Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day

"To make an end, is to make a beginning." ~ T.S. Elliot "Little Gidding"

Today was Aidan's first day of kindergarten. It's a sweet and sad, triumphant sort of melancholy this morning. I seldom mention this, but when Aidan was three he went through a period of regression: loss of speech, terrible and chronic tantrums, and a disengaged way about him. We had him accessed for speech, but we were startled and burdened by the education system's recommendation of autism. Ultimately, we took the services, but did not have him formally labeled. One of my biggest fears at that time was that Aidan wouldn't be "normal" or go to regular school.

And yet, here we are! The first day of regular kindergarten! Aidan is still verbally behind his peers, but he is, minus some minor quirks, a pretty regular kid. He was excited for school today. As much as I wanted to send him off in a broken-in green polo and nubuck shoes, he wore a brand new and very plastic-y looking Ironman shirt, and the three of us walked to school.


Once there, Aidan seemed pretty at home, already talking to new and familiar friends.

He seemed a little tired, but all-in-all pretty good. He barely noticed when we left. And now we're home, and the house has a lovely and slightly solemn quiet. I know that many of you are sending your own not-quite-so-little ones off to school. Well wishes to you and yours as you also adjust to the ever changing stage of life.

Here is one last photo: Mia picking flowers on the walk back. These basic pink Joyfolie shoes have the look of tweed and just the perfect tinge of purple, available later this week.


Meredith said...

Oh how sweet is he, how exciting to be starting Kinder. Great pictures as always and can't wait to hear more on those beautiful shoes.

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks, Meredith! I'll have some product only photos soon of the pink shoes.

I forgot to mention Mia's little quip: "Since Aidan is at school, maybe we should shop for dresses." That's my girl!!

Meredith said...

Aw! Congratulations to Aidan on starting Kindergarten and to you Jessica for not having the Mum Meltdown that seems to overcome us at these moments (I bawled singing Happy Birthday to Bronwyn when she turned 1!). Have a great week, hopefully with some classic first week of school stories :)

Prencie said...

Haha! Mia's such a sweetie!:) WOW! When I look at that one pic of Aiden I see your face Jessica! I always thought (maybe because of the dark hair) that he looked more like your husband but now seeing these pictures of him I totally see you!:) He's a gorgeous boy and I LOVE his big full lips! :)
LOVE these shoes! Please please tell me you'll be making the kitty chronicle in the peep ankle boots?!?!? I'm day dreaming about them...a lot!:)

Dear Lillie said...

I agree with Prencie! I can totally see you in his adorable little face! I am sure it must have been such a bittersweet day! Love Mia's little quote about going dress shopping - haha!

Megan said...

i think it is wonderful that you didn't have him "labeled" and that your hopes of him being able to go to a regular school came true this week, yay for you and yay for aidan! love mia's shoes and the comment about dress shopping :) i second the request for ankle booties, in any fabric! i so have fall on the brain right now, i think it is just me hoping this hot weather would go away!! it's brutal here! so of course i have boots on the brain :) fingers crossed! and did i read that there may be slouchy boots coming up too! that would be awesome!! congrats on aidan's first day :)

Mande said...

Oh my goodness, Aidan is becoming such a little man. He is so beautiful Jessica. Like Prencie and Jenni, I agree he is looking like mommy more every day. Sounds like he is doing wonderfully. I am happy to say Harrison will be going to regular kindergarten too. We are truly blessed.
Mia-I love her and the fact that she wanted to go shop for dresses is so sweet. xoxo

seg said...

Aidan looks so handsome and so grown up on his first day of school! I was so glad to hear his day started off wonderfully!
And before you know it, you will be dropping him off at his first day of high school, like I did for my first born today!

Jessica said...

Thanks your kind comments! I think I archived the post about when we first went through the autism label w/Aidan--it was really awful. He can only continue to receive services until December, then we need to decide, if he will formally take the label or not. Although, right now the only services he is receiving is an hour of speech and an hour of social skills classes. Autism is a spectrum disorder, and Robert and I go back and forth over whether Aidan "has" it or not. His teacher last year said she felt like he was just a late bloomer with language. I try to see a label as something that enables him the extra help he may need, rather than something that limits his potential. It is becoming so prevalent now -- 1/90 boys!

Mande, I'm glad to hear your Harrison is doing well, too! XO

Jenni said...

what a great first day, he looks so handsome and so big! glad that everything is going so well! kyan started 2 weeks ago, sporting those same shoes!

and little miss mia looks so cute as ever!

Megan said...

hey jessica~ just wondering if you were still planning on listing anything this week? i am getting all my ducks in a row for the weekend and didn't want to miss a listing :)

Kelly said...

You take the cutest pictures & your children are adorable!!!!!!!!! Loved looking thru your photos!!


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