Thursday, April 15, 2010


"The sign on the door of opportunity reads Push." ~Anon.
Last night Robert, the kids, and I were having dinner when we suddenly heard a flurry of fluttering, peeping, and squawking coming from our screened-in porch. Upon inspection, we found the room a flurry with a half dozen baby birds, whose mother had made her nest in our hanging planter. The kids were laughing as we delicately chased them outside; in fact, one perched on my shoulder as I was taking this photo. And it occurred to me: those birds were all out of the nest at once. That old adage is true. They didn't each choose to leave as they felt ready; their mama gave them a push. It was the only way they could learn to fly.

Isn't that the way of life? We suddenly find ourselves plummeting downward, a little dizzy and disoriented with the ground swirling beneath us. But isn't it the things that push us that are the very same things that force us to grow, that reveal the nature of our character and stamina. If life has you down, I encourage you to pray, push back, persevere, and let the life you want to live take flight.



Per your request, you can right-click to save a high resolution, non-watermarked version of the photo here or the more textured version of the photo with the quote here :)


Ashley B. said...

Oh my, this is EXACTLY what I needed at this very moment. It's so funny, yet absolutely wonderful, how God works. : ) Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I know that life has been a bit crazy for you too lately, and I pray that God gives you peace throughout it all. He is an awesome God!

Mande said...
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Mande said...

Thank you for this post Jessica. I am picturing you all running around after the birds....and I am cracking up. But I am also thinking of everything you are going through right now and I am praying. Perseverance is powerful, and through God you can and will do it all.

Angel Warrior said...


I absolutely loved this post... and I LOVE that picture!! Do you think you could send it to me so I can print it? It would look so pretty in my bathroom! :)

Have a wonderful day!


Dionne said...

What a darling bird. Gorgeous photo, I am loving your images!

Amanda said...

This was a great way to get a good laugh this morning. Your photag skills never cease to amaze me regardless of the amount of editing you do. Is there any chance you can send me the photo so I can have it printed?

Hope your morning is full of laughs as well,

Jewllori by Lori said...

Geesh...what an amazing gentle reminder of God's perfect control- eh!? He knows what He's doing...thank goodness, even when we aren't too certain :D

Jessica Haley said...

Gosh, you gals make me blush! I'm so flattered you want to reprint it! Of course I'll give you a copy. I 'll post a link to a high res copy. Hopefully I can do it this afternoon, but I have a few other *ahem* lawsuit items to address before then.

Simone Howell said...

Your photography skill are beyond--as is your way with words. I love reading your blog.
Have a wonderful day.

Angel Warrior said...

Thanks so much for re-posting the picture!! It is so pretty, I love your creativity :)

Mande said...

WOW! Just saw the reposted picture. Beautiful!

Terri Bowden said...

Oh my, this picture is beautiful. Think I might have to print it off as well for a new addition to our home. I bet Mia and Aiden loved seeing all the little birds!

Kate Duncan said...

I am sorry to see your above comment ("lawsuit"). I hoped that all would be easily and quickly resolved. Let me know if you need anything at all.


Anonymous said...

Are all the baby birds OK? Where did you let them go? Remember the time I found the baby birds, bought meal worms at the pet store, and fed them several times a day? Finally let them go in the meadow hoping and praying they would be ok.
Beautiful photo. I bet Mia and Aidan were quite excited about the baby birds. Love Mom

Lisa said...

Isn't it just like God to send us something that reminds us of His love? Just this morning I noticed a mama squirrel coming out of a hole in a tree and her little ones sticking their heads out. I tried to get a picture, but it was so far away (I was using binoculars to see them) my lens wasn't strong enough. Your birds are so sweet and God is reminding you how much He loves you!!



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