Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Mia!

I can't believe my baby is two. Two! And almost not a baby any more. Part of me is happy to see her grow and develop independence, to need me a little less and venture out on her own a little more. Another part is sad to see time gallop by with what seems to be double the pace as with Aidan. I mean, I just can't believe it: two!

When I was pregnant with Aidan, I dreamed of a baby that would be my buddy, someone who would be content just to journey through the day by my side. As it was, Aidan ended up being a strong-willed little spitfire, intent on pursuing his own adventures; i.e. scaling the outside of banisters, flooding bathrooms, painting the dogs... you get the idea. Mia, on the other hand, craves companionship much more. Her favorite things tend to be soft and cuddly, she hates closed doors, and, well, is already quite the girlie girl. Admittedly shouldering part of the blame, I am nonetheless surprised at how early Mia has developed a fashion sense, often insisting I wear heels rather than more sensible ballet flats. {Of course, me being me, her efforts are seldom wasted.}

Every morning when I get her out of her crib, she hugs my neck as tight as she can and with gentle pats says, "Good morning, Mommy. I missed you." I feel so blessed to have her!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Mia's white shirt is from my friend Jen's line, Eden's Bouquet.
Friday, November 27, 2009


For those of you who made a purchase this morning, you know--it was ridiculously crazy. Quite a few people did not include a size with their purchase, so I had to wait to relist. I understand the dilemma, though, b/c seconds do make a difference in getting the shoes in the size you want. I'm sorry it's so crazy! I am in terrible need of a website, and Etsy is starting to breakdown as a workable venue for me. If only you could see how it looks on my end... how I have about a dozen windows open, listing, relisting, checking 4 different places for possible notes on size. All this was happening while my kiddos were screaming and fighting... Aidan giving Mia sliced cheese from the fridge, which she decided to smear in interesting and unfortunate places.

A few notes:
*As always, I will reconcile the orders and issue combined shipping credits sometime in the next 24 hours. {I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is so much easier if you can pay and I issue you a credit.}
*I did not get to list everything this morning--like the clips from the photo shoot and some dynamite new boots. Etsy crashed and I had to re-enter all my listings this morning. It was a hassle. I feel like I need a big glass of wine and it's not even noon. {don't worry... I'll hold off.}
*To those of you who endured the madness, I'm including a small but special little Black Friday extra with every order today.
*Many of you have asked about the white furry boots, and those will not sell out. I suppose I can't say with 100% certainty, but I really don't think I will sell hundreds just as soon as my website is up. However, the BOGO special will only last a few days. I'll post the dates on Monday.

I'm taking a break to meet the needs of my kiddos, but will respond to any questions, concerns, etc, later today! Hope you had a lovely and relaxing holiday! My friend Kelly was texting me shopping at 2 am last night! Oh, the shopping insanity!!

When I list items in these quantities, with the orders, payments, etc, my email volume goes up over a hundred. {Believe me--I wish I was joking.} I do my best to answer all of them quickly, but if you did not hear from me, please shoot me a second note. Thank you!
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming After Thanksgiving

Hello. Has it only been a week? It seems both longer and shorter. I feel like I am on the brink of everything coming together or falling apart. Have you ever felt like that? To be honest, I feel a little deflated. Passion is what drives my business, but when circumstances change and shift outside of my control.... well, it's frustrating, and I feel left in this bizarre combination of panic and listlessness. I'm sure it will pass...

I received quite a few emails recently asking about the quiet and if I will be offering more items soon. Thanks to those of you who sent them; it's helping me snap back together a little. So, I have generated a list of items that I put together for a Post-Thanksgiving Listing:

Listing November 27, 9 am CST:
{please be sure to check this list again prior to November 27, as I may add additional items}
UPDATE: Magnolia Shoes {brown leather with white flower} size 2-7
Bloom shoes in Blue, size 2-7
Bloom shoes in Rose, size 2-7
Alex boots in Brown Suede and lined with fur, size 4 {2 pairs}
Hannah, size 2
Sophia, size 6
Jenna Eucalyptus shoes, size 2 and 4
I Like Surprises Clip sets {send me an email if you want a set of more than 4}
Belle Headband in Pink {I have several of these}

In addition, I will be offering some new headbands:
Sabre headband
Zindaine headband
Penelope headband

I will also be listing some of the items used in the photo shoot at a discounted price, like the clips in the picture below. Some of these are one of a kind items.

