Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming After Thanksgiving

Hello. Has it only been a week? It seems both longer and shorter. I feel like I am on the brink of everything coming together or falling apart. Have you ever felt like that? To be honest, I feel a little deflated. Passion is what drives my business, but when circumstances change and shift outside of my control.... well, it's frustrating, and I feel left in this bizarre combination of panic and listlessness. I'm sure it will pass...

I received quite a few emails recently asking about the quiet and if I will be offering more items soon. Thanks to those of you who sent them; it's helping me snap back together a little. So, I have generated a list of items that I put together for a Post-Thanksgiving Listing:

Listing November 27, 9 am CST:
{please be sure to check this list again prior to November 27, as I may add additional items}
UPDATE: Magnolia Shoes {brown leather with white flower} size 2-7
Bloom shoes in Blue, size 2-7
Bloom shoes in Rose, size 2-7
Alex boots in Brown Suede and lined with fur, size 4 {2 pairs}
Hannah, size 2
Sophia, size 6
Jenna Eucalyptus shoes, size 2 and 4
I Like Surprises Clip sets {send me an email if you want a set of more than 4}
Belle Headband in Pink {I have several of these}

In addition, I will be offering some new headbands:
Sabre headband
Zindaine headband
Penelope headband

I will also be listing some of the items used in the photo shoot at a discounted price, like the clips in the picture below. Some of these are one of a kind items.

Speaking of the furry boots, they are tentatively due to arrive the middle of next week! I will be offering a one-time only special, buy one pair and get the second pair half off. I was hoping to offer this via my website, but I am not sure whether that will be possible or not. Either way, by next week, I will issue that special. {If the website is not up, I will simply issue the special via a Paypal Link, not on Etsy.}

In addition to the big news of those boots finally arriving, it is, as you know, Thanksgiving week. Then my baby Mia is turning two on Sunday, then Aidan turns 5 on Tuesday, and Robert has a birthday the next Sunday. Yep. You read right, my whole family has birthdays in the same week--the very week after Thanksgiving. Ov vey.

Last but not least, I am offering a $2 Giveaway--a large Sabre Clip {roughly 4-5" across}. I hope you are having a lovely week!

SABRE CLIP IS SOLD OUT! See comments for additional details on the $2 Giveaway Series.


Alisha said...

LOVE the new headbands they are absolutely adorable!

Happy Birthday to Mia, Aidan and Robert... I could not imagine 3 birthdays in 1 week especially during the holidays. Jude turns 1 on Friday so we had a big birthday party for him this past Saturday.

Thinking and praying for you often..

Kjerstine Phillips said...

and how do i take advantage of the 2 dollar give away?!?! you really just made my stressful day that much better! i love your work!!!!
Kjerstine Phillips

Kjerstine Phillips said...

oh and i LOVE the Belle headband in pink!!!
i would like one of those tooo!

Tara Uffelman said...

Oh I'm SOOOOOO excited the boots are finally coming! Can't wait to get a pair (or two) for my daughter! And I hope I'm fast enough to get a Belle handband too - they are just beautiful! Happy Birthday to your family...we have 2 my birthdays the week after Thanksgiving too (my daughter and my husband with in two days of each other). Best of luck to you in these coming weeks as your business expands...what a crazy time of year this must be for you!

Best Wishs & Happy Thanksgiving, Tara

Amy said...

WEll, it looks like the little break has been good to you, cause you got some awfully cute new things coming! :) xoxo

Amy said...

I'm sure you hear this all the time but I really love your work!!! I'm just learning to make little shoes and have made a few, but nothing like yours! I love the fabrics you use too. Fabulous!

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Very cute. I love it.

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Is the $2 giveaway still up for grabs? If so I want one.

Prencie said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the boots up for grabs!! Love the Zindaine headband, that's my fave! And yes, big time "twihard" here!! I felt like a teenager that couldn't go to the party on Thurs. night when everyone was going to the midnight showing! (I didn't have child care) Finally got to see it Sunday night and going again Thanksgiving day with the family. Loved it but was a little disappointed about some of the things that didn't make it to the movie that was in the book but they got it all in a nutshell:)

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments! Thank you, especially, to LaDawn for such encouraging comments in the previous post. How do you stay so positive, LaDawn? {Really--I would love to know! Share your tips!}

The $2 Giveaway series is something I started a few months back, meant to have it be a temporary thing, but then it sort of hung around. How it works is that I make a small quantity {anywhere from 1-5 of something} and add the paypal link to purchase the item for only $2. Even though you have to pay something, I call it a "Giveaway" b/c I sell these items at a loss. The $2 doesn't even cover the shipping cost in most cases, it just makes it easier to identify the winner and mail the item.

