Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fresh and Easy Decor Tip

Hello! It's been a long time! I feel like I can hardly keep my head above water these days. The biggest project on the docket is that we are getting ready to move. The name issue created an unexpected lull that we decided we could use to our advantage. Our current home is a bit too much for us to maintain, and we want to move into something more compact with a smaller yard in an attempt to simplify our life. I also think this will benefit my business in the long term. {More on that later.}

Despite all that is going on, I have made a resolution not to fall out of blog world for over a week again and am going to try to do 2-3 posts per week, even if they are small. Feel free to send me a reminder if I slack ;)

In preparations to list our house, we have been feverishly sprucing it up, and I have a little decor tip I thought I'd share with you as evidenced in the photo above. Believe it our not, your local FedEx Office is one of your best decorating friends. I have used them for numerous inexpensive prints throughout our house. Case in point, we had a mirror that broke, and the empty frame was sitting forsaken in our garage. So, I uploaded one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Oregon on FexEx.com and had them print it on matte paper and foam mounted. A few hours and $48 later, and a vibrant new photo. A few fresh coats of white paint to the fireplace, a vintage convex mirror, a bundle of sticks, and some trimmings from the yard and--voilĂ ! Fresh and modern look. The foam mounted photos also look great with family pictures that are frameless and hung up with ribbon ties: fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive! Feel free to share any decorating tips that you have devised as well.

Note: I am excited to say that I will have a few hundred clothing pieces that will be ready to purchase the middle to end of May, including the bolero and the dress and sash that Mia is wearing in the blog button on the left. They are from a reliable, domestic manufacturer who is a great gal to boot. More info on the website and new name will follow.


Prencie said...

WOW! Is all I can say! Moving!? That is a huge!I was wondering why we hadn't heard from you and just assumed it was the "name change" business:)

I can't wait to see the bolero and dress!! Also waiting on pins and needles to see what the "name change" will be!!:)

Meredith said...


It's fantastic :D

Good luck with the sale, moving and finding your new home.

I like Costco for big prints that are super cheap. I printed a macro shot of a luna moth for Bronwyn's room at 18" x 24" for less than $30. It's rather gorgeous for a giant flying bug ;)

**** said...

Are you kidding me?! Mia's clothes for sale! I will be stalking your site come May (not that I don't stalk it already).


Jessica Haley said...

Ha, Ha! Thanks, Rachel. Not a lot of items, just the dress in two colors {with sash in rose or blue} and the ruffled bolero in red and brown. Available in sizes 12m, 2T, and 3T. I figure I might as well use the new name as an excuse to expand :)

Prencie, I have had so many things change out of my control; the damage of those delays has already been done, so I figure, I might as well take my time and be sure I really like the name... and also add in some fun new things to launch along with it.

Meredith, bugs make great decor ;) and that's a good price for your print. At FedEx, I have gotten 12" square photos mounted for $12. The nice thing is they don't need a frame, but don't hang them where gooey little fingers can get at them.

Mande said...

Love the decor tip. The print from Oregon is gorgeous. You could add expert "home stager" to your list of talents.

I am so excited you will be listing the bolero!!! Whatever name you decide on it will be fabulous!

Amy said...

Thank you!! I had it down on my things to do today to find someplace that does this. This blog post was very divine my dear. hehe :)

Looks fab...and MOVING? YIKES! You say it so nonchalant!! Seriously, big props for taking that on! Pray that God gives you the right house and makes yours sell quickly.


Tara Uffelman said...

We've been getting our house ready to go onto the market too (we live in Houston as well)...relocating to Seattle in just a few weeks so thanks for the fun tips!

CAN NOT WAIT for the dress and bolero to go on sale and PANICKING that my daughter's Mia Joie shoes will all be too small soon (missed the last sale)!

Best of luck on the sale of your home. And I'm looking forward to whatever you put out next!

Tara U.

Jenni said...

Wow - all of these changes for you!

Good luck with everything! My ears perked up when you said the size 3T! There is hope for Lola and Mia Joie (insert new name that we are patiently waiting here) items!


Dear Lillie said...
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Dear Lillie said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot wait for the bolero and dress!!!!!! I am not sure I will be able to decide which color to get the bolero in! Maybe I will have to get both! Good luck with all of the moving stuff and can't wait to hear what you decide on the name!

Dear Lillie said...

Sorry - I had a few typos in the first one - that's why I removed it.

Ariana said...

I hope you have a smooth transition into your new business name and the selling and buying of your new home:) Do I smell a store or office coming?

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for all your well wishes and excitement for the new items. I wouldn't say I am nonchalant, but definitely not emotionally attached to this house, which makes it easier. As for a new office, I have actually been thinking at length about the best option. I have seen some really nice on property offices, that are in a separate building. This would be better for staff, but not as good for me as the majority of the time I work while the kiddos are running about. Tara--WOW! Houston to Seattle!! Do keep me posted, what a big transition. As for us, there is a neighborhood only 5 minutes that is cute as a button and the home owners association mows the front yard. (not too shabby) Jenni, I do hope to expand my items to a full range of toddler sizes, but at this point, I make no promises as to when. Jennifer (Dear Lillie), I need to write you! I am so far behind in emails; maybe we can schedule a chat or something... :)

Tina said...

I'm so glad you're doing toddler sizes. My niece is 2 and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to buy any more cute things for her.

Meredith said...

Oh wow big changes, I hope it all goes smoothly. I am sooooo excited about the clothing, you know I can't ever decide what to get so I guess I will try for 1 of everything...LOL! Is 12m 6-12 or 12-24 months? I wasn't sure since you had 12m, 2T, 3T. I am already in countdown mode because we must get some (new name here) clothing!

Simone Howell said...

Bog new Jessica! That's great! It sounds like you have a great plan in place. I have done lots of house staging so if you need any tips let meknow.


Audrey said...

Hi, it's audrey. We met last 4th of July at Potbelly... anyway, I was wondering if you ever make any headbands, etc for baby girls. I have a 3 month old now with very little hair and I love your little girl clips. But she has no hair to hold them! Also, do you have any suggestions of a website you shopped for clothes for Mia when she was an infant?

Anonymous said...

Love the mantle pick! You're house will show well. You have it decorated so cute! Are you all wanting to stay in the area or are you moving closer into town?


Ianny said...

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