one.} Anyway, Miakins didn't nap... instead she drew on her face and our white pedestal kitchen table with BLACK sharpie while I was feverishly trying to get everything together. What a day! If you were waiting and didn't get what you wanted, please send me a convo and I'll do my best to accomodate your order soon.

Thanks for all your warm wishes! I'm excited, too. It's so nice to have Jennifer's help.

Also, note the snow in the red boot picture. Crafty, huh? ;)

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

if you are struggling to get off the black sharpie I have this fabulous magic potion that takes sharpie off of anything (including pictures) without causing any damage! I'd be happy to send it your way! I LOVE the booties and the snow in the picture is awesome, at first I thought a little bit of the "snow" was a paint smudge added to the shoe for a worn vintage affect!

Theresa said...

Welcome and congratulations, Jennifer! I think many ladies are collectively breathing a sigh of relief for Jessica.

Jessica, congrats on your growing business. It makes us happy to be witnessing your success!

Jenni said...

Kyan drew all over Lola the other day, with pen...but still, it was all over her face!

Tea bags did the trick and it came right off! I googled it and that is what I found, even came with a demo! Figured it wouldn't really hurt her sensitive skin, and it was off in seconds without breaking her out!

Hope you were able to get the sharpie off!

JamieB said...

i am a HUGE Jennifer fan! And you're right, she is amazing at organizing and sooo smart!
Your post did her justice :))

Jessica Haley said...

Jamie, it's been wonderful working with Jennifer! I am so glad you stopped by to say hi!

Jenni, it's so funny you mention the tea bags for skin b/c we actually had a family photoshoot today by a local photographer today. {It was part of a fundraiser for MOPS.} Anyway, I was sure I'd be scrubbing her face with tea bags this morning, but it actually came out in the tub. So, while sharpie-photo-crisis was averted, Aidan refused to look at the camera until we bribed him with toys and candy. Meanwhile, Mia was filling her drawers, so I'm sure she's going to look really pensive in all the pics. I plan on sharing them, once I run it by the photographer.

Alisha made the astute comment that my "send me your request convos" was dangerous, and she was quite right. I got a lot. Really... A LOT! I am going to put them all on a master wish list and try to knock them out in the order received, trying to remember that I also had been emailed a couple requests for birthdays and photography needs. {Mande, is there still time?}

Anyway, I'll get back to you on that and respond to the emails over the weekend. The weather here is FINALLY nice and in the 70's! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and Jen, while Mia's face did well with the ink, I cannot say the same for our table. I know some people mentioned magic eraser or I'd love to read your magic sharpie concoction. :)

Alisha said...

Jessica ~ is it too late to add to the enormous "wish list"?
There are so many boy shoes that you have made in the past that I would love to have for Jude. :)

Ana Gonzalez said...

Congratulations!!, It's exciting and inspiring to see a business grow. A very wise decision to take an employee before collapsing under the stress. So I welcome also to Jennifer. Jessica, I wish you prosperity in your business. The sky is the roof!!

Ariana said...

YAY! I was about to offer some employee tax info but Jen does that too! Welcome, welcome! I am so excited. Jessica, I think your new title should be fashion designer.


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