Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sky Blue

photo credit: Cloud Atlas by irenesuchocki

"I thank you, God, for this most amazing day, for the blue true dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes." ~e.e. cummings

Shoes pictured will be available in a paypal link around noon-ish Wednesday, size 5/6. **SOLD OUT**

Today the sky wasn't actually blue--it was grey. It may not be blue tomorrow, or the next day, or even the day after that, but I know there are blue skies in my future. Yours, too.

**Note on the peep toes: Aidan sprained his knee on Sunday. The poor little guy can't even walk, and I have been playing nurse maid and not so much getting anything done. When we are mothers, our life loses all sense of efficiency--or so it seems to me. I hope to have them for you soon.**


Amy said...

keep your chin up!! xoxo

Dear Lillie said...

Sorry about little Aidan! I hope his knee heals quickly! Can't wait for the shoes!

Meredith said...

Sending Halifax blue skies your way Jessica! I hope Aidan feels better soon.

Hana said...

Love those houndstooth boots! Darling! Hope you have blue skies soon!


Anonymous said...

Mothers have the most important job in the world, even if the world does not recognize it, her children will and so does Jesus. Fame, fortune and beauty are fleeting rip-offs of our peace when we strive for them. A life of giving nurturing love selflessly to priceless children is a life worth living. You can only do it with peace and sanity when you are close to Him.

Ava's Mama said...

Hey Jess, are the boots rubber like a rain boot?

Jessica Haley said...

Ava's Mama, that's a good question, and it reminded me to answer some comments in the previous post about durability.

No, the boots are not rubber. They are a size 6. The toe of the boots are reclaimed faux leather and will resist stains and wear very well. The houndstooth is a canvas/cotton duck. The soles are rubber.

Regarding the shoes and durability:
I recently changed the pattern and construction of my shoes. They are stiffer than those I have made in the past, and in most cases lined with an unbleached/organic cotton. The cotton is more durable than the felt I previously used.

As for the soles, they are rubber, but sewn in a machine, not a stiff, molded, factory-made rubber shoe. My daughter wears her riding boots almost everywhere and walks on pavement, and they hold up well. While my shoes have gotten more and more sturdy in construction, they still don't have the ankle support of a store-bought shoe, so I don't recommend them for school or playground use.

Mia Joie shoes are more about style and comfort, rather than the every day practicality of a gym shoe. You can read more about the durability under my Etsy shop policies.

Amy said...

I can personally speak for the new soles as I have a pair. They are very firm and sturdy, and although the soles are rubber, they are very similar to a ballet flat bought in a store.

Hope that helps.

Prencie said...

Yippeee!!!! I think that I got the tan herringbone shoes!!!:) So excited....I haven't got a pair of MJ shoes in a while...still planning on getting some peep toes too when they become available!:)

Stacy Mandania said...

OMG how adorable are these blue shoes! Only wish my little Lexi's feet were a little bigger. She's barely a size 3! I still see the link should I buy with the hopes she'll soon grow into them?...Oh the decisions we mother's face...LOL Looking forward to the peep toes :)

Hope your darling boy feels better real soon!

Meredith K said...

Hoping Aidan heals quickly and hugs to you for taking such good care of your little man.

I am holding out for some peep toes but had to watch the sell-out action just to feel a part of it. I of course LOVED the shoes and am feeling a bit blue I didn't actually get to buy any.

I do have a question though, why do some shoes feature just the little elastic strap while other's have the velcro? I prefer the velcro but only 2 out of our many Mia Joie shoes have it, I like how it adjusts which helps keep the shoe on better.

Angel Warrior said...


I am so excited to see the boots! Time got away from me and when I signed back onto your blog I thought for sure I'd missed my chance! I am so lucky :) I too am waiting for the peep toes... Are you planning on selling the beautiful pink/buckle shoes from a few posts back? I have to have them!!!

I too have a sick baby at home. My little one has had a stomach bug for over 2 weeks now and I just feel so bad for her. I don't know how she stays so cheerful! I hope Aidan is up and running real soon. At least for a while, you don't have to wonder what he's gotten himself into :) Big hugs to you both


Mande said...

OOh, these shoes are darling. Sorry to have missed them. I especially love the houndstooth boots. Cannot wait for the PEEP TOE shoes! Hope Aidan's ankle heals soon. My hubby and son were home sick today. Looking forward to sunny & blue skies ahead. xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, poignant blog post!Your comment on being a mother is true for me. I remember those days when I felt nothing could be measured in a "worldly sense" that gave me a sense of accomplishment. Those days... or moments I just prayed that God knew what they were and He would imprint them in my childrens hearts somewhere. As He will Aidan's!!

Katie said...

Now YOU are talking about the weather :)

I hope Aidan gets feeling better soon. It's awful having a child down and out.

Mande said...

sorry Jess, hope Aidan's knee heals soon. Just realized I said ankle in a previous post. Thinking of you & wishing for brighter days ahead.

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks so much for all your nice comments. It's a bit late at the moment, so I am not going to reply to all of them directly.

Aidan didn't go to school all week. His poor knee; it is still bothering him. {Although, I swear I thought I saw him limping with the opposite leg at one point, but maybe it was just me.} Anyway, he seems to need something every 10 minutes {"my spiderman guys... some juice, please... I need pretzels... turn on my movie"} Thank goodness he didn't say fluff his pillow or I would lose my mind. He is definitely relishing the extra attention. Then again, don't we all when the opportunity presents itself ;)

Jewllori by Lori said...

Oh Jess! What a terrible thing to happen! I hope he gets better quick. Of course a little relishing is not so bad :) Good for his self esteem!!


Prencie said...

Got Paris-Noels shoes on Sat. and they are adorable!! They actually fit, a little big, but room to grow!:) I'm so excited because they actually match her easter dress and I didn't even buy them with that purpose!:) I love it when things work out that way!:) Hope that Aiden's knee is doing better:)

Jessica Haley said...


So glad you like the shoes and they match her dress. If they are a bit big, try them with textured tights. That would be esp adorable with those shoes. :)


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