Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Website

At long last, the website is here! So, before you head over there... let me do some explaining. On occasion, I have read very kind and eager comments that my website will launch filled with product. I wish that were the case, but it's not. Changing the name put a freeze on most of my production, which is just starting to get back in motion now. Joyfolie will continue to operate as it has, in that shoes will only be available in sets of a dozen at a time and items will probably sell out right away, as they have been.

However, I am offering a few hundred item tonight: the Blithe jacket, Cala dress, and Lila belt/headband that will be available for purchase at 9 pm tonight CST. {I have quite a few additional pictures to post before then.} I don't expect to sell out in one night, but I never know for sure.

There are two things I really love about this site. One, is that it is all dynamic: the front page, the category slide show, and the rollover text can all be changed. So, the look of the site will evolve with new product sets and seasons, keeping the look perpetually fresh and more fun to shop. Second, the site has excellent inventory control. Since my company's inception, it has been a struggle to keep items in stock. I needed a site that could showcase my products, but still accommodate the problem of perpetually fleeting inventory. So, when you shop, pay attention to the "in stock" number. I do have about 2 dozen items that are currently in the site; though it is a bit of a scavenger hunt to find them! In fact, some of these items sold before I even got this announcement posted.

As I have before, I will announce via Twitter and Facebook when I will list new items. I am working on shoe orders in the thousands, but I endured a major setback due to the name change. However, I am planing on 500 clothing/accessory pieces in August. So, have fun perusing the site and come back and tell me what you think.

Also, a special thanks to Lisa at Moxie Pear who not only adeptly handled all of my unique needs, but dealt with the particularities of my design tastes with professionalism and kindness. Thank you, Lisa, you did a wonderful job!!!


Amanda said...

Hi Jess,

You are so right -- I have been waiting for the website to debut! It looks really great. Mia is a wonderful little model and definitely "sells" your products. The only suggestion I have for you is to maybe have the the sizing info pop up in a different window (when browsing an individual item) instead of taking the buyer to the actual sizing tab. GAP's website pops it up and I really actually like it that way so I never have to leave the item's page......just a suggestion though! Good luck!


**** said...

The site looks gorgeous!

- Rachel

SMandania said...

Oh my goodness I'm at work, and my computer is SO slow!! I can't see anything past the main page. I'm dying here!! I'll have to wait till I get home :(

Melissa Burns said...

It's beautiful Jessica! Crisp and clean and the colors simply pop! I love it.

Can't wait for the items to populate. Zinadine NEEDS some new shoes (praying for size 5-6)!!

Congratulations on the launch of the site. May things run smoothly and be all that you dreamed of and more!

Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

The site is beautiful, and I've been watching to see if new things were added throughout the day. Have any shoes been available yet, or will there be any available??? I may be the only one, but I'm a little confused. I thought it wasn't going live for purchasing until 9pm, so I'm afraid I may have missed my opportunity :-( I just purchased the Sophia headband though, so I'm excited about that!

Dear Lillie said...


The site is gorgeous and I found it very easy to navigate through! Bought a little pair of newborn sized boots for my future niece (we just found out my older sister is having a girl). Can't wait to buy Lillie a jacket tonight.



Lindsay RC Wilson said...

Love it, and love the new items. The only thing that is crazy are all your fans/clientele. I take forever to make decisions normally, but you can't wait to ponder or something is gone. I know why, everything is so beautiful. Love the pictures, and the set up. Intuitive and easy to find your way around. Now, I'll just have to try to wake up early to see if I can grab anything at 9pm (I am overseas).

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks so much for the positive feedback and let me address come of the questions {I figured there would be some}

Amanda, I completely agree about the size chart pop up. In fact, it is supposed to be set up that way, so I'm glad you mentioned it, as I will forward that to Lisa.

SMandania, the website was intentionally designed to load quickly and was constructed w/o flash for that reason. So, I hope it is loading quickly for most people!