If the paypal link reads "SOLD" that means all the $2 Giveaway Items are gone. I used to remove this link right away, but the items go so fast {in minutes usually} that I started leaving it there for proof that something really did come and go. Hope that clears up any confusion.

So, really, no Twilight fans? I thought I was the only one {b/c the story is admittedly poorly written} but I saw several friends had likewise dragged their husbands to the theater this weekend. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a love story....

Jessica Haley said...

Oh, one other thought... just send me an email if you want to know prices. I don't like to "publish" them in a fixed place b/c in rare circumstances prices fluctuate.

seg said...

I knew my sweet girl had a birthday coming up!! YAY I hope everyone in your family has a wonderful and special day!
And I know how you feel about birthdays, two of my sons have birthday's this month. As well as several other family member's. Aaah!

I have seen New Moon TWICE already! Loved it. And in case anyone didn't know, Edward is my boyfriend and I am NOT sharing. ;)

Prencie said...

Yes, I was one the ladies dragging their husband to go see New Moon. There was a part in the movie where Jacob 1st takes his shirt off and you should have heard all the women in the audience!:) Ha! I though Jorel was going to call it quits at that point but he stuck it thru:)

seg said...

PS I want the Jena shoes (size2) pretty please.

Jessica Haley said...

Lol--Sarah! You are killing me! I'm glad I'm not the only non-teenager who finds the vampire love story intriguing. I didn't think they built enough intensity between E&B this film... but maybe that was just b/c I couldn't hear over the whooping and hollering of all the young besotted jacob fans. *snicker*

Amy said...

Darling:) Can't wait till after the holiday. I'll have to stay home from the BIG shopping days just to wait for your arrivals. Goody..Goody...Goody...

Angel Warrior said...

How EXCITING!!! It's gonna be another fun filled "shop-attack"! All of us dying for our chance at a pair of mia joie shoes ~ and accessories!


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

ohhh they are all beautiful, I can't wait! I've missed your posts so much, I hope things start to work out! And I reaaaaally hope I can make the sale!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, Jen, a.k.a. MrsLA, you're so sweet! I'm working on an email to you right now. Tara, sounds like you understand how hectic birthdays are when they get piled up like that--do you do a combo party? It makes is hard to make it special for each person when there are 3 birthdays together like that.

I forgot to mention that I am also listing some brown leather shoes with a white magnolia flower, size 2-7. I'll add those to the list w/pics soon. Oh, and wait until you see the new boots I've been working on.... tall, distressed brownr leathe... sort a play on the new over-the-knee boots that are the trend this season.

seg said...

I am fresh on the Twilight bandwagon. I just recently saw Twilight and loved it and decided to read the books. Every free second was spent reading the whole series. I was so consumed. HA

And hopefully no one will make fun of me for asking for my own set of Twilight books for Christmas, so I don't have to borrow my teen daughter's. LOL

Mande said...

YAY! Jessica, you are back! We have missed you. You have been on my mind & in my prayers. Happy Birthday to the family! My little guy just turned 5 and we had the best time at his party. They grow up too fast. Soooo excited about all these beautiful items you will be posting! Especially excited about the boots! Both the Gretel & the victorian style. Cannot wait. Blessings to you all for a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving weekend.

Tara Uffelman said...

Oh my, the new brown leather boots you're making sound adorable! I can't wait to see them! And yes, so far, we're doing individual celebrations...but it's my daughter's first birthday so we HAVE to make a fun day just for her :) She was actually supposed to be born ON my husband's birthday (planned c-section from my previous delivery), but we knew if she was born on the same day he may never have a birthday of his own again ;) So they are two days apart and there will no doubt we a lot of cake in our house!!! What about you guys...individual or group celebration?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess!

I'm conv'd you on etsy about the surprise barrettes- I NEED some for my little Ella. :) :)

ps- happy thanksgiving!

Ariana said...

Hi Jessica, Happy Thanksgiving! and Happy Birthday to your family:) I have a friend with 4 children (3 boys, 1 girl, like me) with bdays within the same week. And yes, she just has one big party for all of them. And her name is Jessica too! Convo me the prices on your new headbands please, if you get a chance. I can't wait until Friday 9AM!!!

Tory said...

Hi wonderful Jess!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

I'm sending you another convo right now! Hope you can run read it really quickly (given this hectic time for all!!)

I'm needing a VERY quick answer/response. Won't take you long at all.

Love to you,


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