Friday, July 31, 2009

A Few Little Extras

I was making a few things for a birthday gift for the daughter of a friend and thought I would make an extra or two just for my blog readers. These are one-of-a-kinds, and I only have one each! If the paypal button is gone, that means they are sold. Have a great weekend!
The skirt hem is 10.5" long, and the flower is a brooch that would also look cute pinned to jackets, etc. Also, please send me an email to let me know if you made a purchase. Sometimes Paypal is funny about that... thanks!
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is Why....

...I can't get any work done when they are both awake. At least it's talcum powder and not flour.


The caption to this ones goes something like, "Hey, that was fun, but now I'm bored again. How about if I dump a cup of mom's coffee on the upholstered rocker while you spread the entire box of foam fun shapes around the house. Deal?"

Gotta run. Time to wash a slipcover.
Friday, July 24, 2009

Color Me Happy

If you remember, way back when, I made the Cassie Leg Warmers with little cork peep toes which I said I would not sell. As a special request for a special customer, I did a similar version. These shoes are super bright and cheery! Baby's feet will get noticed for sure! The body of the shoe is a faux leather which is very durable, and you will definitely see me use this fabric again in a closed-toe shoe. The ties can be worn several different ways: in a simple bow on top of the foot or criss-crossed and tied at the ankle.

I do plan on making more of the Cassie Leg Warmers, but the Dotty Rose leg warmers are available now. I have only three, though, and one pair is for a wee little babe. I doubt that I will be able to find any more of this fabric. I have two of these butterfly skirts made--drop me an email or comment if you want one {$16}.

As for the bloom shoes in cream, I am about to list those now. I have several customers {all at the same time, ironically enough} email me about the bloom shoes in blue, so I did make more of the size 6 and 7. However, everything else is available in only one per size. The shoes above {Chloe} will be available soon; the faux leather is a bit tricky to work with, so I am still fine-tuning them before I list them. As for the dress, I have all these beautiful cream poppies and blooms cut out, but I am still not finished with them. As it was, I worked until 5 am last night. Phew. I think it's time for a rest! Oh, one last thing, I am now offering the bloom headband in cream. It would be great for mom, for baby, or for both! Mia was hot, tired, and cranky when I tried to take pictures, so I will post better pictures than the one below soon. Oh, and one very last thing, yes, the headband is named Bloom, which I know, makes no sense, since I have the Bity Bloom headband that looks nothing like it. I'm still not sure how that happened--I blame the mangement. ;)
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cleared Out!

As some of you noticed, my shop is completely empty at the moment! I have been working feverishly to get more inventory together, and I have about fifty emails that need answering at this time. So, I thought I would post a little preview of what will be up for sale soon.

Bloom Shoes in Rose, Size 1-7 $26
Bloom Shoes in Dusty Blue, Size 1-7 $26
Bloom Shoes in Cream *NEW* Size 1-7 $26
I am also hoping to finally offer the dress pictured with the bloom shoes in both pink and cream. I will offer a very small number of them.
Mommy's Help Apron $16
Butterfly Skirt $16 {pictured inthe Apron listing above}
Bity Bloom Headband $14
A Version of the Cork Peep toe shoes $32 and coordinating leg warmers
I Like Suprises Barrette Set $16.50
I will also be offering additional shoe accessories for women.

Most of the items above are completely finished, and in the bloom shoes, I only have one in each size made. I teach at the college this morning, but hope to list everything tomorrow!
Monday, July 20, 2009

Can You Stand the Cuteness?

I just HAD to post one more of Andrea's pictures. How sweet is her little Emme with her soft brown tendrils?! The texture of the beautiful hat by Three Fish Shop & the Eden’s Bouquet Cloud Dress & Linen Bloomer go perfectly with the Bloom Shoes. Incidentally, I will replenish my inventory in the Bloom shoes in rose and blue {I found another 1/2 yard of fabric when I was organizing my studio--hooray!} Due to several requests, they will be sized 1-7. Check back later this week or subscribe to the RSS feed, if you want to be the first to know!
Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Shoes

When I listed the √Član shoes, I had all these aspirations for interesting diptych photography. One of my customers aptly said that every girl needs a pair of red shoes. So, I had the notion to photograph a pair of my red heels along side of a pair of the √Član's. As it turned out, the heat was sweltering, I stepped in pile of fire ants, and Aidan grabbed on the monkey bars and got stuck hanging there--all in a single instant. So, I abandoned my efforts and wasn't able to capture that artistic shot that I had in my mind's eye. I was able to capture a few sweet little images of Mia playing dress up with my red shoes.




