Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Folie - Polka Dots and Cream

Photo of Vintage Glove by Mandy of A La Parisienne


"Some people march to the beat of a different drummer
and some people polka."


One more photo of her vintage gloves...


Unusual little shoes with a satin peter pan collar on the toe and a few little buttons. I imagine this as being perfect with denim leggings and a burnt red top. Special thanks to A La Parisienne for the inspiration. If you haven't yet, be sure to visit her lovely blog. I have one pair of the shoes, Adele, found here. Happy Friday!


Alisha said...

Oh my word, these are so adorable and really unique, love them!

Jessica Haley said...

thanks, Alisha! Sorry I have yet to get to you. Aidan had a follow up dentist apt and a cleaning yesterday. I've been going and going! I'll be in touch soon! XO

Alisha said...

You just take your time, I am in no hurry :)

Prencie said...

OMW!! Too cute!! I adore A La Parisienne!!! Any surprise there, lol!! She just designed my logo! LOVE her blog!!! Pure eye candy!

Trav & Stevie said...

The glove is beautiful...and the shoes, gorgeous!

à la parisienne said...

Wow! Your work is amazing...I'm thinking my daughter needs a pair of these!
I am glad that you found my gloves to be an inspiration. I am flattered!


Meredith said...

Oooh those are gorgeous, love love love anything with a vintage feel and you had me with the black/white. Great job as always Jessica, love the photo Fridays! Hugs and wishing you a very relaxing weekend.

Mande said...

Gorgeous!!! Just when I think I have my favorites, you create another stunning pair. These are so beautiful!! Hope to see more. :)

Angel Warrior said...

You are fantastic!!! You never cease to amaze me with your talent!!! These are so cute!

Dear Lillie said...

Beautiful as always, Jessica! And I LOVE A La Parisienne! I fell in love with her blog last year when she posted pictures of her daughter's first birthday party - it was extraordinary!

pinkstilettos said...

I am so inspired by your makes me want to make little baby shoes! I am doing a feature on my blog of your creations...hope this is alright!!

Jessica Haley said...

When things like this happen, I want to break into a round of "It's a small world after all." I can't remember how I found Mandy's blog {of A La Par} but I know it wasn't on Etsy. I googled something... vogue and polka dots... some unusual combination, and her blog came up. Then I read the comments, and knew a few of the names! Mandy, you have really beautiful photo styling.

Daisy, of course it's okay! I'm flattered :)

Thanks so much to everyone else for your encouraging comments. I had so many other photo aspirations, but due to time, I had to take something quick that I wasn't crazy about. Some shoes look so much cuter modeled, but I have been working basically full time of future designs, and haven't had any room for more interesting photos. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!!

Amy said...

These are DARLING Jessica. So different. They remind me of shoes that should be worn on the red carpet with a black tux inspired gown! :)



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