Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yardley and an Ensemble

As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time

For quite a while now I have had several designs of summer lux, golden hued shoes... and every time I attempt to photograph them, dark clouds roll in! I don't know what it is! I waited as long as I could, but didn't get the lighting I wanted. So, I did not photograph the entire collection, but have only a handful of photos for you.

One of these designs, Yardley, will be available Monday at noon, size 2-8. These shoes have a vintage/heirloom quality to them. They are a cream colored satin with gold blooms with beaded center. I think the cream shoes will look even more lovely and vintage with a bit of wear...

Because I didn't get to take all the photographs that I wanted, I put together a little ensemble for you around the Yardley shoes.

Product details: 1. Piper Hair Clip by Joyfolie {listing coming soon!} 2. Scalloped Sweater Tank by Janie & Jack 3. Camelia Pleated Trench by Burberry 4. Yardley shoes by Joyfolie 5. Destructed Crop Jeans by Gap 6. Angelic Pendant by Hippie Chic

Additional shoes will be posted on Monday, July 12 at 9 pm CST, and Wednesday July 14 at 2 pm CST and 9 pm CST. The leopard shoes will be available on Wednesday. As for Monday evening, I am thinking some brown everyday shoes and more gold shoes--if I can get good photos.

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Mine wasn't very restful. Business has been busy, plus Mia went to bed at 10:30 pm on Saturday, couldn't sleep from 2-3 am, then woke up at 7:30 am! It's like having a newborn! Are any of your children creating bizarre sleeping patterns now that it's summer? Any tips? It's really wearing on me!


Prencie said...

Jessica, my kiddos have been doing the same thing to me!!! Jorel's been on some very late shifts so they've gotten use to sleeping with me + with going out of town (twice) they slept in the same room with us. VERY hard to break them of it. Paris wakes up 2-3 times a night screaming her lungs out and then wakes Princeton. It's like family get together in the middle of the night! Good grief!
SO far the only thing that's worked for us is swimming (wears them out!!), or any outdoor activity {when it's not 100+ out}. That's all I've got;)
The shoes are gorgeous, love the Yardleys!!
Good luck with the sleeping tonight!!

Jessica Haley said...

Uh, Prencie, I feel your pain! So glad I am not the only one. Mia is over-tired and super cranky, but won't go to sleep! About 30 minutes ago I heard someone bumping and thumping up there. One would think they would sleep in, but it hasn't been working that way. The worst part is dealing with cranky kiddos when I only got 4 hours of sleep myself! What's a mom to do??

Alisha said...

Sorry Jessica & Princie...being a mommy is so tiring especially when you're not getting much sleep. Jude does this to me every few months especially when a new tooth is coming in. Last week he was up at 5 am everyday wide awake and ready to start the day. I was dying at work by noon. Thank God for coffee, not sure what I would do without it.

Love these new shoes, they are really pretty.

Mande said...

Lane has been pulling a few all-nighters lately. Definitely hard to get up at 7:30am with my son when I have a little one keeping me up all night. We are trying to do the same things as Prencie- keep them going all day and wear them out. Our neighbors have a pool so we swim a lot and take bike rides.
Lane was teething a few weeks back and up at 4am every day....wide awake. These little phases wear us out. Alisha I agree- thank God for coffee. Jess, hope this little phase is just a phase with Mia and she is back to a normal schedule soon.

Loving the new stripe fabric and the shoes are adorable as always.

Tonya said...

Beautiful shoes, adorable outfit! Our house has been crazy lately with sick kiddos...which means that we've been up 2-3 times each night with the kids....

Meredith said...

Usually it's just a phase and I hope it passes quickly, it's hard when they go off of routine and I bet especially hard for you when your trying to work.

These shoes are gorgeous, all of them! I love the outfit you have set-up with them, you have such great taste Jessica.

Jessica Haley said...

I am having trouble entering in product... I will have things in shortly... (12:02)

Brianne-zam said...

hope i snag some of the gold shoes! my brother is getting married in august and one of the wedding colors is gold. would be perfect for my felicity. have any in a size 8.5 / 9 for women:-)
briana j


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