Friday, October 8, 2010

Photo Folie - Cerulean Velvet


Happy Friday! I have been meaning to do a Photo Friday using one of HoneyTree's photos for months now. For one thing, how could you not like something named HoneyTree? I wish I would have thought of a cool compound name, but it's not how my mind works. Plus, she lives in Sonoma near the Sea {I am *so jealous*} and has a beautiful blog.

Today's boots, called Cerulean Velvet, are made from the softest, most gorgeous velvet in shades of champagne, azure blue, caramel, and a bit of lavender. I photographed them in golden morning light on the embossed copper table on our back porch and with my great grandmother's mirror and some other odds and ends.

The fabric in the styled photo is a cream tulle embroidered with wool and gold thread. Additionally, there is a vintage velvet millinery flower we use in our fabric necklaces if I *ahem* ever get those going. The gold flower is one of our Belle Brooches, available here. The aurora borealis silver brooch will be seen in some of our new accessories coming soon(-ish.)

I did have a few of these boots in stock, but I hear my blackberry ringing, so they may be sold out already. Have a lovely weekend! And special thanks to Honey Tree for the gorgeous inspiration! XO


Lupen Grainne said...

Gorgeous little boots ! Thank you so much for the feature, they go so great together :)

Jessica Haley said...

Lupen, I love your photography! I suspect you will be featured again in the not too distant future! I love your style and am so jealous that you live by the coast! XO

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Wow Jess, those are incredible works of art! I can't believe the fabric!

Jessica Haley said...

Jen, the fabric is really luxe and gorgeous. Maybe getting lost in the city was worth it--ha! As I was saying on facebook, it was hard to get the gorgeous texture without making the pattern look a bit busy... the blue is very nice and the pattern is perhaps a bit more understated than it appears in the stylized photo. I try to always make the first photo on the website the truest reflection of the product.

Mande said...

Gorgeous!!! I am always too late to score the little beauties!! Still crossing my fingers for the rich chocolate brown boots. A mom can dream right? :) xo

Mrs Soup said...

These are so so breathtakingly beautiful! SO pretty!

Christina said...

Jessica, these actually took my breath away. So so so beautiful!

Relatively Ririe said...

I read on your website that you can make a custom order. How do I go about doing that. I tried the "contact us" link on your site a few times and get an automatic email response, but no one has ever emailed or called me back. I'd really love to order at least 5 pairs for my daughter, please contact me soon! Thank you!!

MOM said...

Is this the HONEYTREE I remember from 1980(around that time) who was such an inspiration to me through her "PIONEER" Christian music?
" Clean Before The Lord" Honeytree?
Jess, will you send me her blog info?

Megan said...

love these boots :) they are stunning! great work...can't wait to see what you will offer in your next listing!

Jessica Haley said...

Relatively Ririe,

I apologize, my email volume has grown very high, and it's been a struggle to answer them all myself. I am adding some new Joyfolie emails, and we are currently working on some typical Joyfolie Q&A's. To answer your questions, we do not do custom as a general practice. I won't say never because every once and awhile something unusual happens.

Joyfolie is a really small company, and right now we are putting out very low levels of inventory. This is partly b/c I am actively working with manufacturers to convert my designs into firm soled shoes. When this order comes in, it will be for thousands of shoes, which will be size 1-12. In the meantime, we actively list sizes 1-8 of our handmade designs. We post new inventory about once a week, and give exact listing times ahead of time on our facebook page. We are also working on a broader line of apparel, which will include items for women.

Thanks for your patience as we grow! Please keep our blog in google reader or "friend" us on FB, so you can stay informed when our shoe inventory comes in.

Warm Regards,

Jessica Haley said...

Mom, I don't think it's the Honey Tree you know. I could be wrong, but my guess is no. Her blog is here: :)


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