Sunday, March 21, 2010


On the weekends, I generally don't set an alarm. It's usually the same; around 7 am the kids shuffle downstairs and wake me up. Mia does the same routine: hugs me around the neck and says, "Mommy, get up! You need caw-chee, don't you?" {i.e. "coffee." She knows me well.} This week was spring break, so we carried this routine through the weekdays.

Only one morning, I didn't wake up to hugs and commands from little Mia. Instead, my bedroom door was closed when I woke, and I could barely make out the hushed and furtive exchange of co-conspirators coming from the kitchen.

"Not like that. No no no no no no. Like this."


"Uugh. Mia! Get the paper towels."

I'm thinking: uggghhh, this is going to be bad. And sure enough, I made the slow trek from my bedroom though the family room into the kitchen to find the path littered with a half dozen bananas still in their peel, all of them covered in teeth marks and gushing mushy spurts out the sides, forming little puddles on the area rug and wood floor. Around the corner in the kitchen, both kids were standing on leather dining room chairs pushed up to the counter, each have a hand on the last remaining banana. Puddles of milk, sprinklings of ovaltine, two cups filled to the rim, a pile of sopping paper towels, and two dirty spoons litter the counter. I noted the fresh grey crayon marks on the cupboards {at least they coordinate with the silver drawer pulls} and listened to their exchange.

"Mia, you can't bite it open. You have to do it from the top. Drink your ovaltine. I'll do it..." She clearly doesn't like this and tightens her grip; I can see the last banana war is about to ensue.

At that point, I cleared my throat and made my presence know. Both kids jump a little. Aidan {in a too small shirt t-shirt and Spiderman undies} puts one hand on his hip and with the other gestures to the counter and says in his best deep voice impression, "Uh, hey, mom. We were just gettin' some breakfast."

Yes, I see that.

Tell me, what unexpected suprises have you walked in on with your children.


Jewllori by Lori said...

OH dear! I just love how you tell the stories though, it's like I'm right there in the kitchen, feeling every emotion you are! haha! Or at least I can imagine the emotions!

Unfortunately I can't think of a story right now, I'll have to come back when I do have one, I know I do!!

Amy said...

Jake {my 3 year old}up on top of the armoire trying to touch the ceiling, chocolate EVERYWHERE {this is common, how does he find the hidden stuff I wonder?!?}, an empty bouncer in which Evy {my 10 mth old}was just sitting in- I realized she had wiggled her way out and was playing with my shoes in the closet ...

Kids have a great way of teaching you patience. God knows, apparently, ha!

Love the story too cute! xoxo

Tamar said...

I love stories like these when they happen to someone else ;)

My daughter, Luciana, is 5 and had gone to several of my doctor appointments with me with when I was pregnant with my last child. One day I heard the toilet flush like 5 times. Concerned, I walked in on her in the bathroom quickly shutting the toilet lid with a guilty look on her face.

I peeked in the toilet and saw some pee, a bunch of toilet paper.....and a dixie cup.

"What is that cup doing in there, Lucy?! That is for drinking out of, not flushing down the toilet!"

She answered sincerely, "Well, Mom, I tried to pee in it."


Ariana said...

I love it! Aren't kids the best...Last week, it was my daughter's 2nd birthday and I baked 4 dozen cupcakes for her birthday the night before and decorated them that morning. I was just getting ready to put everything in the car when I walk into the kitchen and one of the cupcake holders was plopped on it's side and all I could see was icing on the clear plastic and my daughter saying "look, cupcakes!"

My favorite though was walking into a room with a diaperless baby and her dancing in the....mess. She was having a blast....I wanted to cry while I was cleaning the white carpet....

Thank God I was blessed with patience!

I think my husband makes the biggest kitchen messes though...I love his food but I hate his mess!

Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

As I began reading this story, I realized Mia and Aidan were up to something. I thought maybe they "attacked" the messy, sprinkle cupcakes covered in food coloring BaPa had bought them yesterday.Maybe those should "magically" disappear??!! I can envision your house smeared with those. YIKES!

Julie said...

oh dear!If the girls don't wake me then they just play in their bedroom. unfortunately this means that every toy and article of clothing they own makes it into a heap in the middle of their floor. Maddening!

Terri Bowden said...

Oh my...really and truly, you bring me a sense of sanity with these posts. I sometimes think that I am the only one with these incredibly "curious" little children. I love reading and empathizing with you.

Liz Bradley said...

So funny! I just posted about my traumatic find. Check it out at:
LOVE your blog and shoes!!!

AReed said...

You are such a great story teller. I love to read your posts. I'd also really love to be able to buy some peep toes in a size. :-)

My story involves a 3 year old and a box of tampons. I walked into the bathroom to see about 12 tampons unwrapped, disassembled, and plastic parts reassembled. "Look Mom, I found some whistles" as she is blowing through the plastic applicators.

And, by the way, did you know that the string part of the tampon is a looped string? It can be worn as a bracelet with an absorbant cotton charm.

Jessica Haley said...

Liz, thankfully none of my children have cut their hair yet. Yet.

Areed, that's pretty bad! My favorite was the story I read in a forward.... about how a ceiling fan motor does not have enough power to support a 6-year-old boy in a cape, but it does have enough velocity to splatter a full gallon of house paint on all four walls!


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