Thursday, July 16, 2009


Thanks so much to these two fine photographers for capturing my items so beautifully! The adorable munchkin above is wearing the Jasmine headband, photographed by Melissa of Melissa Vossler Photography.

Melissa has a wonderful ability to depict life unscripted in beautiful natural light.

And the little wee one below is wearing my Poppy Headband, photographed by Andrea of Andrea Hallett Photography.

Andrea was one of my very first customers, and we first met online when both Mia and Emme {her daughter} were only infants. We also both have wild, unruly, and loveable little preschool boys. I made the poppy flower extra big for her daughter, which is why it looks of mammoth proportions on this little newborn.

Andrea has a wonderful photography business capturing vivid colors and portraying life like artwork. You can see her blog here and her website here.

Finally, my Celia shoes here featured by modern and hip Babbel Magazine on their Droolicious Style Blog. I hope to make a few more of the Celia's, but I have a very limited about of fabric, so if the size you want is available, you should nab it while you have the chance.
Wednesday, July 15, 2009



"When I was born, I was so surprised
I couldn't talk for a year and a half." ~ Gracie Allen

He, he. Cute. In the nature of surprise and suprises, I have a special grab bag of barrettes. I was organizing my studio {yes--you need pictures, I'll get on it!} when I came across a box full of snipits of fabric. I felt bad just throwing them away, so I decided to make little clips out of them instead. These are ridiculously fun to make. In fact, I would wear my bath robe until dinner time, let the kids starve, and never clean the kitchen and just make barrettes all day--they're that fun. But don't worry, I did get dressed, feed my kids, and... well, two out of three is not bad.

It's been in the hundreds for quite some time here *ick,* so I took the kids to an indoor playground while I photographed these on the concrete outside, despite dirty looks from other moms. Hey, in my defense, I was maybe 20 feet away and could see them through a wall of glass. It's not like I took the monitor and went for a five mile jog while they were napping, though I know of a mom that does that. Anyway.....


The set is $16.50 and includes 4 barrettes; you can purchase 2 for $30, just use the code 2FER in the notes to seller. I haven't done a giveaway in a long time, so the first person to leave a comment gets a FREE set! {Be sure to read the listing description to leave your one word.}

I have so many things to blog about.... pictures, ideas, interesting happenings. For a long time now you have probably heard me talk about a "big business project;" well, I'm getting very close to sharing that with you! It's a very exciting but very busy time.... all while I am going out of my mind having my kids in the heat and unstructured nature of the summer. They are writing on the walls in sharpie, super gluing fabric to my sewing machine, cutting their own hair. Honestly, it's crazy. Aidan has also taken to repeating me, so I hear questions from him like:

"You hungry, sweetie?"

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"You look tired, sweatheart. Do you feel tired? I think it's time for a rest."

The other day he asked me if I needed a cup of coffee. I didn't even realize that I was using those terms of endearment. Sweet heart, do I really say that? Well, it could be much worse. I hope I can get to the rest of my blog posts soon. Hope you are well and enjoying your summer! *smooch*
Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aidan and Mia


"I love you today
I love you tomorrow
I love you as deep as the sea
I love you in joy
and I love you in sorrow
you can always come home
to me."
~Andrew Peterson

You can hear him sing it here. Sorry, the only place I could find it online was someone's home video on youtube.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you made a splash!
Friday, July 3, 2009


My brother and sis-in-law have the kiddos, so I can sew for a few hours unencumbered! I am working on these right now. If you would like them in a particular size, make note of it in the comments. Speaking of comments, I loved the ones in the posts below! I'll respond later, after I get a little sewing done!


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