Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amelie Ruffles


"Change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass. ~John Steinbeck

These are one of the shoes I've been wanting to show you, and with it comes a confession. While I do love the flowered shoes, sometimes I want to do something different... still cute, but something you haven't seen before. I admit, flowered shoes are my hallmark. The reason I decided to make a pair of booties for Mia those two years ago was because I saw felt flowers in a Pottery Barn kids catalog. I loved that look, but couldn't find any anywhere. So, I made some flowers and thought, "Gee, this fabric would make great little booties." Two years later: here I am. So, flowers have always been a part of my product. The problem with a business that is born out of chance is that it beckons the question of identity: What is my style? What is my ideal product? What is my business identity?


Sometimes, after making shoes with flowers for so long, I want to get away and do something different.... less sweet and more avant-garde. Then again, all those flowers were what established my business and took it from a simple craft to a genuine company. It's like Stephanie Meyer's Twilight books. {Yes, I have read them. Yes, I am a closet Twi-hard. Yes, I will be at the midnight movie, but only because it's my birthday and a friend bought me a ticket. What can I say: it's an insatiable story, despite being almost entirely devoid of literary devices.} Anyhow, Stephanie Meyer's Twilight put her on the map. Now after she has spent years on the Twilight series, I read online that she is a little fatigued of the story and wants to focus on something new, like the sequel to the Host, which in my estimation falls short of her previous books that established her fame. {Stephanie, can't you just write more about Edward and Bella? ;) }

Do you follow my analogy? As I am nearing the point of finally--finally--really pulling the trigger on a large order of shoes, it begs the question of my product identity and how I want to define my business style. Anyhow, maybe it's too much deep thinking for a Thursday morning.... It's eight o'clock, the children are still sleeping, and the house is deliciously quiet. So, I'll leave you with one more photo and a $2 Giveaway.

The shoes are made of perfectly peach satin; they will be available soon. I had some raw ruffles leftover, which I twisted and turned in a random fun little brooch with beaded center. *see previous photo* If you are fast, you can nab the brooch for $2. Hope you are well, my friends!




Prencie said...

Ahhh! The brooch was in my cart and then it wasn't:( I was so excited thinking I would FINALLY win a $2 giveaway!:) GORGEOUS shoes Jessica!!!

Jessica Haley said...

Prencie, I am always amazed at how fast they go! {someone in Michigan beat you out.} Don't worry... there will be more $2 giveaways. I need to reply to your email this morning :)

Prencie said...

I just happen to be on blogger and saw your post, I haven't even read your post yet;) I'll do that now. I was in such a hurry to get the $2 giveaway!!;)

Jessica Haley said...

Prencie, I don't know how it happens so fast. The $2 giveaway goes usually within a minute of being posted. I've been wanting to do a post on decorating Mia's room. When I do, I probably do a bunch of $2 Giveaways then. Once I get caught up and some of these issue straightened out... :)

Prencie said...

I totally get this post! I go back and forth to about what I want my "look" to be. I know what defines you but I also know that you yourself can personally tire of your "look" and the designer and creator in you craves something new and fresh! I know all to well:)
Ahh, Paris does not need any more shoes BUT I have these peach satin ruched headbands from J Crew that are just waiting to be done up!!:) These shoes would go perfect!!;) LOVE!!

Terri Bowden said...

These shoes are simply amazing! I, of course, love all of your sweet flowers as well! I don't think you could have picked a more perfect shoe for something a little different. Lily still hasn't grown into her Tiffany Blue peep toes, but I can't wait until she does...she loves playing with them. Your designs just get better and better, I can't even imagine where you will be in another year!

Amy said...

Confession: kinda sick of creating ruffles. So I understand your flower problem. But ruffles sell..hmmm what do to? ha. The ruffle lover inside of me ADORES these shoes!! :)xoxo

Mande said...

Love ruffles...these shoes are so sweet. I always like your style Jessica. It does evolve- and each one of your shoe debuts is ahead of the style trends. I would love to see more of your accessories too. xo

Jessica Haley said...

Amy, yes, I could see why you might be sick of them :) It's not that I don't like flowers... I think I just always want to keep things fresh. Sometimes in that endeavor, maybe we can lose sight of what is our best products by sheer repetition ;)

Julie said...

these are so beautiful, Jessica! No matter what you do, I think, your fans are gonna love.

Anonymous said...

i too like change of color...wherever you go it will be great. thses shoes are very pretty. i would describe your business to my friends as shoes clothes and hairclips..
even thou you have lots of flowers.
i love the dress and clips that i recently purchased.
carrie k

Jenni said...

LOVE them, but as usual, I pretty much LOVE everything you do!

Meredith said...

Oh these are gorgeous, I love the style and I am all about variety. Whatever you do I will always be your # fan! Great job as always Jess!

seg said...

Love this post! ;D


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