Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing a wildly happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!


and a very special happy Mother's Day to my own Mom! -----------------------------Photobucket


Alisha said...

Happy Mother's Day! Your mom is beautiful and the girls are darling as always :)

Amy said...

adorable..and wow, I can really see a resemblance there! Happy mothers day!

Ariana said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a great day!

Whimsical Creations said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

Mande said...

Happy Mother's Day Jessica!! Your mom is beautiful. I love the 1st picture- they are having a ball!

seg said...

Aww, great picture of your mom!!!
Happy Mother's Day to you. You truly are, an amazing mom! <3

Jenni said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, gals! Yes, my mom is very beautiful. She was voted most beautiful in her graduating class. She's blond/olive, and I have red hair and freckles. It's funny how so much of resemblance we draw from coloring. Sometimes if Mia and I won't look much alike for that reason...

AS I just posted in FB, so glad we got to photograph the chaise under the oleander.

Jessica Haley said...

oops.. meant to say, sometimes I wonder if Mia and I don't look alike for that reason.

We hosted MD here and I made handmade gifts for all the moms--it's been a very long day!

Angel Warrior said...

Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jess for such a loving Mother's Day! Brunch was terrific! I can not tell you in enough words how much I adore and love you!
I like the first photo. We all look so happy!
I thank God for you, my beautiful daughter!

Anonymous said...

It was a truly magical day at your home, with Rob, all the children & family. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful time. God has blessed me by surrounding me with beauty all my life, in your Mom, in you and in all the wonderful children & grandchildren. I pray He will continue to enlarge my heart so I may take it all in. It is sometimes too wonderful for me, to see the beauty of my beloved wife blossom in our children and then be carried on in their children - on and on in the march of time. Cradled & nurtured by His mighty yet gentle Hand. And He has opened my eyes to see it and rejoice in the majesty of it all. His blessings are truly more than I can contain, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. I am so thankful.

Hana said...

Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day Jessica! Love the joy expressed in that first photo! Wonderful! And I can see the resemblance in you and your mother. What a great portrait of her!! You two are beautiful!

Megan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day! :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, so wonderful to see a picture of your mother (my cousin). Yes indeed, she is beautiful - inside and out. And happy to see you all had a wonderful Mom's Day!

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