Speaking of the furry boots, they are tentatively due to arrive the middle of next week! I will be offering a one-time only special, buy one pair and get the second pair half off. I was hoping to offer this via my website, but I am not sure whether that will be possible or not. Either way, by next week, I will issue that special. {If the website is not up, I will simply issue the special via a Paypal Link, not on Etsy.}

In addition to the big news of those boots finally arriving, it is, as you know, Thanksgiving week. Then my baby Mia is turning two on Sunday, then Aidan turns 5 on Tuesday, and Robert has a birthday the next Sunday. Yep. You read right, my whole family has birthdays in the same week--the very week after Thanksgiving. Ov vey.

Last but not least, I am offering a $2 Giveaway--a large Sabre Clip {roughly 4-5" across}. I hope you are having a lovely week!

SABRE CLIP IS SOLD OUT! See comments for additional details on the $2 Giveaway Series.
Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out until sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." ~John Muir

Robert and I took the kids for a nature hike on Saturday. The weather here is still in the balmy high 70's, so it wasn't exactly a crisp fall walk reminiscent of my northern-living days. Nonetheless, something happens to me even when I walk through the smallest patch of nature. I find it soothing and calming... I feel as though I can hear God better or maybe myself a little less.
As I was walking, in the midst of Robert and I assuaging arguments over whose turn it was to ride in the jogging stroller, I was thinking about the looming transition.... by that I mean being on the cusp of so many shifts in the direction of my business. Sometimes, it feels like a dream come true, like childhood aspirations to be a "fashion designer." In a way, that's what I am. I guess, more appropriately, though, I would be an entrepreneur. That label, to me, feels satisfying, like something that has been dying to get out since I was in my 20's, miserably waiting tables. I feel like I am starting to arrive at something I knew was always coming.

Then there are other days where the whole kit and caboodle feels lousy. Like this afternoon, when Mia asked me in her sweet little voice to read more books, and I think, But don't you know I have a to-do list a mile long that I need to chip away at just as soon as it's your nap time? It's exhausting having to maximize every spare minute--to be efficient when I never really can. {Toddler and efficiency are antonyms, if you didn't know by personal experience.} In that vein, I feel I should send you all a global apology for the email I said I would write, the items I said I would list, the phone call I said I would make, the wish list I have barely looked at, and so on. For all those things I have yet to get to, I am sorry.

Sometimes I feel as though I am sitting there, head cocked, watching molasses drip from a jar and all the while I want to wag my finger and say, "You there, move faster." But it is happening; big projects are in the works, and other projects have to wait. But don't we all do that to ourselves? When I just get to point A, I'll relax... I'll take better care of myself, be more satisfied, less anxious, a better mother...

So, I am trying to dial down the internal momentum that says, faster, push harder. I'm trying to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and be okay with waiting and realize that slow doesn't mean bad. So, for whatever thing has you restless and waiting, I pray you find contentment in today, peace in the idle moments, and joy in the journey.
Monday, November 16, 2009

Vote for Your Favorite!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story for the Newborn Baby Bootie Contest. I really enjoyed reading your posts! It was so hard to narrow it down! However, with a little help, I did pick the top 4 stories. The winner with the most votes by Wednesday, November 16, 11:59 CST will win a free pair of newborn booties.

Congratulations to Brandy! Please email me with your address and gender preference for the booties!

My apologies to those of you who had difficulty loading the page--even I had trouble viewing it. Next time I will use a more reliable host for the poll!

For those of you who did not have a great story to tell, I'll be offering an additional $2 Giveaway this week! Happy Monday!
Friday, November 13, 2009

It All Starts With a Peanut

Last week, as I mentioned, I was working feverishly on several projects. I unexpectedly had to run out for supplies right before Jennifer was coming over to work. So, there I was shopping, a million ideas running through my mind, speed walking from aisle to aisle, stopping only to stand perfectly straight, arm held up and parallel, hand and head titled at the same angle, talking to myself out loud. I didn't realize how odd I must have appeared until a teenage sales associate cast a wayward glance and dashed speedily around the nearest corner. {And you thought I was joking about maintaining my sanity.}

It was in this context that I got a text from my mom: "Did you put the peanuts in my mail box?" A bag of peanuts? No--not me. This was the day after Halloween, so who knew why she had a mystery bag of snacks in her mailbox. I was too preoccupied to really think about it.

