Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can You Stand It?

I just had to share some photos my friend, Jen, took of her adorable little miss Lillie. Jen runs her own shop, and we traded goodies a few months ago. I love the photos she got of her daughter with the vintage carriage, her Dear Lillie ensemble, and Joyfolie shoes.

Lillie is wearing a custom version of the Frankie shoes. After seeing them worn, I think I need to bring that style back, but in a tweed or leather.

I'm smitten with this picture. Ooooo, those cheeks! *smooch* She's a doll, Jen!
You can view more photos and read about the hat she is selling here.


Mande said...

Seriously, she is the cutest thing!!! LOVE those cheeks. I just want to smooch her!! xo

Windy Ridge said...

ohhhh, so cute!

Stephanie said...

I love that hat! Where did it come from?

Jennifer said...

So adorable!

Dear Lillie said...

Thanks so much Jessica! These are Lillie's favorite shoes! Even when they completely do not go with her outfit she wants to wear them - haha! They are Jon's favorites too! When we first got them we were up in NH and he was gone for the month recruiting so he didn't see them. The first time she wore them when we got back to VA he was like actually exclaimed over them (which is saying alot from him - haha).

Dear Lillie said...

Oh - and I think these shoes would be FABULOUS in tweed!!!!!

Mrs Soup said...

Oh my. My heart just went ba-boom. And I would LOVE to see a pretty tweed or gorgeous thick wool plaid.

Anonymous said...

where did she get that adorable stroller?

angelique lee said...

Just when I was at peace having three sons, I come across this, the most gobsmackingly stunning girl I have EVER seen!
I also would love to know where you sourced the pram from.


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