Monday, July 12, 2010

Gabi Shoes


Gabi, size 2-7 tonight at 9 pm CST. Sorry about the change in style and not much notice. Between the weather yesterday and my model today, nothing is running according to plan! *ahem* Story of my life! They are very cute and match with so many things; wish I could have gotten a better photo. They are charcoal and stone grey. Unlike the photo, these will have straps. You can view them here. The Piper Hair Clip/Brooch is available, too!


Angel Warrior said...


Did you already list the shoes? I've been watching constantly and none have been available... are you posting any other shoes tonight?

Angel Warrior said...

I saw your facebook comments/got my answer... I tried... :(

Jessica Haley said...

Kristy, I'm sorry! They went so fast! I loaded in the inventory and by the time I clicked over, I couldn't even put one in a cart. Very fast. BUT, we are getting closer and closer to substantial inventory. I'll email you soon! I am behind. So sorry for the confusion!

Angel Warrior said...

No worries, Jess :) I am working overtime tonight and was so excited to be at a computer when I needed to be, lol!!! I look forward to shopping with ease :) Have a wonderful evening


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