Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Canary Yellow and Plum

photo credits, clockwise from top: Canary Dress by Holly Stalder, Love Candy by Jennifer Ramos {Made by Girl}, Thinking of Plum by Ara133Photography, Plum Mini Celebration by Heather Future

I have a few shoes in a series that I wanted to show you with the design below. However, I need to post some times for selling inventory, and I was fatiguing of the boring "Dalia at 2 pm" post with no new photos. So, I have some lovely items above which include some of my favorite Etsians whom I have watched grow and develop their business over the years. As for the shoes, here is an introductory photo...

I will be listing the Dalia shoes in a soft gold at 2 pm CST today, and the Leopard Flats size 4-8 at 9 pm CST tonight. Additionally, I will offer the brown linen shoes size 2-8, and hopefully one or two additional designs similar to the Fankie and Harlow. I would like to finish the new shoes mentioned, but I have so much on the docket {oh, how appropriate} and of course my kiddos to take care of, as well. I haven't really written much for quite some time, and miss our honest dialogue about life and parenting. Hope you are well, my friends!


stacymandania said...

I AM IN LOVE!! These are so much fun!! Lexi needs a pair! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Jessica Haley said...

These are one-of-a-kind b/c the fabric is hand-quilted. Really fun color, though and will photograph brilliantly! :)

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

The hand-quilting is incredible, I was just studying the picture trying to figure out if that was printed on the fabric or quilted. By one of a kind do you mean only one pair? Or only one batch? If it's only one pair, I will just get over them now, heavens knows I won't stand a chance! :)

Tonya said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love reading your posts about life and parenting, and miss them as well!

Heather Buchanan said...

First of all, your blog is BEAUTIFUL! Those shoes are way too cute. Thank you for featuring my little painting!

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh I just love those, one of the many reasons I love Joyfolie is how unique each shoe design is and how you keep coming up with new, fresh ideas.

Can you please tell me what size(s) you will have (of course I understand these may not appear tonight) in the Frankie and Harlow shoes? Makes it easier to decide what all will work for us size wise.

Thanks Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Will you sell just the one pair? I LOVE them!!!

Jessica Haley said...

Jen {Mrs. Life} just one pair for now! Sorry!

Tanya, thanks for your encouraging words. I have a longer post that has been half-finished for over a week!

Meredith, thanks for your encouragement! This is one of the things I like the best and hate the most about myself... it's great to always be thinking of new things, but it often makes it hard to make a decision and stay focused.

Anon, as mentioned above, I was thinking only one. I have the materials to make more, but the quilting was more or less and experiment.

Dear Lillie said...

These are GORGEOUS, Jessica! I love the hand-quilting and the color is perfect!


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