Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eden's Heirloom Swimsuit

As some of you know, Jen of Eden's Bouquet and I are friends. We swapped items a bit ago, but I just got to posting photos now. You really must visit her fantastic online boutique! You can also visit her lovely blog here.

Mia was so excited about her swimsuit. "Oooo. Thank you! Thank you so much!" she kept saying. Although she added that it "really needs a purple necklace." Oh, my girl!

I realized it has been so long since I have photographed Mia.

She is so affectionate and sweet. She has been potty trained and very talkative since about 18 months. I feel like she's been this self-sufficient little chatterbox her whole life.

I can't believe she'll be three in a few months.

She really clings to me right now, and every night asks me to "stay and cuddle." How can I refuse? Aidan is the same with Robert, so it's nice that we each have our own little buddy.


Thanks, Jen, for the lovely swimsuit and other goodies. Little Mia is very happy!


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

These pictures are so cute! She has really grown into a litle lady. I love hearing all your stories about Mia, she's already become quite the little fashionista!

Alisha said...

Mia is such a little beauty, how do you ever tell her no?? ;)
That swimsuit is really darling and I love the hat & shoes you paired with it.

I hope you and Robert had a wonderful 10th anniversary.


My son & wife just had a baby I'm delighted to see such precious wonderful pics of a beautiful little girl. Mia is adorable & so are you for giving us this Sunday treat. xx's

Mande said...

Mia is so beautiful. Love these pictures of her Jessica. xo

Windy Ridge said...

Mia and the photos are absolutely beautiful, LOVE the Audrey Hepburn look of that last B&W photo!

Jessica Haley said...

Thank you for kind comments about my girl! Aidan is so handsome, too, but much less willing to be photographed. I'll have to bribe him again soon.

We love the clothes, Jen! xo!

Alisha, as for saying no... it's not easy! I went to one location to photograph her by a pond. There was no swim-able water, though, and Mia was very unhappy about that. So, I drove her to our local harbor to take more photos and play in the fountain. I'm so glad I did b/c I got my best shots there... but the fountain wasn't running. Mia was very disappointed, and she is so very good at turning on her baby girl pout! I constantly have to remind myself that it's good for her not to get everything all the time... b/c she can be hard to refuse!

Megan said...

oh she is just adorable! and the swimsuit is so cute! love the floppy hat :) so glad you and your husband had a relaxing weekend...and congratulations on 10 years!!

Dear Lillie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! Mia is beautiful and your photography is stunning as always!


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