Friday, November 27, 2009


For those of you who made a purchase this morning, you know--it was ridiculously crazy. Quite a few people did not include a size with their purchase, so I had to wait to relist. I understand the dilemma, though, b/c seconds do make a difference in getting the shoes in the size you want. I'm sorry it's so crazy! I am in terrible need of a website, and Etsy is starting to breakdown as a workable venue for me. If only you could see how it looks on my end... how I have about a dozen windows open, listing, relisting, checking 4 different places for possible notes on size. All this was happening while my kiddos were screaming and fighting... Aidan giving Mia sliced cheese from the fridge, which she decided to smear in interesting and unfortunate places.

A few notes:
*As always, I will reconcile the orders and issue combined shipping credits sometime in the next 24 hours. {I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is so much easier if you can pay and I issue you a credit.}
*I did not get to list everything this morning--like the clips from the photo shoot and some dynamite new boots. Etsy crashed and I had to re-enter all my listings this morning. It was a hassle. I feel like I need a big glass of wine and it's not even noon. {don't worry... I'll hold off.}
*To those of you who endured the madness, I'm including a small but special little Black Friday extra with every order today.
*Many of you have asked about the white furry boots, and those will not sell out. I suppose I can't say with 100% certainty, but I really don't think I will sell hundreds just as soon as my website is up. However, the BOGO special will only last a few days. I'll post the dates on Monday.

I'm taking a break to meet the needs of my kiddos, but will respond to any questions, concerns, etc, later today! Hope you had a lovely and relaxing holiday! My friend Kelly was texting me shopping at 2 am last night! Oh, the shopping insanity!!

When I list items in these quantities, with the orders, payments, etc, my email volume goes up over a hundred. {Believe me--I wish I was joking.} I do my best to answer all of them quickly, but if you did not hear from me, please shoot me a second note. Thank you!


Meredith said...

Gosh not only super talented and you also provide such super sweet customer service, it doesn't get any better then YOU!

I cant' wait to get my goodies and of course MUST get a couple pairs of boots with that special.

Thank you for working so hard to list so many items today, go enjoy the day with your family.

rosiejphotography said...

I was part of the madness this morning I must say, but I did get everything I wanted! Shocked, but true! I even snagged a pair of shoes to continue with my birthday gift giving tradtion - size 5 Charolette Baby's for baby Avery's first birthday coming up soon!

I was waiting for those one of a kind items, but glad I didn't miss out, you just didn't get to post!

Will keep checking back as soon as you do!

Can't wait for the website for your sake - as well as ours! Those items disappear like hotcakes if you aren't quick!

Amy said...

Actually, I thought the buying was rather calm this time around, at least on my end, but {thanks to my washing machine calling it quits last night} I was only getting one item so that could be why...

and never mind that it was super early here, so I was still half asleep. 2AM?!? How do people do it?

You're doing great girl, beauitful things... beautiful, kind you- as always. xoxo

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I agree with Amy, I thought it was rather calm, but I guess after the craziness in August and then all the craziness out in all the stores this morning, it's all relative! If I neglected to mention any sizes to you, please let me know, hopefully I didn't miss any!

Just think, down the road when the website is finally set up, you'll look back and laugh at all the etsy drama. I know it's a terrible medium for your business demand right now but I'm so grateful that you choose to continue to post items anyway, rather than making us wait until your website is set-up. I am super appreciative!

Will you be tweeting the next time you post up the stuff you were unable to get posted today? I'll try to keep an eye out regardless! I can't wait to place my order for the boots!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Oh and I was one of those crazies out in the wee hours this morning, way too many of the malls and department stores were giving away free giftcards and prizes!

Rocio said...

How sad am I that I didn't get anything? And I consider myself a pretty good MiaJoie stalker. I was one of those crazy woman in line at Old Navy this morning at 3:00 am. My loss.

I'll make sure to stalk more efficiently next week.

Hope your holiday was wonderful!

seg said...

Thanks for all your hard work, I can not even imagine how overwhelming it must have been!!

Not to gloat, but I did order some uber darling shoes and I am way super excited to get them!!
I can't wait for more listings, I'm on a roll!


Jessica Haley said...

Jenny, you went ahead with the photog business--that's great! I poked around your blog briefly--great work so far!

Glad to know that in general the craziness seemed to be mostly on my end. I haven't reconciled orders and issued shipping credits--it's on the docket for today. Yes, I will tweet when I offer more items, and I am thinking that I will just offer them via a Paypal link on my blog.

So, for those of you who did brave the 2 am mall madness--was it worth it?

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

It was definitely worth the crazy morning madness! :) A lot of retailers had cheese, chocolate, fruit and juice available for free while you waited in line or shopped. Several department stores and malls were giving away free giftcards, lines weren't too long and stores were very well stocked! All in all one of the best black fridays in a number of years!

I'm getting ready to send you an email Jess!


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