To Melissa and Anony:
Yes, there were shoes in the website, as well as a dress and several woman's items. I had several sales before I even announced it or linked to the live site. There are still a few pairs in the site right now, but mostly on the smaller side. I will add in all my sample pairs soon and some additional fun new necklaces, and I have a dozen Amry shoes {size 3-8} that I am almost ready to sell. I have several other designs that are prepped but not finished; in fact, you can guess the ones that are close to completion b/c they have a range of sizes put in.

While I love that my company is mostly handmade and not faceless, the trade off is that everything is smaller and slower. In short, you are essentially watching my business take shape and gradually transition into larger quantities and manufactured goods. :)

Monica said...

Hi Jessica!

I think I have missed most of the items but I am trying to purchase a Sophia headband. It said 10 were available when I started and I keep adding it my cart and then when I go to "view cart" it is saying it is empty, yet it still says there are some available. What am I doing wrong? Let me know because I DO NOT want to miss out on the items tonight! I am so excited for you and for my little girl who will benefit from all of your adorable items!

Good Luck and let me know when you get a chance!

Jessica Haley said...

Also, keep in mind that items show zero quantity until you select a size. If no list of sizes are in yet, that means they aren't in stock nor prepped.

Tonight, I will put in the following samples for these styles: dalia, leopard, daffodil, isis, revalin, regan

Jessica Haley said...

Monica, I'm so glad you asked. That is a very good question. Right now, it is saying there are only 4 available, but I haven't gotten any notification of the sales. What I am wondering if putting items in a cart removes them from inventory, even if they are just sitting there not being purchased. I'm going to ask Lisa at Moxie Pear and get back to you. Thank you for bringing this up. This is the exact thing that needs to be addressed before I sell tonight.

Prencie said...

Hey Jessica, will we be able to purchase through paypal? I want to be prepared!!! =) I would die if my sizes sell out while I'm trying to enter my info!! Also, just so that i'm in the clear none of the little girl shoes are up for sale yet? I tried to purchase a couple but it wasn't letting me. So I assume they will be available at 9? Sorry so many questions.

SMandania said...

Hi Jessica! Finally was able to get into the website at my work, totally a problem with my computer and not your site. It looks WONDERFUL and so easy to navigate! Like everyone else I look forward to logging on this evening. Hopefully I'll be able to snag some shoes for my little Lexi in the near future as well :)

I hope you are able to get some much needed rest!

Mande said...

Congratulations Jessica!! This is so exciting. I was just surfing the site and it looks fabulous!!

Hana said...

Jessica, I am soooo excited for you! The site is just lovely! I hope I am quick enough to grab a Cala dress for Ella! I love that I can change it up and add belts and sashes or whatever. I hope I can be near my computer tonight. You have come so far since our trade on etsy in 2008!! You go girl!! One of these days we will meet up and I can get a behind the scenes peek!!...maybe catch that movie we keep talking about! Anyway, everything is looking great! Have a wonderful day!


Megan said...


The website looks incredible! I just love the look of it :) Congrats on the launch! and i will be hitting refresh like crazy tonight around 9!

Jenni said...

Today is a big day! One that we, as followers, have been anxiously awaiting, and you, as the creator, has probably dreamed of! Congratulations! It looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on so many of the products!! LOVE IT!

Amy said...

Awww...shucks! That's what I was missing, I had no idea that you had to click on the size to see what was in stock. I was going off the O and not even clicking. That's what I get for not being click happy today...BOO! :( ha.... Hopefully I didn't miss any good shoes as that's what I was after. :) looks FAB! Good job girl! Everything is just perfect. I couldn't be happier for you!! Congrats! xoxo

Jessica said...

Amy, this isn't right, though... and it's confusing to the customer. There should be a way to link them so that if there are any of a certain style in stock, it shouldn't read zero. I am trying to figure out a way to fix it.

Amy said...

So my next question is...once the item is in our cart, does that mean its ours? Or do we have to go all the way and pay for it before it isn't snatched? :)

Brianne-zam said...

The site is stunning!!! What absolute eye candy. Will the Gabi Shoes be available to purchase again in August? I am so sad that I missed them. I think they are my favorites, if you could really have one amongst your sea of exquisite shoes! And what about your gorgeous blue shoes shown in the "gold buckles and blue shoes" post?
Thank you so so much for all of your hard work!
Briana J


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