Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo Editing: Adding Drama

It's been so long since I have posted something on photo editing! So, I have a short step by step on how I edited a photo of my adorable niece Ella that I took at Mia's dance class. I used a combination of Pioneer Woman's free actions and layer masks. Because most of my readers are not photoshop savvy, I don't go too in depth in the step by step. So, if you have questions about finding something in photoshop, feel free to ask!

So, here is the photo, SOOC:

As I mentioned in the ballerina post, not too many little ones were dancing, and little Ella preferred to cling to her mama's shoulder. The first thing I did was use the patch tool to smooth out the minor ruddiness on her cheek.

I like the composition, but the white balance was off which makes her skin too yellow. It probably would have been better to fix this on the camera while taking the picture. But when shooting little kiddos, I don't always have the time or I'm thinking about a million other things, like composition and exposure. White balance is easy to fix, though. Simply run a "Photo Filter" layer mask. Layer masks are the half white and half black circle in the bottom right hand corner. I used "cooling filter 82" at 25%.

Next I ran Pioneer Woman's Seventies Action and adjusted the opacity to 65%.

This action does wonderful things to smooth and soften the skin in a natural way. Next, I ran a "Brightness/Contrast" layer mask and boosted the contrast.

Next, I ran Pioneer Woman's "Sharpen This" action, sharpening the entire photo by 25% and then adding a bit extra sharpening to Ella's face.

Finally, I added one more layer mask, "Brightness/Contrast" again, lightening the photo by 25%, then using the black brush to paint away the adjustment on the bottom right.

And there you have it! The photo is a bit more dramatic, with stronger colors and more pronounced shadows. I have to add, that Florabella has some AMAZING actions that will achieve a similar look in one simple click. Also, someone asked how to take better pictures indoors in poor lighting. To be honest, I could work on that myself. So, I'll do some research and let you know. Back to the photo we were working on, here is the Before/After.....

Have a lovely weekend! Miss Ella is a beauty!


Mande said...

Love your editing tips Jessica. Cannot wait to start using them. I am ordering my software in a few weeks!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am off to work today. xo

. said...

Jessica, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into these posts. They are absolutely fabulous !! I am currently saving up for a "big girls" camera and photoshop. Can't wait. Thank you again ... Felicity. PS: ADORE your shoes etc.

OpusMuse said...

Thank you for sharing your editing tips Jessica! I have a 4 yr old girl & would love to capture shots of her like this. Does it matter what type of camera you own? I only have a Canon S90 6.0-22.5mm 1:2.0-4.9 if that mean anything to you. Just curious, may I know what camera do you use? All your shots are so beautiful!

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