Friday, June 18, 2010

Celyn - Silver Shoes


If these shoes were for women, I would use words to describe them like "gun metal grey" and "toe cleavage." But they are for kiddos, so let's just say they are the most perfect shade of vintage silver, perfect with a fancy dress or distressed jeans and everything in between. I have these and oh so many more designs I am dying to show you. However... I. Am. Behind. Very. Some of you read that my precious boy fell and broke his nose. I can't even begin to describe how terrible it looked when it happen--so very scary. Paige {the intern I just hired} and I lost a full day of work, and instead I got to sit in the ER with my wounded little guy. We have to consult with the ENT on Monday to see if he will need surgery. So, until I get a little more caught up, I am not going to offer anything new. I have so many shoes though... new and old designs to sell. For now, it will have to wait. Have a lovely weekend!


Jenni said...

Poor guy - I hope that everything goes well and you get the answers you need on Monday. That had to have been so scary for him and you! There is nothing worse than seeing your child in misery.

The shoes are beautiful, can't wait to see what else you have in store! We might have to try the size 8's for Lola and see if they work?! She is so rough on shoes though, these would have to be for a special occasion! I am in love!

If only I had a tiny foot!

Jessica said...

Jenni, I just got off the phone w/my manuf and we are working on size 1-12. I will know a time frame next week Wednesday.

Mande said...

I am so sorry for Aidan....poor little guy. I hope his nose heals quickly. We are so looking forward to our goodies. When he is feeling better, please e-mail me. Thanks for all you do Jessica. These little shoes are gorgeous!! xo

Dear Lillie said...

Jessica - these are GORGEOUS!!!! Lillie and I have been praying for poor little Aidan!

Hana said...

Oh sorry to hear about Aidan...bless his heart! He must have hit it hard! They usually don't break their noses that young b/c of all the cartilage. I hope he heals up quickly. And as for the shoes...I have to have those for Christmas season! Looove them! They are some of my faves I've seen. Let me know when they are available.

Sarah said...

Lots of well wishes for your sweet little man. I'm so sorry for all of you.

And. LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. I'm not even a shoe or fashion fan, and yet you have me on the verge of obsession! (That's a compliment.)

Ashley Bronson said...

SO in love! When I have the funds I will buy one of everything you offer! : ) I also hope that the little guy starts to feel better soon. So sad!

Julie said...

Poor boy! I hope he heals quickly. The shoes are divine! I can't wait to see what else you've got coming up.

Jennifer said...

Love these! You should make them for women too! I'll buy a pair!

seg said...

I would SO buy a pair. And then wear them with my favorite jeans! They turned out great!!

Hope all goes well on Monday for Aidan, I'll be thinking of you!

Windy Ridge said...

LOVE these! Sorry to hear about your little guy's nose, OUCH.

PS-I followed a link from another blog and commented on a post from 2007 thinking it was current, please ignore me LOL

Amy said...

Jessica, I am sooo sorry about the broken nose! That must have been HORRIBLE!! I'll be praying for you. And the shoes are darling!!


little lovelys said...

Hi Jessica!

I will pray that little Aidan has a quick recovery, poor little guy! My daughter busted her lip and I freaked! Little ones! No wonder why we go grey so fast. Lol!
I LOVE these! I will definitely be ordering them when they're available. Keep up the great work!


Unknown said...

I've been looking for grey everywhere, are there any more of these to sell? I can't find them for sale anywhere.


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