A half hour passed, and I got a mass email on my phone. It said something about a local prank and teens placing bags of peanuts in people's mailboxes. It included an emphatic caution: DO NOT EAT, PEANUTS WILL CAUSE SEVERE BLOATING AND ABDOMINAL DISCOMFORT.

Then I got a call from my brother, my mom, and my grandma, once I got home, all while I was trying to work with Jennifer. Simultaneous, I got another text from my my mom: "Did you get a peanut in your mail box?" I was so preoccupied with all the work deadlines I had that I didn't even stop to put the pieces together. After Jennifer left, I checked our mailbox and found this: not peanuts, but one peanut...

Any guesses.............




If you said baby, then you're right! All my family lives in the same area, and my brother had placed little mystery bags in all our mail boxes. Oh, and the mass email was from my dad, the master prankster.

So, congrats, to my brother Ryan and his wife Sunni for baby #2 on the way! It also recalled memories of how I first told Robert we were expecting Aidan. When he came home, the entire house was dark, except for one candle on the kitchen table, and beside it a box wrapped in brown paper with the words "OPEN ME" written on top. He tore off the paper and inspected the small pair of white booties. I heard the, "Oh.... wait, oh.... OOOHHHHH!" from around the corner. We were not planning, so equally surprised and delighted. By the way, there will be no little white peanut bags given out by me any time soon.

So, as promised, I have another giveaway, but this one you have to work for. Tell me your story of how you told your spouse you were expecting. The best story gets a little pair of newborn booties. Can't wait to hear them.

Since some of you may not have children yet, you can share one of the following stories: how you told people you were expecting, how you plan to tell people you're expecting, the funniest newborn story {could be involving your childhood, a sibling, etc}, or your proposal story. How's that?

Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, November 15, 11:59 CST. The top 4 stories will be posted in a poll on Monday, November 16. The winner will be chosen by the highest number of votes by Wednesday, November 18, 11:59pm CST and announced on Thursday, November 19.
Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Blooper Reel

Round three and I think I finally got the money shot. This is not it. You'll have to wait to see the real pictures for the launch of the website. These are some of the outtakes.

The girls were giddy... it was adorable.

By the end of the shoot, they were laughing, falling down, and rolling in the tall grass.... and we didn't even use candy bribes this time!

Miss Lizzie....

Miakins... who turns 2 this month. I can't believe it!

Aidan thought his girls were sweet....

If you read my twitter post then you know my kids have been, true to form, knee deep in shenanigans. Last night we were out to dinner, and I kept having repeat phrases like, "Stop eating the entire sugar packet," and, "Ketchup is not a toy, especially when held upside down." Aidan also took my bamboo yarn and tied himself to our 3 seasons porch. I had to come cut him out when I heard the whimpers. Someone said I should post pictures, and I wish I would have taken them, but at the time I was too mad that my expensive organic yarn was a make-shift web drenched in mud. The next day, not undoubtedly under her brother's influence, Mia tied herself up with dental floss. I wondered why the room suddenly smelled peppermint-y: mystery solved.

Perhaps tomorrow I will get to my other post I keep promising.... Enjoy your weekend!
Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Pics

I know... I've been M.I.A. for a week now. I've been working on samples for a spring line. Now was not the ideal time, but certain circumstances were out of my control. In addition, I am still working on photos and the website. Basically, I've been running hither and dither for quite a bit now. I miss you guys! I have a special post drafted in my mind {with a $2 Giveaway to match}, but I just didn't get the time to write it yet. *sigh*

Here is at least something for a post. Even though these pics have my watermark, I did not take them. I asked the local photog if I could edit them, and she said sure but don't tell anyone. So, I'm not sure if I should link back to her or not. I'll let you know. I wanted to do some fun filter and more on editing with some of the other pics, but... well, bigger irons are in the fire at the moment. Hope you all are well!


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