Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wish List

Many of you have sent me emails or etsy convo at various points asking for specific items for a photo shoot, birthday, or just because you have tried to purchase an item and been unable to snag one. Please do me a big favor and resend me those requests. Please resend them not through Etsy but to with the subject title "WISH LIST." I am going to forward these emails to Jennifer, and she is going to put them in a nice organized chart for me. Please be sure to include not just the style of item, but they size and color, too, when appropriate. I apologize that you have to go to the effort to resend it and that you may have sent me something in the past and not heard back from me. I am trying to get more organized about this and am very appreciative that I have Jennifer to help me!


Alisha said...

This is going to be fun ;)

Jessica Haley said...

I think so, too. I feel bad that after that Twitter I made I got a lot of requests and I wasn't able to respond to many of them.

Also, if you send me the wish list, I will reply with a note that says "received", so you know I got it. Thank you, again!

Amy said...

I would love to see your inbox! ha! What a sight that must be....
hope you're feeling better xoxo

Meredith said...

There's something so pleasing and satisfying in making lists.
I watched your Etsy site out of curiousity when you were listing on Thursday and honestly it was like the MINUTE you listed anything it sold.
Madness, I tell you, madness ;)
My wish item is for more fuzzy boots for Bron this winter though I don't know if I should wait for your website and buy from there or add to your wish list.

Theresa said...

Jessica, I'm reading your post and your comment and am blown away that you're APOLOGIZING. The fact that you are giving us the opportunity to make requests and that you are actually taking them into consideration is above and beyond any other "retail" experience I've ever had. THANK YOU.

Meredith said...

I hope your feeling better. Sure is fun to make a wish list, gosh how my heart pounds just trying to buy your shoes so taking a minute or two to write up an email was therapeutic...LOL!


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