Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Folie - Oak, Damask and Teal

photo from here

Happy Friday! I hope this email finds you in good spirits. Even though I have, as always, too many things to do, I am glad to offer Photo Friday on an actual Friday this time! Today's shoe inspiration is taken from a child's room in shades of snappy teal and cerulean blue, with white, tan, and damask prints thrown into the mix. Similarly, today's shoes offer the same mix of hues and patterns. The style and velvet makes them girlie and vintage, but the colors are modern. At least, that's my take on it.

Here they are, the Harper shoes. One pair, size 5.

While I was working on these, Robert told me to fess up, "You make the shoes, then find the picture, don't you?" Ahh... heck no! It's actually really really hard to do it that way, unless I am making something very monochromatic. Usually, I print out a half dozen pictures I find inspiringl. Then, I spread them out on the studio floor, pulling out a pile of fabrics and trims, and then about 20+ ideas come to my head. Picking one is always the hardest part. Around an hour and one trashed studio later: voilà. Photo Friday shoes.

Perhaps you're wondering, how would my little girl wear these unusual pair of shoes? I am so glad you asked:
Little green gingham skirt by Olive's Friend Pop, Silk Tuxedo Shell in begonia by Crew Cuts, Felt Hair clips by Modern Bean, Sewing Basket apron by Anthropologie, Harper shoes by Joyfolie of course!

These days, styles seem to be more eclectic than matchy, so I wouldn't feel compelled to pair these shoes with any teal at all. {In fact, I think it would be better not to.} Pinks and reds would be good choices, or a pair of baby jeggings {jean leggings} and a little flouncy white top would work if you feel that compelled to match.

As mentioned, I am just as busy as ever, but it's wonderful to begin settling into a routine. I enjoy the special, quiet time with Mia in the morning. She is getting girlier by the hour it seems, getting into my make-up bag and perpetually greeting me slathered with lipstick because she "needed some color." Oy vey! She is so emphatic about it that she tends to push chairs about the house, scaling great heights regardless of where I attempted to hide my lip gloss. She perpetually looks like a grease monkey from getting it in her hair, and even gunked up a pair of shoes in the studio. {Sorry, Jackie.}

As for my boy, he loves school. He's a boy, so he doesn't come home saying that in so many words. Instead, yesterday at 5 o'clock, he was smiling big as a cheshire cat while he made his own lunch and packed his backpack for the next day. So cute. And I am so glad he's happy.

As for selling more shoes, here's the thing: I'm struggling with successfully growing my manufactured lines and offering handmade. I feel like putting energy into the former and not the latter is what will give me better balance and less frustrated customers in the long run. What I am thinking is that I just might pick one regular time every week and offer some shoes then. I'm still kicking around some ideas, but I will tell you more soon. Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I always miss the shoes! I saw your post three minutes after it was posted and I still missed the shoes! Ahhhhh! I love the teal, it's just gorgeous and is a favorite color of mine. A regular posting time sounds amazing but do what works best for you and your family!

Mrs Soup said...

These are so beautiful, especial paired with the clothing! Love the eclectic look!

I commented a bit ago about offering my virtual assistant services, and was going to followup via email but your contact page doesn't have any information on it.

I'd love to chat and share what I can offer you to help get organized and more in touch with yourself and your company!

mrssoup at gmail

Amy said...

ahhh nuts. MIssed it. Evy needs some size 5 Joyfolies. All she has is saltwaters and she is very depressed that for the first time in her entire life she is not wearing one of your creations. Ok, well, its probably me that's depressed, but we can all pretend it's her. :) Big hugs girl. Miss you. xoxo

Prencie said...

Yes, missed these by minutes too. Stepped out to get some food and came back and they were GONE! I consoled myself by thinking that a 5 is probably too small for Paris anyways:) {even though she still fits in them} Well, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us:) Also can't wait to see your fall items!:)

emily said...

Gorgeous, as always. I'm looking forward to more of you shoes being available as my little one is almost to the age where shoes are necessary. Can't wait!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Tooooo sweet....

Dear Lillie said...

These are stunning as always, Jessica! Little Mia sounds like such a fun little girly-girl! Wish we lived closer (maybe someday =)....) Will write you back soon. It has been a LONG week where nothing went right so I am sooooo behind on e-mails!

Mande said...

Wow those shoes were cute!! I have never been lucky enough to snag a Friday posting, they are always gone the second you list them. :) Lane still fits in her 5's, but I know a growth spurt is near....she has been in 5's forever it seems. Love hearing about Mia and her cute little expressions-
"I need some color"- love it!! xo

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments =) I just took some photos of Mia all in purple: beads, feathers, and crown, a gift from her grandma. I'll have to post the photos.

Mrs. Soup, agh! I know! I will email you! Actually, just thinking about it, I would say 90% of my emails are the same questions regarding inventory, wholesaling, and custom sizing. I have been meaning to write an auto-email response that is a short Q&A about Joyfolie. (Though it will be a nuisance to some of my business contacts.} This will at least give customers and immediate response and a better understanding of how busy I am and what to expect at Joyfolie.

Jessica Haley said...

I forgot to say, Jen, I wish we lived closer, too! Think of the fun lunches we could have... chatting about business, designing, and dreaming! ♥


Love what you do. Don't love not having the shoes I love in the size I need. Weeping.

Mrs Soup said...

Yes, Jessica, that is exactly the type of thing I can help with! Get things organized and automated is totally the way to go!


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