Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Polka Dots and an Update


Remember those new styles I've been dying to show you? These are not the ones. I like them, though; not too unusual but quintessential summer. I have quite a few of these, size 2-7, some of them for sale for half price. I have been training Paige, and she made them. Some are quite polished and some of them are rough--hence the 50% off. However, all of them will look adorable when worn. They are coming soon.

Why not now, you ask? Some of you know that it's been a very rocky start launching the website. These problems range from orders not ever being emailed to us, to addresses completely voiding when we go to generate the label, to items overselling. The latter part has us particularly buried at the moment. If you're thinking, that sure sounds like a major snafu; well, I couldn't agree more. Which is why I am not selling any new shoes. I have been in touch with my web host, which is a very impressive company, incidentally, and we are rectifying these issues. In the interim, it's very important to me that orders ship timely, and I don't want to sell any more shoes until they will ship within a week of purchase. I was feeling distraught and a little inept over the whole issue, but then I was talking to my brother about Mac's ipad and how they have had issues and "first generation product complication." It made me feel a little better that even big corporations have glitches. But, gosh darn, wouldn't it be better if life just ran perfect?!


As for Aidan, he does not need surgery for his broken nose. Hooray! Although the ENT doc did say it is extremely hard to break the nose of a child. {Did I ever mention that the name Aidan means "fiery"? So apropos for him.}

I have several new posts coming... new designs, a $2 giveaway, a tutorial, new press, and a chance to win a free pair of shoes. In the meantime, here is a photo taken by the fabulous Jen of Dear Lillie of her daughter in the Kaila shoes and her Audry tutu. {Jen and I arranged a trade back in April.}


In closing, if you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to email me at hello@joyfolie.com. If you have ordered from me before, then you know that at Joyfolie we try to ship each order as if it was a gift going to a treasured friend. This is something I love about my company and hope to always retain, regardless of how we grow. However, it does make the packaging process more personal and more time consuming, and I appreciate your patience as we get some of these details straightened out.


Alisha said...

Love these red shoes, they are really cute and perfect for the summer months.

You know we are all willing to wait a little longer for your packages because when they do arrive it is like Christmas ;)

I am so happy about Aidan not needing surgery, that really great.

littlebean said...

would love those red shoes in a 7! I didn't see them on the website...how do I get my hands on those? :)

Meredith said...

So glad to hear Aidan didn't need surgery.

Um wow I have a big time love for red and polka dots so these shoes are a must have, keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for working so hard, Joyfolie is worth the wait and I love the pretty packaging ;)

Jenni said...

saw that picture on dear lillie this morning - it was my favorite! love the tutu and your shoes paired with it!

glad that mr. aidan does not need surgery!

hope all of those kinks get worked out with your website soon!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks to Alisha, Meredith and Jenni! :)

To Little Bean, I am not selling any more shoes until I get some of the issues mentioned resolved{regular items are still available.} On Twitter I only post listed items and dates, and my most recent Twitter post can be found at the bottom of the website main page. The red shoes will be available soon--I think we should be 100% caught up within the next few days, and I will post sizes, styles, and dates they will be available at that time.

Mande said...

I big puffy heart the polka dot shoes. I recently bought Lane a pair of polka dot squeakies. Would love to buy these when they are available.

So relieved Aidan will not need surgery. I cannot imagine how frightened you must have been when it happened. So glad he is healing.

I am in love with that Audrey tutu. Pairs nicely with your little shoes. :)

Megan said...

no surgery! yay for adian, and for you :) love the shoes, cant wait to see the other styles you've been hinting at too! you are such a tease!

Dear Lillie said...

Hey Jessica! First - I am so glad that Aidan doesn't need surgery. I am sure this past week has been quite scary. Second - those shoes are so ADORABLE!!!!! And third, I actually was on your facebook page about to post that picture of Lillie with a few other ones and then saw that you had a new blogpost so of course I got sidetracked clicked on the link and imagine my surprise to see Lillie! You are so sweet! Also, whenever Lillie is wearing anything of yours in any pictures I put on the blog I always include a link to yours but I think I may have forgetten this time....or maybe I did...I am losing my mind from lack of sleep, although it is nothing compared to what you are going through right now. We are praying for you and this crazy transition. I just told Jon that Lillie's picture was on a famous blog....it didn't stir him off the couch, though...haha!

very married said...

these red shoes are beyond adorable!

Angel Warrior said...

These shoes are just darling! They shout out Summer...as well as "Minnie Mouse" whom Ava is in love with since just before Disneyland!!! :)

I am so glad that Aidan is not in need of surgery... poor little guy, he's a tough one.


I wanted to mention to you..since I have been following your blog and a few others I have been blog hopping and have found some of the most beautiful women... I really enjoy reading the blogs of these women with similar interests and lives.. as different as they may be, motherhood and desire to be more and to be better seem to bond us all somehow. I especially adore Dear Lillie (one of my newest favorites) It is so refreshing to have these blogs at our fingertips.. I think equal to a good book! :) Thanks to all of the bloggers out there who share your stories with us!

<3 Kristy

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for your heartfelt note, Kristy! Right now I am so busy I can barely breathe, but every now and then I steal a moment to visit a fav blog... and I see comments from so many friends/customers! It's funny and also wonderful, I think, to have found a little community. It's my desire to strength and support each other, as women and as mothers. Parenting can be such a wonderful but maddening journey that it can be comforting to find empathy and to encourage each other along in the process! :)

Jessica Haley said...

I forgot to add, Jen {of Dear Lillie} you give me waaaay too much credit! It's an ADORABLE photo of Lille. Wonderful job!


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